Russian Ministries Evacuate Moscow As Most Dangerous Great-Power Confrontation Since Cuban Missile Crisis Spirals Out Of Control


[Note: Some words and/or phrases appearing in this article are English language approximations of Russian words/phrases having no exact counterpart.]

A gravely worded, and fearfully ominous, new Security Council report circulating in Kremlin on April 10 states that President Putin has invoked his powers under Article 87 of the Constitution as the Supreme Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation in order to declare under his Article 88 powers that a “state of emergency” now exists. His first order called for the immediate evacuation of all Russian Government Ministries and Agencies from Moscow. Their not-so-secret destination can be surmised by the massive military troop deployments underway throughout all of Russia – most particularly in the areas stretching from Siberia to the Urals and the Volga region. All of these events occur as the world faces the most dangerous great-power confrontation since the Cuban Missile Crisis.


According to the Kremlin report, in the months immediately prior to the 2016 US presidential elections, President Putin ordered an emergency exercise to take place where over 40 million Russian citizens went to the underground bunkers they’d be expected to go to in the event of nuclear war. He further ordered an acceleration in the constructing of hundreds more nuclear survivable underground bunkers to serve as headquarters and command centers for Russia’s military and political leadership.

To the necessity of Russia preparing for nuclear war, the report explains, was the pending election of one of the most anti-war presidents the United States had ever seen named Donald Trump. All throughout his 2015-16 campaign for president, he railed against America’s needless foreign wars, openly talked about withdrawing US troops from South Korea and Japan, and taking the US out of the NATO alliance. Kremlin political and military leaders knew this would provoke an immediate backlash from the American shadow government “Deep State”, with Russia being their main target.


Showing that these fears were, indeed, justified, the report continues, immediately upon Trump being elected president in November, 2016, the “Deep State” inserted a provision into a US defense authorization bill ordering US intelligence agencies and the Pentagon’s Strategic Command (that controls all US nuclear weapons) to evaluate whether Russia’s and China’s leadership could survive a nuclear strike and keep operating. The still secret findings were ordered to be completed by January 15, 2017, five days before Trump took office. Former US Army Major Todd Pierce warned about this, by stating: “No other nation-state has any intent of attacking us… except if they should survive our initial ‘preemptive attack’, they can be expected to retaliate the best they are able. That’s the reason for this study: to ensure we wipe out their command and control with a first strike.”


By April of last year (2017), the Kremlin report details, Russian military leaders grimly reported that the American-controlled “Deep State” was in preparations for conducting a nuclear first strike on Russia. The “Deep State” intended to use a “false flag” chemical attack in Syria as their cause célèbre, so they would force President Trump into responding to it. Trump did that after the so-called chemical attacks in Syria in 2017, but not before notifying Russia first, and that prevented World War III, as Syrian air defenses were able to shoot down 34 of the 59 US cruise missiles fired at that time.

Like the “Deep State” had done last year, the report notes, so too they are now using a “false flag” chemical attack in Syria as a cause célèbre to force President Trump into initiating World War III. They believe that the nuclear first strike against Russia will be justified if, and when, Russian military forces destroy the US Navy’s Arleigh Burke-class guided missile destroyer USS Donald Cook – that has now taken up a firing position for its missiles off the coast of Syria while Russian warplanes circle all around it.

Important to know about the USS Donald Cook as it sails into the path of its own destruction at the bidding of its “Deep State” masters, the report says, is that it is the same US warship that, in 2014, Russian air forces had electronically neutralized in the Black Sea when it began a hostile maneuver threatening Russia’s border. Upon being towed back to its NATO port in Romania, 27 of its US Navy crew members asked to be relieved.


The Kremlin report concludes by stating that Russia has warned the American shadow government “Deep State” of “grave repercussions” once Syria is attacked. That follows President Putin already having declared that these demonic US warmongers are “in violation of everything” pertains to international law and order. Russia’s United Nations Ambassador Vassily Nebenzia further stated that the US is a “mutant fish in murky waters” who does nothing more than bring chaos to the world and who has no real friends. The most damning declaration against the entire Western world came from President Putin’s top advisor Vladislav Surkov, who, in preparing the Russian people for total war, has written: “Russia’s epic journey toward the now Godless West is over, marking an end to our repeated vain attempts to become part of Western civilization over four centuries, and we must prepare for a new era of geopolitical loneliness as they want us more as an enemy than they ever wanted our friendship.”


It’s going to be tough, and we as human kind will face a long journey through the thorns to the era of peace, abundance and spiritual growth. But, it will be all worth it, and we will see that era coming, as God has always promised.


April 15, 2018


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