Saffron Increases Vision by Up to 97%

In Italy, researchers have found that saffron can cure the loss of vision from macular degeneration, which comes related to age.

Macular degeneration

In the center of our eyes, we have a macula that is imperative for our visual field. With macular degeneration, the macula becomes damaged resulting in blindness. In elderly, young and healthy individuals, the vision field is mainly damaged.

In the beginning stages of macular degeneration, the field of vision isn’t affected. Instead, it slowly alters to a blurry/wavy vision to a hole in the whole center of your field of vision. This ocular disease affects many people than both glaucoma and cataracts. Genetics play an imperative role in the presence of disease and smoking will increase your risk of it.

Saffron can increase vision by 97%

Saffron is commonly used in Indian food, and helps avoid vision issues and at the same time, curing existing vision issues. Researchers have tested people that were given 20 mg of saffron a day for 3 months.

They were evaluated in the exact same way. People with macular degeneration had signs of healing with their retina, after 3 months of consuming 20 mg of saffron a day.

Saffron is also beneficial in curing and preventing ocular impairment, and some disorders in the nervous system.

It is an anti-oxidant, and well responsible in increasing our levels of oxygen through our body in the same way as it prevents cell deaths. Containing safranal, it is vital in the reduction of the process in degeneration of cells that take in light, and aids in the optimal function of our blood vessels to the eyes and retina.

It is suggested that you take 1 cup of saffron maceration per day in order to delay blindness as it contains essential fatty acids that protect you from vision impairment. If taken daily, it will ensure you more tolerance to bright light.


April 20, 2017

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