STAGED CORONAVIRUS PANDEMIC: An International Criminal Conspiracy of Epic Proportions (4)

Coronavirus, chemtrails, vaccines, & 5G
The Most Premeditated and Highly Organized Depopulation Scheme in World History
Wuhan coronavirus pandemic STAGED to cover-up the public health crisis caused by the intensive 5G roll-out in Wuhan City in 2019

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Part I of this Wuhan coronavirus series is a vital prerequisite if one is to properly grasp the many angles on this “elaborately staged, global, false-flag, bioterror operation using real bioweapons aimed at multiple national and racial targets in order to accomplish numerous NWO objectives”. Read: WUHAN CORONAVIRUS PANDEMIC BIOENGINEERED: Who’s behind it, why now and why China? – Part 1? 

For years, some Alt Media platform has studied the correlation between the different influenza symptoms and Hyper-electrosensitivity syndrome – a very real medical ailment that even medical doctors are now diagnosing. Since the 5G roll-outs in the big cities, the flu bug seasons are getting worse and longer. Quite coincidentally, many of the flu symptoms are similar to many of those directly associated with Hyper-electrosensitivity syndrome. Surely this is no accident of fate; rather, these two medical phenomena are mutually feeding each other and contributing to the severity of each disease process both individually and jointly. See: Exposure to 5G millimeter waves leads to …“flu-like symptoms”

Update 1
During times of a deadly global pandemic, The World Health can invoke special powers that can even override national sovereignty. In the interest of maintaining general safety and minimizing fatalities worldwide, the WHO can pull the triggers of various enforcement mechanisms which can effectively lock down the entire planet – as we have seen. National governments are compelled to take specific actions that which are dictated by the bureaucrats at the United Nations’ specialized agency concerned with world public health. See: WHO pandemic criteria for oppressive governmental actions to be implemented.

Update 2

Here’s more PROOF of British Complicity: The Pirbright Institute is the patent holder of the Coronavirus

Update 3

Nothing fractures society so deeply as a full-blown pandemic, particularly one that is extremely fatal. The many mainstream media articles, which appeared at the onset of the Wuhan epidemic featuring so many photos of Wuhanese with their masks on, were transparently run that way with purposeful design. No one does deliberate distraction, diversion and misdirection like the CIA’s Mockingbird Media. However, in this case The Company, as the C.I.A. is known within intel circles, is using all the major MSM platforms to further divide We the People, the body politic, the electorate, families, neighborhoods, communities, towns, villages, cities, states, nations and continents across the planet. Without question, this is one of the major aims of this psyop / black op. A disunited world population cannot hold the power elite responsible so much that ails societies everywhere. Just wait … and watch … and see what happens here in the good ole USA during the remainder of 2020. Truly, this country will fracture even more, only this time it will be an “every man for himself” scenario … if we let the perps have their nefarious way. If ever there was a time to come together, that time is now. We can all start by praying like there’s no tomorrow.

Update 4

US military prepping for coronavirus pandemic as per The Military Times


Update 5

British Govt Talking Mandatory Vaccinations, Criminalizing Vaccine Criticism (Video)

Update 6
Why China? Here’s why: Is the coronavirus really a sterilization bioweapon unleashed to reverse the population explosion? Any depop event of this enormity and gravity always has multiple motives. Just as the Spanish flu pandemic – “the deadliest in history that infected an estimated 500 million people worldwide – about one-third of the planet’s population” – was a U.S.-manufactured influenza via vaccines and globalist-directed genocide, so, too, will the Wuhan coronavirus prove to be a similar odious experiment on humanity. If the many bloodlines that converge on the Indian subcontinent suddenly fall prey to the coronavirus, especially an usually mutated form, then the most populous countries are being targeted.

Update 7

As always, all the usual suspects will gain enormously from this bioengineered pandemic. This is how the perps at the pinnacle of the decision-making process rope all the key players into such a serpentine conspiratorial plot. See: CORONAVIRUS BACK STORY: A Massive Criminal Conspiracy Revolving Around Big Pharma.

Update 8

There were upwards of 10,000 military personnel from 110 nations in Wuhan, China just weeks before the coronavirus outbreak. Whenever there are “110 nations” participating in any joint endeavor, it is a patently globalist event, which means this manufactured pandemic is quite likely a MULTINATIONAL BLACK OP! well beyond the proven British, American and Israeli state actors. Not only was the opening ceremony for the 2019 Military World Games held in Wuhan on October 18th, but that was followed by a U.S. men’s soccer match at a Wuhan, China sports venue – ground zero of the virus original outbreak. This international event was probably selected – and specifically timed right at the beginning of China’s annual flu season – because it provided amply opportunity for co-conspirators from around the world community of nations to do the necessary dirty work in case anyone got caught. The US, UK and Israel would then enjoy plausible deniability in the absence of their fingerprints being ‘found’ at the crime scenes. And, yes, there are certainly multiple crime scenes which is why it exploded so quickly.

Update 9
It’s no coincidence that the perpetrators selected the Chinese Year of the Rat to launch this biological attack. Doing so quickly fed the collective imagination (after being intentionally barraged by so many MSM propaganda reports) of how the new plague could have started with bats and snakes and rats, etc.

Update 10
What follows is an glaring example of a globalist shill using a large and powerful Alt Media platform to put out naked NWO propaganda. Advance to the closing minutes of the video to hear Laurie Garrett’s passionate defense of globalism. Also, lots of supposed facts mixed with obvious fiction about the coronavirus are spewed with extraordinary Tavistock-induced confidence.
Here’s an excellent example of how the Alt Media is being used to disseminate disinfo about the coronavirus BY A HARDCORE GLOBALIST! (Video).

Update 11
Here’s yet another example of predictive programming subtly inserted into a popular alt-video production. See: Was the Wuhan coronavirus predicted by the cult classic—I, Pet Goat II? (Video).

Update 12
Hollywood has also produced its fair share of disaster movies some of which may contain predictive programming regarding this particular pandemic. See: CONTAGION: The Ultimate “Divide & Conquer” Bioweapon (Trailer).

Update 13
There may be no quicker way to transition a whole nation to a cashless society than to “quarantine cash and destroy ‘dirty money’” than a highly fatal epidemic. When it becomes a full-blown pandemic, the NWO globalists will push for the entire planetary civilization to go cashless. One of the central pillars of the NWO agenda is a One World [DIGITAL] Currency. This is why TPTB have conducted so many crypto-currency launches (and scams) over the past several years to get folks used to their One World Currency roll-out. See: CASHLESS SOCIETY ALERT: Chinese Banks Are Quarantining Cash, Destroying ‘Dirty’ Money.

Update 14

The economic and financial repercussions of this pandemic will be quite profound and pervasive. TPTB certainly had a strong incentive to depop both the Baby Boomers and Beat Generation. Nations around the world are simply not equipped to deal with the unprecedented massive bulge of BB retirees who will need government services and financial assistance of every sort and kind. Most significantly, Social Security and similar government payout programs will soon go broke, just as pension plans are now contracting everywhere some even going bust. The most effective way to stop the payouts is to eliminate the aging recipients. See: Were the elderly around the world targeted with the coronavirus bioweapon? (Infographic).

Update 15

OPERATION CORONAVIRUS PANDEMIC: 16 Reasons for the Deployment of this Devastating Bioweapon in 2020


October 12, 2020


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