Subliminal Messaging and Predictive Programming: How They Work and Why Some People Are Immune

Today, just for fun, we’re going to go down the rabbit hole of how entertainment and the media manipulate people. Some of this is sheer speculation, some if it is provable fact and all of it requires that you don your full array of tinfoil. If you want to go even deeper, the book Trust Me, I’m Lying: Confessions of a Media Manipulator will blow your mind.

This has been going on for decades. These techniques are used to reduce resistance to upcoming tyranny, to change opinions of large groups of people and let them think it was their own idea and to subtly program the brains of the masses while they think they’re just enjoying some entertainment.

The only good news in this article is that some of us are less susceptible to this type of manipulation. How do we become less susceptible? By understanding how it all works we build up sort of an immunity. We see when we are being subjected to these shenanigans a lot more readily and are able to say “Hey – that’s not how I feel about this topic at all”.

What is predictive programming?

There have been tones of articles and almost as many theories about predictive programming. Predictive programming is when events are depicted in a movie or TV show that later come to pass.
You can search and come up with hundreds of hits for movies and shows ranging from the Sandy Hook map in Dark Knight Rises to The Simpsons predicting the Ebola outbreak and the death of Prince. Oh – and the author of the Hunger Games trilogy, Suzanne Collins, lives in Sandy Hook and her books deal with child sacrifices… Weird, right?

At least sometimes, coincidences do happen. For example, in 1898 Morgan Robertson wrote a novel called Futility about a ship called the Titan that hit an iceberg on its maiden voyage. Fourteen years later the Titanic sank, after hitting an iceberg on its maiden voyage! Now, in this case, we really doubt that the author arranged for the White Star Line to commission a ship called the Titanic and then had it sink in mid-April after hitting an iceberg the first time it left port.
Other forms of predictive programming aren’t so clairvoyant or specific but are predictive in that they reflect a way of life.

So why would they do this?

It is proposed that by mimicking a change that is desired by those in power, resistance to that change can be minimized because people have seen it happen already. It’s easier for them to accept the change because it has been normalized through the media.

Here are a few examples from an article by The Coincidence Theorist:
– In the 1998 blockbuster The Siege New York is attacked by terrorists and is subsequently locked into a state of martial law. Could this have prepared viewers for The World Trade Center attacks and the controversial legislation that followed, such as the USA Patriot Act, the “President’s Surveillance Program”, and the creation of the US Department of Homeland Security?
– Someone who tolerated World War Z was not only exposed to the much-repeated theme of deadly pandemics, but was also conditioned to accept that a vaccine from the World Health Organization might be humanity’s only hope of survival.
– A person who watched Minority Report in 2002 might be less alarmed when technologies such as facial recognition, retina scanning, driverless cars, predictive crime-fighting and personalized advertising start to become common place in their own reality.
– Did Robocop prepare people for police militarization and the introduction of robotic policing?
– Even a Futurama fan might have been subtly preconditioned to accept the concept of microchip implants.

The article goes on to link significant terror events like 9/11 and 7/7, as well as events like the moon landing. It’s a really great piece until you get to the conclusion and he says it’s all baloney, even after he provided a tone of interesting evidence to support the case of predictive programming as a tool of familiarization.

In Canada they expressed the message that guns were terrifying on a regular basis on Canadian TV. The popular show Flashpoint was a police procedural about an SRU team in Toronto. (SRU is the Canadian version of SWAT.) Whenever a civilian saw a person with a gun, a gun in a car or a gun in a desk drawer, they completely freaked out. They immediately phoned the police and sometimes they hid in closets, whispering in terror to the 911 operator. They needed to be saved because, by golly, guns kill you. Guns are strictly controlled in Canada, and this was just a reinforcement of the message that the government was protecting citizens by keeping firearms away from them, as well as the message that you must immediately phone the officials should one be seen.

What is subliminal messaging?

Subliminal messaging is way more subtle than predictive programming.
Messages are “played” to individuals or the public without them being aware of it. The message may be a visual flash in a series of other pictures that you don’t consciously pick up on but your subconscious registers the image.

One example would be a movie where frame 25 in a sequence of 40 images moving at 30 frames per second flashes the name of a product, a person, or whatever other information the producers wanted you to “take in”. Even if you don’t believe in your conscious mind that subliminal messaging can have any effect on you…your unconscious mind has no such view, it accepts what’s sent to it without question.

When companies advertise, politicians stand on the stage or gangs roam down the street, we see their colors – the sign, symbol or slogan that defines them. It’s all marketing and branding, and subliminal messaging can get that message into your brain without you knowingly visualizing it.

And it works. A multi-million dollar industry has been created from self-help tapes and CDs that are played while a person sleeps to improve some aspect of the person’s life. Experiments with inserting a subliminal message about snacks right before a break in a movie increased snack sales during the break. This technique is heavily used by companies with products to sell.

The uncomfortable thing is, unless you instructed someone to put the messages in there or you put them there yourself, there is no way you can know if you are being subjected to such suggestions.

Here’s exactly how fast that can happen, plus some information on why this works so effectively:

Creepy, right?

So what happens if the messages we are ‘receiving’ aren’t just about buying a soda and some popcorn? What if they are rather more insidious in nature? What if we are being manipulated every time we turn on a TV, watch a movie or even turn on our computers?

Some of us are aware of the “dumbing down” of our young people, their total addiction to their smartphones, tablets and laptops, the hours and hours they watch TV. Kids are completely addicted to their screens. If “someone” wanted to use screens as mind-control methods, then it makes perfect sense to get kids dependent upon those screens while they’re young. They can be programmed from the very beginning to be good little consumers and to pay for it by being wage slaves. Nearly everyone has a smartphone these days, which means we all carry a mind-control device around in our purses or pockets.

Why doesn’t it work on some of us?

Taking it a step further, what if some people are genetically more susceptible than others? What if some of us are immune to this constant bombardment of images, words and ideas that most people seem to buy into without question?

Could this be the difference between the vast majority of the people and those of us are that are awake and aware? Are we just mutants? Is this why we can explain this stuff until we lose our voice and just get a blank stare from people who think we are the crazy ones?

The vast majority of people in the United States are completely accepting of the official message:
– They believe that the government will be there to save them in all circumstances;
– They don’t question or inquire. They simply accept what they are told;
– They don’t share our fears that something big is on the horizon;
– They exist in a bubble and don’t look at the bigger picture;
– They refuse to prepare for bad things because they honestly don’t believe it’s possible that those things will happen.

Most people like us (those who are aware, the self-sufficient minority) watch less TV than the masses. Some of us watch no TV at all. Some watch a few shows on Netflix or Amazon Prime, but we don’t have cable TV with its commercials and “cough” news. We have other things to do; things that will help us when there are soldiers on the streets “for our own protection”. Things that will help our kids survive when the store shelves are empty and the majority relies on government rations to live (if they behave well enough to get one that is, and behave they will because hunger is a massive motivator to do as you’re told.)

Even if you have a tendency to be mind-controlled, it’s possible to snap out of it. Years ago, many of us truly did believe that the government agencies like the EPA and the FDA were looking out for our best interests, that food or medicine wouldn’t be sold if it was harmful, and that schools truly were in the business of educating children. Most of us have to shake off our early training at the hands of the education system and the television.

And sort of like in the movie The Matrix if you can get someone to swallow the red pill, they become a lot less willing to believe whatever they’re fed.


February 13, 2017

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