There Is A Major Conspiracy Being Conducted Right Now By Very Powerful People To Cause War In Europe, Death And Carnage On The Streets (I)

By Theodore Shoebat

Around 200,000 Christians took the streets of Paris, to fight against the antichrist religion of Sodom and Gomorrah and to fight against the enemies of Christianity.

A major political leader in France, Francois-Xavier Peron, has declared that France is about to enter into a civil war, between French and Muslim. Francois-Xavier spoke about this, and also about the subject of a Christian France and how it is the Faith that is the only thing that can save France from evil. He also made a warning to the United States, to not make the mistake France made, in its acceptance of religious freedom for Islam and Freemasonry.

There is going to be war within Europe, between Christendom and Islam and their Nazi allies.

Years ago I had thought that the notion of a Fourth Reich was a far-fetched idea shelved in the hauls of ‘conspiracy theories’ since no one in the right mind would fall for Nazism again. Today, after you journey with me on what I have explored, you, as I did, will be compelled to completely change your mind as you shall see, the new trap is of different design, yet leads to the same evil results.

It is truly surreal to see history repeating itself in Germany. It is conventionally believed that Germany is a righteous country, that it is not going to return to its evil roots, and that it is being tormented by violent migrants. It is certainly true that Muslim migrants are detrimental to Europe, but there is another occurrence taking place, a far more sinister plan behind it, and very few are noticing it.

The Muslims did not just barge into Europe, they were encouraged and allowed in by European elites, in a conspiracy with Turkey, in order to cause enough chaos in the continent to provoke the masses to accept totalitarianism as the solution. With the rise of Islamic violence, comes the intensification of racial division in the society, and with this, people become prone to racialist theories, and thus comes the upsurge of Nazi politicians in Germany. The governmental officials responsible for allowing in the Muslim hordes knew very well what consequences would come about by allowing people from Islamic countries. It was all part of a plan: bring in waves of Muslims, knowing that they will cause violence, stir the people’s emotions to accepting tyranny.

We see this with the rise of the Alternative for Germany Party (AfD), which consists of politicians in favor of Nazism, Social Darwinism and eugenics. The AfD has recently become the third largest party in Germany, it continues to increase in popularity, while the two establishment parties – the Christian Democratic Union and the Social Democratic Party of Germany – continue to decline in popularity. While the AfD grows, it is receiving substantial support from “conservative” groups and organizations in the United States. did an extensive investigation on the AfD, looking at German sources that little to no English speaking media outlets are reporting on.

Like in the US, Germany has been dominated by two parties: the Christian Democratic Union (CDU) and the Social Democratic Party of Germany (CDP). They are referred to as “Volksparteien” or “people’s parties” and between each other they divided up to 80% of the vote. But thanks to the inundation of refugees into Germany, this is now changing. With collective hatred for Merkel intensifying, the racialist political party, AfD (Alternative for Germany Party) is filling in the vacuum that was formed on account of angry conservatives dissenting from the traditional establishment of the CDU.

As one German report states: “Because Merkel has abandoned those on the right wing of the CDU, the AfD has filled the void and has been boosted by the refugee crisis. That, in turn, could spell the end to the CDU’s firm grip on the conservative half of Germany’s political spectrum.”

It was not until 2013, at the beginning of the refugee crises in Germany, that the AfD arose and that a party like it received nationwide attention. Now the AfD is the third largest party in Germany, and it is growing in popularity as both the CDP and the CDU are quickly losing support.

A major member of the AfD, Bjorn Hocke, has been very active teaching Social-Darwinist ideology. He was invited to the Philip Rushton Community Center to give a lecture on Race, Evolution and Behavior. He is heavily influenced by the British-Canadian Social-Darwinist J. Philippe Rushton. Rushton was very vocal and outspoken about his support for eugenics, and even went so far as to blame Holocaust survivors for making the study of eugenics taboo. The AfD official, Hocke, has openly referenced Rushton’s book Race, Evolution and Behavior, in which it is written: “Among the refugees who fled Nazi persecution and entered Britain and the United States in the 1930s and 1940s there were many who exerted a powerful influence on the Zeitgeist of the social sciences, helping to create an orthodoxy of egalitarianism and environmentalism.” (Degler, 1991, p. 14)

Rushton affirms in his book that he is following the legacy of Francis Galton, the nephew of Charles Darwin and the founder of eugenic studies, and his publication is littered with Galton’s name. He writes in his book: “Many nineteenth-century scientists including Broca, Darwin, Galton, Lombroso, and Morton concluded that there were racial differences in brain size” (p. 238).

Francis Galton defined eugenics as “the science which deals with all influences that improve the inborn qualities of a race; also with those that develop them to the utmost advantage.” Galton was of course continuing the teaching of his uncle, Charles Darwin, who wrote: “With savages, the weak in body and mind are soon eliminated; and those that survive commonly exhibit a vigorous state of health. We civilized men, on the other hand, do our utmost to check the process of elimination; we build asylums for the imbecile, the maimed and the sick; we institute poor laws; and our medical men exert their utmost skill to save the life of everyone to the last moment. There is reason to believe that vaccination has preserved thousands who, from a weak constitution, would formerly have succumbed to smallpox. Thus, the weak members of civilized society propagate their kind. No one who has attended to the breeding of domestic animals will doubt that this must be highly injurious to the race of man. It is surprising how soon a want of care, or care wrongly directed, leads to the degeneration of a domestic race; but, excepting in the case of man himself, hardly anyone is so ignorant as to allow his worst animals to breed.” (Darwin, The Descent of Man, 2nd ed., pp. 133-134, 1887)

In January 2016 it was reported in a German publication on how Stefan Moller, an official spokesman for the AfD, sent out an email in which was posted a photo of Hocke with six other AfD members, alongside Tommy Frenck, a neo-Nazi occultist from Hildburghausen. On Tommy’s neck is a tattoo that proudly says “Aryan” and on his shoulder is another tattoo of the occult image of the Black Sun, and on his arm is a tattoo of a skull with the Wehrmacht helmet.

Tommy Frenck on the right. Notice occult Black Sun symbol on the shoulder, next to the Nazi skull and the word “Aryan” on his neck

And while you may think, at the first glance, that this just a tattooed bar brawler, understand that he is part of a very organized movement, that is heavily supported and has huge numbers. The numerous members of the AfD belong to an obscure fraternity called Burschenschaft. It is an obscure, cult-like group, who wears old fashioned colored hats and conducts evening processions in which their members hold torches. Hocke is a very prominent figure within the fraternity and even said in a meeting that only people with German ancestors should be allowed to be members of the Deutschen Burschenschaft, that a German passport is not sufficient, and that they would need “proof of Aryan descent”. The fact that you have a high ranking German politician emphasizing on the importance of “German descent” the Aryan race, and that this is being pushed by the third largest party in Germany, should signify to us that the nation is reverting back, very quickly, to the genocidal roots of its former generation. Here are some photos on their official Facebook page:

Nightly procession of the Burschenschaft Gothia

The evening procession is reminiscent with the night marches of recently formed Nazi organization, Die Unsterblichen, or the Immortals. Their marches can be seen online, and it is obvious that they have a substantial following:

And what does this remind us of? The Nazis of old:

What is disturbing is how no mainstream conservative publications – not even the Zionists or the counter-jihad movement – who love to speak on Iran, Israel and the Holocaust, are not saying a word on this dark reality in Germany. In the same meeting in which Hocke spoke about the Aryan race, another member of the AfD, Torben Braga, said: “If someone is committed to Germany and German descent, they can join us.”

Philipp Runge, who is responsible to the department strategy and campaigns for the field organization and planning for the AfD, belongs to the Burschenschaft Gothia. Ulrich Wlecke, another AfD official, belongs to the fraternity. Numerous other AfD members, such as Ralf Splitzl, and Gordon Engler, all belong to the fraternity.

Rudolf Mueller, the AfD’s lead candidate for next year’s state election in Saarland, is said to have been caught selling actual Nazi swastika insignias and medals from the Third Reich in his antique shop. An undercover buyer, working for the publication Stern, went into the shop and actually purchased some money used in concentration camps and a swastika medal. This was an illegal act, and now authorities in Saarland have launched an investigation on Mueller. In response to this, Mueller has said that he did not know that selling Nazi paraphernalia was against the law.

What we are seeing in Germany is not normal nationalism or counter-jihadism, as it is being portrayed by the right wing in America, but racialism breaking the barriers of taboos, and boldly expressing itself. For example, Andreas Scheuer, the general secretary for Bavaria’s governing Christian Social Union, recently said: “The worst is a football-playing altar-serving Senegalese… who has been here for three years – as an economic refugee – we can’t get rid of him”.

Here, Scheuer is not speaking of Muslims, but African Catholics, showing that the hatred is beyond Islam, and is now bent upon pursuing race and going against Catholics.

Andreas Scheuer

Catholic Cardinal Reinhard Marx condemned the statement saying that he was “horrified and incensed” by Scheuer’s remark. Cologne’s Cardinal Rainer Maria Woelki accused the Christian Social Union of “promoting the work of the right-wing populist AfD”. The Christian Social Union is the sister organization of the CDU, or the Christian Democratic Union, the protestant political party that is currently headed by Angela Merkel, which may very well mean that the Cardinal’s words correspond with our suspicion: that the German political establishment is manipulating the German population into the same fascist goals of the AfD.

A significant influence on the AfD, and on racialist movements in Germany in general is Thilo Sarrazin. He wrote a book that was published in 2010, entitled Germany Abolishes Itself, in which he elaborated on the genetic differences between various races and how they impact inherited intelligence. Thilo affirmed that Jews are 15% more intelligent than Germans, and that Germans are more intelligent than other non-White races. By saying that Jews are genetically superior in intelligence, people may not be so quick to think of Nazism, and also many Jews may fancy such ideas. The trap is being redesigned, to cover up Nazism, and to not appear antisemitic. Perhaps this is why, as we shall see later, numerous Jewish elites, working for the American Renaissance organization, support the AfD and Thilo’s type of work. Nonetheless, it is still racialism, no matter what race is being praised. Thilo also wrote: “more children of the clever, before its too late.”

The publication was not subscribed to by some fringe group; it sold 1.2 million copies in just six months, it became Germany’s biggest best seller since its reunification. As Barrie Levine wrote, it has “become one of the most widely read books in Germany since Mein Kampf.”

Wilfried Weber, a manager of the Felix Jud bookstore in Hamburg, said: “There are diehards who show up every day, hoping that I might just have a copy left.”

Thilo Sarrazin

What makes Thilo even more significant is the fact that he is not part of “the right” but of the Social Democrats, a left wing party that is quite in favor of immigration and is popular amongst immigrant voters. The Social Democrats never expelled Thilo for his darwinist statements, giving his affirmations more strength in the eyes of his supporters.

Why would a high ranking member of a left-wing party, popular amongst immigrants, be spouting eugenist views? It is possible that such racialist figures want immigration, in order to conduct manipulation on the populace to drive them to be penchant towards despotism? Thilo’s work has been praised and adulated by both the political elites and a very substantial part of the population of Germany.

When a powerful nation has economic problems, politicians – who would have been unpopular or obscure otherwise – rise up and will point the finger at the group that anyone can attack without any repercussion: immigrants. The immigrants are always the ones who receive much of the blame, and who get the brunt of societal anger. New parties go from having a small constituency, to gaining great popularity, and what spawns is fanatical populism. This explains the rise of the AfD in Germany, with Germans seeing economic difficulties and swarms of refugees from the Muslim world, their anger is becoming more and more severe, and they are increasingly in favor for racialist politics.

As one German journalist, Tobian Lill, put it: “If the government continues on its current path, it is in for a rude awakening sooner than later. Many employed as well as unemployed people are already voting for the AfD. The party has recently changed its position on numerous social and political issues. If the welfare state faction of the party succeeds against the economically-liberal faction, the AfD could remain in second place, even if the refugee crisis is resolved. In many places, it could even become a leading party.”

AfD members took several seats in Berlin’s parliament in the recent election, and one of the winners is a blatant Nazi, named Kay Nerstheimer. He defended SS captain Erich Priebke, who had been imprisoned in Italy in 1998 for his role in the 1944 massacre at the Ardeatine caves in Rome, in which German forces slaughtered 335 Italians – 75 of whom were Jews. On his Facebook page, Nerstheimer posted a photo of Nazi soldiers in Hitler’s army, with the caption: “Each of them is a fine example to the people”.

Kay Nerstheimer

In July 2016, Nerstheimer posted a video entitled: It’s all a LIE! The true cause of the war of 1939. The video presented a talk by German revisionist Gerd Schultze-Rhonhof, who lays doubt on Germany’s responsibility behind the Second World War, and puts the blame on Catholic Poland. One day before posting this, Nerstheimer posted an anti-Jewish conspiracy theory, that the Jews started WW2, saying: “The forces that caused the First World War also caused the second one… Now they are on the edge of starting a third one and are always finding idiots that will obey them.”

Nerstheimer even goes so far as to say that the Nazis who slaughtered people were innocent, arguing that their victims were “guerrilla fighters” and thus not under the protections of the law. “Therefore the shootings were legal” Nerstheimer wrote. Another words, it was open season on Catholics, Orthodox Slavs and Jews.

Another newly elected AfD member for Berlin’s parliament is Ronald Glaser. He does not just go against Muslims, he has directed rage against Winston Churchill himself, referring to him as a “war criminal”. “What would have happened if the English had not declared war on us Germans for no good reason in 1939? ” he wrote in a 2010 article comparing Churchill with Hitler.

Ronald Glaser

“The two warlords are not treated equally as war criminals, which they both were” he wrote. “Fifty million people dead. Half of Germany, Poland, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, the Baltic States, the Czech and Slovak Republics under communist rule. This is the world that Churchill gave us. Of course not alone. But with his blindness to the real war aims of Stalin and his war against Germany he greatly contributed.”

Another very notable distinction of the “counter-jihadists” and racialists in the US and Europe is their acceptance of homosexuality. One can read in the German media that in the AfD there are many homosexuals, as is revealed in one recent interview of an AfD leader, Mirko Welsch, who heads the homosexual branch of the party. In the interview, he said: “It is a typical stereotype that all homosexuals have to choose green, left or liberal. Indeed there are many homosexuals who think conservative. In a reader survey of Men magazine – a magazine that is aimed at homosexuals – the AFD has landed in third place. The AFD is not homophobic, even if they are always blamed as so.”

While being in support for homosexuality, Welsch said that the German people must “not lose sight of the traditional family”. What is happening today is really a return to the homosexuality of the Nazis, in which perversity is indulged in, while “family values” are touted and boasted of. As historian Gerhard Rempel wrote: “Homosexuality, meanwhile, continued on into the war years when Hitler Jugend boys frequently became victims of molestations at the hands of their SS tutors; Himmler consistently took a hard line against it publicly but was quite willing to mitigate his penalties privately and keep every incident as secret as possible.”

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May 9, 2017

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