There Will Be A Second Lockdown? COVID-19 Cases ‘Spike’


If the protests across the US had absolutely nothing to do with the engineered spreading of COVID-19, then why were people encouraged to continue mass gathering willy-nilly, while screaming directly into one another’s faces? Is this a great strategy to curtail the spread of an airborne respiratory disease? You can see in the graphics here how the COVID-19 cases spiked during the time of the protests.

Even though the evidence has shown that this was a scam and hoax from the beginning, massive amounts of modern slaves in the United States are still falling for it. This has been a live testimonial to just how well Operation Mockingbird has worked on people who believe they are free.

According to RT, Florida, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Texas, California and Missouri broke their own daily case records on June 24, as data showed, and joined 13 other states to have done the same over the previous week. US citizens will be really lucky if they get to spend their summer vacation before politicians start trying to lock people down again.

California Governor Gavin Newsom reported an especially alarming figure during a press event on June 24, noting the state had seen a 69 percent jump in cases in the span of just two days, warning he may “revert back” to tougher containment measures. The governor of Texas has similarly reversed course in late June, authorizing local officials to impose new restrictions on outdoor gatherings and to mandate face masks in public, after an attempt to reopen public ventures.

According to the graphs published by World Health Organization, the COVID-19 cases continued to spike in the US and worldwide in the month of July, reaching 3,938,094 confirmed cases in the US by the 24th of July, and 15,257,287 confirmed cases worldwide by the same date.

The fear-mongering does not end. They know they need you in a state of fear to keep your vibrations low enough that they can bark orders and you’ll obey. Once you realize this is what they are doing, and reclaim your freedom from government, you’ve taken a big step in defeating the New World Order.


July 27, 2020


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