TREASON: Who Did 9/11 And Why Did They Do It? (1)

Did you know that the 9/11 events were perpetrated on the world’s people to cover up high crimes and treason by Americans against their fellow citizens as well as to all people on the planet?

Do you think you know all the facts surrounding 9/11? If so, think again and take time to read this important article that you will want to follow as We the People get busy prosecuting these criminals against humanity. The Americans have no choice. Once you read this article, even if all you can do is scan the headers, you will also see that they can no longer ignore evil in their midst or they will all be exterminated or made into economic slaves.

We ALL need to be fully aware of the depth and magnitude of the crimes that have been committed and do something about it so that all people, from all countries around the world, can be free of the nightmare we have been living for the last one hundred years. The evidence is overwhelming, and it is the Americans’ patriotic duty as citizens of the United States to know the horrific DEEP backstory of 9/11 and to demand that these criminals, no matter what illustrious their titles and positions, be put on trial – for the whole world to see.

If you are not a citizen of the U.S., you have also been violated by these criminals and need to demand that crimes against humanity be prosecuted in a world court.  

9/11 Investigations are Modern Day Kabuki Theatre to Keep You from Knowing the Real Truth

The 9/11 Commission Investigation was a complete farce run by Robert Mueller, the same person who ran the investigation on the Bank of Credit and Commerce International scandal, the Iran-Contra Criminal Investigation, and the Noriega-CIA drug investigation.  

The Commissioners of the Investigation of 9/11 followed no leads, investigated no banks or brokers, and the case was closed without looking at any evidence, with 28 pages of sealed testimony by Bush and Cheney remaining secret. In the wake of the total destruction of five buildings in the World Trade Center complex by the supposed collision of two airplanes, over 15 investigations into a variety of economic terrorism came to a halt. The culprits of 9/11 have not been caught and the real motives have been displaced on to patsy characters and groups, to name a few, Al Qaeda, Osama Bin Linden, radical Islamic terrorism, Iraq and Saddam Hussein.

If you thought 9/11 was a false flag, then you should be aware of the bigger false flag that preceded the collapse of the WTC.

By now you have seen various puzzle pieces to this crime. You have seen how the U.S. government can legally run false flags against its citizens, how the military industrial complex is used by the warlord banksters to fund their operations, how the markets (stocks, bonds, commodities) are rigged, how the U. S. dollar is on the verge of collapse, and how the global shadow government works through organizations like the Council on Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission, the Bilderberg Group, and others.

All of these puzzle pieces are lying on the table in disarray, waiting for a master “frame” so that all the dots can be connected and the picture of TRUTH can be revealed. In this article, we are going to show you the FRAME of the picture so that you will see how each puzzle piece fits together and shows us the horrific picture of EVIL.

Before you get started on this article, you may need a “catch up” on 9/11 and the new world order agenda. We recommend the documentary Invisible Empire. Two hours. Excellent and better than anything you will watch on mainstream media tonight.

In this article you will discover:

– Who were the real culprits behind the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center?
– What part did oil cartels, bank cartels, and the CIA play in this attack?
– What foreign intelligence agencies were involved?
– Did the Saudis play a major role in the attacks?
– Why was the Office of Naval Intelligence in the Pentagon destroyed by a missile?
– When was the WTC and Pentagon attacks devised and what were the major motives?
– What was the nature of the FBI investigation that was being conducted by the WTC offices that were bombed?
– What are the names of the criminals responsible?

Details You May Already Know

After 9/11, the FBI, Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI), Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), and all other government agencies grouped under Homeland Security focused much of their efforts on “terrorism”. These investigations included: the theft of national treasuries of Russia and the Philippines; the use of heroin sales proceeds to fund covert intelligence operations in in Azerbaijan, Chechnya, Georgia, Afghanistan, Kosovo etc.; illegal bribes to various Central Asian oligarchs from major corporate financial contributors to the Bush campaigns, as well as directly from George Bush Sr.; illegal gold and money laundering operations and $280 billion in fraudulent Brady Bonds issued to Russian criminal oligarchs.

Conveniently for the culprits being investigated, the two WTC airplane strikes were direct hits on the largest traders of U.S. Securities, which were the only trades that were made on the morning of 9/11. The FBI center holding the records of the investigations exploded before the first plane struck. Rescue teams had already reached the FBI offices before the first plane struck. Towers 7, 4 and 6 all exploded, and the records in those towers were also destroyed. The $2.3 trillion that Rumsfeld announced the day before can be traced to some of these investigations. There was much to be lost by many bankers, brokers, and CIA politicians and operatives in those investigations.

Let’s Go Deeper into the Biggest Crime in History

After years of studying 9/11, we finally came upon the most revealing, plausible, and supportable theory so far. All of the evidence should have been considered in the first 9/11 Commission but was kept well out of the way of the public eye. The articles and papers were written by E. P. Heidner in 2008 and although they are nine years old today (2017), the research is even more compelling now than it was when published. Anyone seriously interested in prosecuting 9/11 criminals in world court needs to review these important documents, research that was compiled BEFORE 9/11 by the Office of Naval Intelligence (OIN) in the exact Pentagon offices that were struck by a missile on September 11, 2001.

The crimes entail a network far greater than the Saudis, as we are being led to believe today. In light of the U.S. move to make it legal to sue foreign governments for their participation in the terrorist attack on U.S. citizens, let’s make sure we know exactly who the culprits are as they may be American as well as international criminals.

Citizens Were Murdered to Keep this Information from Americans

What follows is an abridgement of E. P. Heidner’s The September 11 Commission Report, Final Report of the Investigation into the Murders of Nicholas Berg, Eugene Armstrong and Jack Hensley, the Individuals Responsible for the Attack of the World Trade Center, National Security Issues as the Root Cause for the Attack on the World Trade Center. March 2008.

The full document can be found here.
A condensed version of the report by E. P. Heidner can be found here and here.

The Bush Criminal Family Uses 9/11 to Hide its Crimes

The Bush criminal family has been propelled into history by “dark ops” across the globe, funded by the initial theft of the World War II Asian treasuries recovered by Ferdinand Marcos and subsidized by criminal profits from weapons for drugs for cash. The involvement of the Bush apparatus in facilitating this trade between crime organizations, terrorist organizations, and mainstream political parties is seen in Vietnam, Afghanistan, Chechnya, Albania, Columbia, Nicaragua, to mention the obvious examples. Using these funds, they have destabilized these same areas for the sake of controlling oil, while their Russian/Israeli mafia partners reap the gold and diamond mineral wealth.

There is, however, another layer of militancy, where organizations are fronts for illegal intelligence operations, free of Congressional or Parliamentary oversight. These are organizations where public leaders can deploy stolen public treasuries for the purposes of advancing their personal business interests. They come under such innocuous names as:
– International Republican Institute (not affiliated with the Republican Party)
– World Vision;
– Wings of Democracy;
– US-Azerbaijani Chamber of Commerce;
– Office of Special Plans;
– Internationale Weiterbildung und Entwicklung;
– Azerbaijan International Operating Company;
– American Commonwealth University.
These organization and corporations are only a few of the fronts deployed by this movement’s members.

In their proclaimed battle of good versus evil, neoconservatives claim – as did Hitler and Stalin – that they stand for democracy and patriotism. What they leave behind in the Philippines, Albania, Chechnya, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Angola, Nicaragua, Afghanistan, Iraq and other places is a new tyranny, the only difference is that the new tyrannies pay tribute to the “new world order”: the friends and corporations aligned with the neoconservative movement and Bush family. What they leave behind in the U.S. is equally tragic, the subtle theft of untold hundreds of billions of taxpayer dollars via:
– Treasury backed loans from The World Bank, the IMF, and the Inter-American Development Bank, which end up in Swiss and other off-shore accounts;
– A fee on all cash transactions of the U.S. Treasury. In their outsourcing of the various federal functions, every dollar going into and out of the Treasury flowed through the Riggs Bank, in Washington D.C., of which Jonathon Bush is a Director, and former Vice Chairman and Director J. Carter Beese became a founder of the Carlyle Group and an SEC Commissioner. When attention was focused on the bank for its unwillingness to clamp down on illegal money laundering, the bank changed its name;
– Secret, uncompetitive bid contracts for hundreds of billions of dollars that produce no substantial value, and where even the results of government audits which report fraud are disregarded.

It appears that contrary to what the U.S. Government (under the guidance of George W. Bush, Jr.) has convinced the public, Muslim terrorists did attack the World Trade Center, but not for the purpose of jihad. These Muslim terrorists most likely were contract operatives working under the guidance of the Mossad and rogue U.S. intelligence operatives. Their objective was to bring to an end numerous U.S. investigations into secret Swiss bank accounts and Deutsche Bank transactions which would have exposed numerous criminal activities by the Russian mafia and the George H.W. Bush Sr. intelligence operations going back as far as 1991.

Those investigations would have exposed:
– illegal theft of national treasuries of Russia and the Philippines;
– the use of heroin sales proceeds to fund covert intelligence operations in Central Asia (mostly in Azerbaijan, Chechnya, Georgia, Afghanistan, Kosovo, etc.);
– illegal bribes to various Central Asian oligarchs from major corporate financial contributors to the Bush campaigns, as well as directly from George Bush Sr.;
– illegal gold and money laundering operations;
– fraudulent Brady Bonds issued to Russian criminal oligarchs.

Like the Iran Contra scandal of the 1980’s, George Bush Sr. used a wide array of illegal activities to fund intelligence operations for a foreign policy he deemed appropriate, and decided to pursue, without Congressional confirmation, and in violation of the law. His administration’s foreign policies were nothing more than illegal activities developed to take over the Central Asian and Russian oil and gas fields of the former Soviet Union through use of privately funded armies and financial fraud – just as he had illegally funded covert activities to promote foreign policy in Iran and Nicaragua. Illegal activities also included Bush’s payoffs to Russian oligarchs with ten-year Brady Bonds to ensure the collapse of the former Soviet Union.

KEY POINT: However much one may agree with those “foreign policy” objectives, the activities undertaken at Bush’s order were illegal, and ultimately needed to be covered-up by the destruction of the World Trade Center, and the senseless murder of countless innocent people in the world since 9/11.

Bush Administration Threatened with Exposure

All of these illegal activities were threatened with exposure by various investigations of Swiss accounts by U.S. federal agencies, and possibly the New York State Tax department. The accounts that were attracting the most investigative evidence were the Khashoggi accounts, which were used to hide proceeds from the transfer of the Philippine treasury stolen by Ferdinand Marcos, with the assistance of George Bush Sr.
(Adnan Khashoggi (1935–2017) was a Saudi Arabian billionaire international businessman, best known for his involvement in arms dealing. He is estimated to have had a peak net worth of around $4 billion.)
Khashoggi’s accounts were linked, through his Azerbaijani banks, to illegal funding of mercenaries in Central Asia, and probably the Afghan heroin trade, as well his connections of arranging terrorist events for the Russians. However, the Russian accounts were rapidly drawing attention as well.

There were other investigations that threatened to expose a network of illegal funding, as well as illegal profiteering. These included investigations into:
– The DeutscheBbank and Barrick gold trades investigated by the FBI in conjunction with the GATA (Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee) lawsuit. This investigation would have exposed the gold laundering operations used by the German bank cartel to launder Russian mafia and Philippine gold;
– The Swiss accounts of Kazakhstan President Nazarbayev, which led to the GiffenWilliams-Mobil Oil money laundering scandal. There is evidence that the Russian mafia associates of Nazarbayev threatened to bring an end to the investigation;
– The Swiss accounts of various Russian oligarchs related to the Bank of New York/Riggs Valmet/Russian mafia money laundering scandal and the illegal Brady Bonds of September 12, 1991;
– The export-import loans to Halliburton that probably funded illegal activities in Angola, Georgia, and Kazakhstan;
– The Swiss accounts which held World War II Holocaust gold, which would have been audited as a result of the GATA investigation.

A potentially bigger time-bomb than any of these investigations would be the exposure of the September 11, 1991 Brady Bonds. Although a decision to destroy the World Trade Center was made in late 1998, the execution of the attack had to be delayed until September 11, 2001 because the cover-up of the ten year Brady Bond fraud could only be done in conjunction with these bonds being re-financed on maturity.

KEY POINT: By declaring a national emergency with the attack on the World Trade Center, Alan Greenspan – one of the co-initiators of the bonds with George Bush Sr. and Oliver North – allowed for the refinancing of the fraudulent Brady Bonds during the activities that followed September 11.

To ensure the destruction of the FBI and other investigative agency offices in the various buildings of the World Trade Center, rogue Mossad agents planted explosives throughout Buildings 1, 2, 4, 6 and 7, during the blackout weekend prior to the attack. This cover-up also required manipulating Muslim fanatics into creating a diversion which would cover-up the explosions. To accomplish this, the rogue, Russian-based Mossad used the traditional Mossad to create and manipulate a false flag operation. Nick Berg was part of this operation. The FBI was hot on his trail, and he needed to be silenced.

With the involvement of Israelis, Russian mafia and German and Swiss bank executives, it was easy for the intelligence agencies of these countries to discover the plot, and send warnings to the U.S. government. Top leaders in the Bush administration were already aware.

Prior knowledge of this attack was leveraged by a group of bureaucrats and military professionals, and possibly the president himself (but more likely his father Bush Sr.), who had pre-inauguration plans to launch attacks on Afghanistan and Iraq, using the attack as a “Pearl Harbor” justification. Their plan was to use the incident to further their personal agendas in American foreign policy: the enrichment of U.S oil interests, and the security of Israel through the destruction of its enemies in Palestine, Iraq, Iran, and Syria.

Bank Cartel or Oil Syndicate – Who attacked the WTC?

In Heidner’s investigation, a bank cartel is outed as attempting to control gold prices and an oil syndicate allegedly attempting to limit competition in the Central Asian region. Both of these cartels seem to have motive for disrupting the money laundering investigations initiated in the late 1990s, continuing into the present. Both of these cartels had extensive contacts in the murky underworld of the Russian/Israeli mafia and U.S. Intelligence. They work together, and use each other’s services. The over-riding question appears to be: which cartel bears responsibility for the attack on the WTC?

When the details of Central Asian covert oil operations are explored one finds the same criminals involved as in the Harken Energy, Iran Contra and BCCI scandals, the Barrick operation, and the pillage of the Soviet and Philippine treasuries. The Oil Cartel money laundering paths clumsily and inadvertently intersect at several places: Deutsch Bank and Union Bank of Switzerland (UBS), Bank of New York and an interesting parallel involvement by Barrick.

KEY POINT: These banks continuously “appear” and have active roles in billion dollar deals which over time are shown to involve fraud, theft, expropriations, illegal drugs and weapons, or other illegal activities that leave national treasuries poorer for their involvement and hundreds of millions of dollars unaccounted for.

By facilitating and negotiating these deals, these bankers are co-conspirators. These companies have facilitated the theft of treasuries from the Soviet Union, France, Czechoslovakia, Kazakhstan, the Philippines, Angola, and possibly the U.S. These banking organizations – joined with Enron Online – have the infrastructure for both rapid global distribution and high volume capacity required to mask the flow of illegal funds, and convert them into physical assets (bearer bonds, commodity futures and gold certificates) which cannot be traced. Time and again, these same financial institutions are identified as conduits for illegal activity and actively engage known criminals as business partners, thereby becoming criminals themselves. Because of their widespread criminal activity, they have been the object of numerous investigations by agencies across the world.

Equally important, this information reinforces the theory that the 9/11 attack was an attempt to cover up massive money and gold laundering activity by destroying multiple investigations in the World Trade Center. We now know that additional investigations were being conducted by the ONI (Office of Naval Intelligence) which was housed in the section of the Pentagon hit by Flight 77. It is now clear that the actual gold used to kick-off the Durham/Brady Bond scam came from Swiss accounts managed by the individual responsible for the 1991 Brady Bonds – George H.W. Bush.

In that sense, an investigation of those accounts for any reason would have brought global visibility to a $240 billion “scam” in which the Russian mafia and George H.W. Bush, with support from major American financial houses, attempted to take over major segments of Russian industry during the privatization of the collapsing Soviet economy, a collapse largely facilitated by a Bush managed currency destabilization program. It sheds new light on the growing relations between the Russian mafia and the Bush family personal investments.

Neocons and the Project for the New American Century

The Project for the New American Century is referred to under several names – neo-conservatives, neocons, PNAC, and Hillary Clinton’s unidentified “right wing conspiracy”.
“In 1997 a group of neo-conservatives founded the Project for the New American Century (PNAC. A year later, PNAC called for the removal of Saddam Hussein’s regime in Iraq. In 2000, they predicted that the shift in US foreign policy towards that aim would come about slowly, unless there were ‘some catastrophic and catalyzing event, like a new Pearl Harbor’. That event happened on September 11th 2001. Ten people in the Bush administration were members of PNAC. They include Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, Paul Wolfowitz, Richard Armitage, John Bolton, Zalmay Khalilzad and member of the advisory Defense Science Board, Richard Perle”. – The Dossier, published on

The publicly acknowledged intent of the PNAC group is the “furtherance of democracy”, in a manner that was inconceivable under prior U.S. administrations. Essentially, the PNAC model for U.S. foreign policy is one of unilateral aggression, putting the U.S. foreign policy in the company of many historical imperialist powers.


“Bill Kristol, (is) one of the most sought-after political commentators in the US, editor of The Weekly Standard, and President of The Project for a New American Century. In his talk, entitled U.S. Foreign Policy after 9-11: The Bush Doctrine, Kristol declared that ‘for the U.S., the world really changed on September 11. We are no longer prepared to rely mainly on negotiations, trade pressures, arms control regimes and international institutions in order to solve critical world problems. The Israeli operation against the Iraqi nuclear reactor in Osirak is our new paradigm. Time is not on our side. We need to act soon, act preemptively, and act alone if necessary. Osirak is now the model of how foreign policy has to be conducted’, said Kristol. ‘Indeed, today the U.S. is committed to forcing regime change in Iran, Iraq, and North Korea’, continued Kristol. ‘We will be much more aggressive in pursuing this goal; no longer are we content to wait for history to work things through. Unfortunately, Europe does not yet seem to understand our new world. They wish to return to pre-September 2001 rules’.” [Begin –Sadat Center For Strategic Studies, May 2002, No. 14]

The background of many of these key policy players, however, suggests they are far more interested in the security of Israel than that of the U.S. Two of the key architects of this group – Richard Perle and Paul Wolfowitz – have a well-documented (both Congressional and FBI investigations) past of being alleged agents for the Israeli government, and have been directly responsible for the employment by U.S. Policy making groups (Office of Special Plans – OSP) of at least four other similarly documented and alleged agents of Israel: Douglas J. Feith (Undersecretary of Defense for Policy), Lawrence Franklin (under investigation by the FBI as being a potential Israeli spy), Michael Ledeen, and Dr. Stephen Bryen. Lawrence Franklin worked in an office overseen by Douglas J. Feith, the Defense Undersecretary for Policy. Feith was an influential aide to Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld. Also included in this list is Dr. Rabbi Dov Zakheim, who at the time was acting as chief-financial officer for the Department of Defense, a signer of the “Pearl Harbor” statement and an original member of the PNAC.

From all available evidence it was these “unofficial” political advisers organized by Wolfowitz, Feith, and Rumsfeld in the U.S. Office of Special Planning (OSP) who were the sources of the fabricated evidence, which was used to “justify” the invasion and occupation of Iraq. These fabrications which took America to war with Iraq were based on a long standing Likud policy paper authored by Perle and Feith in 1996.

“The OSP and the other members of the networks that operated throughout key U.S. agencies shared a right-wing, pro-militarist ideology and are fanatically pro-Israel. Feith and Perle authored an infamous policy paper in 1996 for the Likud Party extremist, Benjamin Netanyahu, entitled A Clean Break: A New Strategy for Securing the Realm. This strategy called for the destruction of Saddam Hussein and his replacement by a Hashemite monarch. Syria, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia and Iran would then have to be overthrown or destabilized for Israel to be secure in a kind of ‘Greater U.S.-Israel Co-Prosperity Sphere.’ The OSP was an arm of the Wolfowitz-Feith policy of furthering the policies of the most extremist groups of the Sharon regime, forging close ties with a parallel ad hoc intelligence operation in the Israeli regime according to a report from the British newspaper, The Guardian.” – Who Fabricated the Iraq War Threat: An Inside View, James Petras, Centre for Research on Globalisation, August 22, 2003.

KEY POINT: To that end, the invasion of Iraq was as much a foregone conclusion as was the invasion of Afghanistan. It was a decision made by this group years before the “weapons of mass destruction” excuse was presented to the public as the rationale for invasion, and years before the attack on the World Trade Center.

Both so called “conspiracy” interpretations (one in which oil interests are responsible, another in which pro-Israeli Neocons are responsible) provide compelling insights, and may explain the Bush administration’s behavior after the WTC tragedy, but do little to explain events leading up to the attack. The hard truth is, this tragedy was beginning to unfold long before Bush won the election, and before he won the Republican National convention. President Bush initially declined the recommendations of the PNAC, preferring to invade Afghanistan before paying attention to Iraq.

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September 11, 2017

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