Vaccine Debate: Ruse To Eliminate Freedom


The vaccine debate is a tool of propagandists that keeps people distracted between the Pro vs. Anti camps. The debate is directed by a few chosen mouthpieces to keep people focused on “the science” which is inherently debatable by its nature. Science has never solved the problem of tyranny or preserved freedom. It can only show an association between variables tested.

People who fall into the science trap forget the more important issue of Freedom. The science debate is a psychological operation. The trap of science focuses on whether or not a safe vaccine can be made, which has been the subject of several documentaries such as VAXXED.
There is no such thing as a safe vaccine.

The “Awareness” Ruse

However, the message is always about “awareness of corruption” by people connected to Hollywood, or political royalty, such as Robert F. Kennedy Jr., who has an ability to get the “awareness” message out using the best engines in the mainstream media, such as Newswire owned by billionaire Warren Buffet.

Hollywood and its producers make money presenting truth as fiction. The mainstream “news” does the opposite. It fabricates truth through the media. It propagandizes truth, which has been made legal through the Smith-Mundt Modernization Act of 2012 under the Patriot Act. Awareness does not solve tyranny. “Awareness of corruption” does not ensure freedom. The people have always known that Big Pharma is not there to ensure safety but to make a profit.

The “Vaccine Safety” Ruse

The ruse begins with suggesting that vaccines can be made safer by removing one or two toxins. Most people already know that when companies, like DuPont, remove one toxin, they replace it with another.

But how does removing mercury, or aluminum or Polysorbate 80 or nanometals of cadmium, lead, steel, barium, or glyphosate, or known pathogens in vaccines, one by one, over many decades, ensure the freedom to choose not to inject any toxins? How does debating the details of science prevent mandates from being rolled out State by State by State?
It does not.

The mainstreamed vaccine message is a weak offering to make you believe that things will change if “famous” people tell it to you. Robert F. Kennedy Jr. promotes “safer vaccines.” At the same time he says all his kids are compliant with vaccines. He claims he is “not anti vaccine.” He also states he is “pro vaccine.” He is a main player in game to keep the debate active.

The ruse keeps you focused on the rhetoric of “safer toxins” and “corruption awareness” as rights and freedoms are whittled away. Not only are vaccines unsafe, they have been proven to be ineffective since the day they were rolled out.

Here is a short list regarding the ineffective MMR bundled vaccine, by itself, a triple vaccine not tested for safety or effectiveness:

Largest measles epidemic in North America in a decade – Quebec, Canada, 2011 in a 95% twice vaccinated population of kids. To repeat: 800 kids with measles, who had been twice vaccinated
• Canada 2015 measles outbreak
• Measles outbreak in a fully immunized school, Corpus Christi, TX: 1987
• Failure to reach goal of measles elimination: 1994
• New York measles outbreak linked to vaccinated: 2011
• Vaccine-associated measles in 2-year old, five weeks post-vaccination, British Columbia, 2013
Mumps outbreak in Netherlands linked to vaccinated, 2009-2012
• Mumps outbreak among highly vaccinated community: New York City, 2014
• Baltimore infant receives measles-like illness after MMR vaccine, tests positive for measles
• Local public health response to vac-associated measles: case report
• Measles Outbreak among Vaccinated: Illinois, 1984
• Detection of measles virus RNA in urine specimens from vaccine recipients: 1995
• Measles Outbreak Traced To Fully Vaccinated Patient For First Time: 2014
US Naval ship at sea quarantined due to Mumps outbreak. All vaccinated
Twice the MN Wild hockey team all acquired mumps. All vaccinated. 2014 and 2017.
Who Is In Charge of Unsafe, Ineffective Vaccines?

With the passage 1986 National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act (NCVIA), vaccine manufacturers are no longer held liable for vaccine injuries or deaths resulting from their products. The burden of proof is on the injured party and claims are settled, or not, in a private Vaccine Court.

The Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) was charged with evaluating the vaccine program and filing a report every two years according to the requirement of the NCVIA. They never filed a report. Are there consequences? None.

The DHHS response: They monitor the safety of vaccines by performing high-quality vaccine safety research; making determinations about whether vaccines caused reactions in certain cases and helping to learn about preventable risk factors; identifying vaccine adverse events through public health surveillance.

Where is the Justice?

Why does the Department of Justice (DOJ) not get involved? Former prosecutor Cliff Nichols has written of the DOJ:

“The [Department of Justice] is an institution vested with formidable resources, including its authority over the FBI. It is also often the beneficiary of a thinly veiled, yet presumed, allegiance with most of the federal courts in which its attorneys operate. As a result, and given enough time, in most cases, the DOJ is empowered – via favorable rulings and otherwise – to access, manipulate, and maneuver the federal laws, rules, regulations, and procedures – not to mention witness testimony – in whatever ways it may deem necessary to ultimately bring most of those it targets to heel, perhaps even including a President.”

Rights Are Not Gifts From Government

While the science has not proved anything, new laws allow for the expansion of vaccine gatekeepers to inject anyone. A proposed bill in Wisconsin would allow Pharmacists and pharmacy studies to inject anyone of any age. A new law in Oregon allows your dentist to inject vaccines right along with Novocaine.

In response, a woman on Facebook writes:
“Yes I took my daughter to the dermatologist a couple of weeks ago and in reading through the paper work it said I would give up my right for her not to be vaccinated by anyone the doctor deemed fit, whether medical personnel or not. I didn’t sign it and the doctor didn’t do anything to examine my daughter’s large mole on her scalp. It’s fine. I’m starting high Vitamin C and minerals.”

The ruse of the vaccine debate is taken to the highest levels. First President Trump claims vaccines are tied to autism and next he is “pro vaccine.” Politicians embrace free choice when they change their minds.
Meanwhile, mandates are taking away your inherent right to choose. Rights are not gifts from government. They are embodied as a birthright and come through you as a freewill being.

People do not make choices based on Hollywood producers in the news or politicians who do not represent them. They make decisions based on events that happen in their own world, in their own homes. When people see damage from a vaccine in themselves or their children, they make different choices.

Maybe it is time to stop being sucked in by meaningless debate and futile “awareness” exercises, and instead stand up to preserve what is left of choice before we don’t have a choice to make.


March 4, 2020


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