War is the unleashing of atheists to kill each other by those who believe in Lucifer as their God


by Tapestry

Modern Communism was organized in the year 1773 by a group of International Money-Barons who have used it since, as their manual of action, to further their secret plans to bring about a Totalitarian Godless State. Lenin made this clear in his book Left Wing Communism. On page 53, he said: “Our theory (Communism) is not a dogma (settled doctrine); it is a manual of action”.

Many modern leaders have said and done the same things as Lucifer did during the heavenly revolution. There is no appreciable difference between Red and Black Atheism. The only difference is in the plans used by the opposing leaders to ultimately win undisputed control of the world’s resources, and bring into being their ideas for a Totalitarian Godless Dictatorship.

Karl Marx (1818-1883) was a German of Jewish descent. He was expelled from Germany, and afterwards from France, for his revolutionary activities. He was given asylum in England. In 1848 he published the Communist Manifesto. Marx admitted this long range plan to turn the world into an international order of Soviet Socialist Republics may take centuries to accomplish.

Karl Ritter (1779-1859) was a German Professor of History and Geopolitical science. He wrote the anti-thesis to Karl Marx’s Communist Manifesto. He also drew up a plan by which he maintained the Aryan race could first dominate Europe and then the entire world. Certain atheistic leaders of the Aryan group adopted Karl Ritter’s plan. They organized Nazism to further their secret ambitions to obtain ultimate control of the world and turn it into a Godless State, under their conception of a totalitarian dictatorship.

This small group of men knew they must either join up with, or destroy, the power and influence of the international bankers. It is doubtful if more than a mere handful of the top level leaders of the Communist and Fascist movements know their organizations are being used to further the secret ambitions of the Illuminati which are the High Priests of Satanism. According to the leaders of both atheistic groups, the state must be supreme. This being so the head of the state is the so-called “god” on Earth. This belief brings into actual practice the deification of man.

Much more is generally known about Karl Marx and Communism than about Karl Ritter and Nazism. Ritter was for many years professor of history at Frankfort University, Germany. Afterwards he taught geography at the Berlin University. In educational circles he was considered one of the greatest authorities on history, geography, and geopolitical science. Because the “aims and objects” of the leaders of the Aryan Party have always been kept secret, Karl Ritter’s connection with the leaders and Nazism is very little known.

Intelligence officers connected with the British Government unearthed his connection with the Aryan war lords when studying political economy, geopolitical science and comparative religions in German universities. This information was passed on to the proper authorities but, as so often happens, political leaders and diplomats, either failed to realize the significance of what they were told or wished to ignore it.

Karl Ritter’s study of history convinced him that a very small group of wealthy, and influential, international bankers, who gave allegiance to no country but meddled in the affairs of all, had, in 1773 organized Grand Orient Freemasonry for the purpose of using The World Revolutionary Movement to further their secret ambitions. Their long range plan was for their group to gain ultimate control of the wealth, natural resources, and man-power of the entire world. Their ultimate objective was to form a Totalitarian Dictatorship based on their theories of atheistic dialectical and historical materialism. Ritter claimed that most of, if not all, the international bankers were of Jewish descent, regardless of whether or not they practiced the Jewish faith.

In his anti-thesis to Karl Marx’s Communist Manifesto, Karl Ritter dealt with the dangers to be faced if this group of men were allowed to continue to control and direct the policies of International Communism. He offered the German Aryan war lords very concrete and practical suggestions for defeating the conspiracy of the international money-barons.

Ritter gave the Aryan war-lords an alternative long range plan by which they could gain ultimate control of the world’s resources for the Aryan races. To offset the plans of the international money-barons, Karl Ritter advised the leaders of the Aryan groups to organize Nazism and use Fascism, i.e. National Socialism, as their manual of action to further their secret ambitions, for world conquest. Ritter also pointed out that because the international bankers intended to use all phases of Semitism to further their plans, the Aryan leaders should use all phases of anti-Semitism to further their cause.

Karl Ritter’s long range plan for ultimate world conquest included the following suggestions:

1. The subjugation of all European countries by Germany. To achieve this end he suggested the German military Junkers be encouraged and assisted to obtain control of the Government so they could engage in a series of military endeavors, interspersed with economic wars. The objective being to weaken the economy and manpower of the European nations to be subjugated.
Karl Ritter stated that it was not absolutely essential, to the success of his long range plan, that each military endeavor ends in a clear cut victory, provided the other nations involved were anyway going to be left in such a weakened condition that their recovery economically; and in strength of man-power, took longer than that of Germany.
Ritter stressed the importance of convincing the German people that they were physically and mentally superior to the Semitic races. From this thought Aryan propagandists developed the idea of The German Master Race. They did this to counter the propaganda of the international bankers which claimed the Semitic race is to be God’s chosen people and divinely chosen to inherit the Earth. The Aryan leaders promulgated the doctrine that their race was “the master race” on this Earth. Thus millions of people were divided into opposing camps.

2. Karl Ritter recommended a financial policy which would prevent the international bankers obtaining control of the economy of Germany, and its Satellite States as they had obtained economic control in England, France, and America.

3. He recommended the organization of a Nazi 5th Column to counteract the Communist underground organization. Its objective was to persuade the upper and middle classes of the countries they planned to subjugate to accept Fascism as the only antidote to Communism.

German 5th Columnists were to condition people in other countries to welcome the German army as their military protectors against threatened Communist aggression. Karl Ritter warned the leaders of the Aryan group that a military invasion of another country should never be undertaken until the 5th Column, and propaganda machines, had thoroughly paved the way, and convinced the majority of the people to accept their armed intervention as the act of “saviors” or “crusaders”, and not as aggressors.

4. Karl Ritter cold-bloodedly recommended the total destruction of Communism and the extermination of the Jewish race as essential to obtaining ultimate control of international affairs by the Aryan leaders. He justified this drastic stipulation on the facts of history which he claimed proved Communism was being used by the international Jewish bankers to further their own selfish materialistic ambitions. There were many more items making up the overall long range plan but in this chapter, he said, it is sufficient to produce enough evidence to unlock the door, behind which the secret plans of two small groups of totalitarian, atheistic-materialistic men were hidden. The study of comparative religions, geo-political science, and political economy, and years of intensive research, revealed the truth that many millions of human beings have been used as “pawns in the game” by the leaders of the two atheistic totalitarian-minded groups who will continue playing their hideous game of international chess until one or the other is eliminated. Evidence will be produced to show how this game has been conducted in the past, and what moves are likely to be made in the near future, to enable one group to win the game.

The followers of all religions that teach the existence of God and life in a hereafter believe in the love and worship of God, and charity towards all people of good will. Sincere believers will suffer any hardship, and make any sacrifice, in order to ensure their eternal salvation. The followers of atheism, on the other hand, are taught to hate all who refuse to accept their materialistic creed. The determination of the leaders of both Atheist groups, to achieve world domination, permits them to conceive the most diabolical conspiracies, and perpetrate all kinds of crime, from individual assassinations to genocide. They foment wars in order to weaken nations they still have to subjugate.

The study of comparative religions shows also that Communism and Nazism are utterly incompatible with all religions that believe in the existence of an Almighty God. Experience, and history, proves that those who believe in God, and those who deny His existence, are in such contradiction that neither can survive the triumph of the other. Atheistic leaders in subjugated countries may, for a time, tolerate religions which teach belief in God but they only allow the priests to function on the social periphery. They take good care that the priests do not have the opportunity to influence the social and political behavior of their congregations. Evidence proves that the ultimate objective of both major Atheistic ideologies is to obliterate from the minds of mankind, by persecution, and a systematically applied program of continuous brain-washing, all knowledge of a Supreme Being; the existence of a soul and hope of life in a hereafter.

These being facts, any talk of co-existence is either utter non-sense or propaganda. The trouble today is the continuation of the heavenly revolution. If God has placed human beings on this Earth so they may get to know Him; love Him; and serve Him in this life, and then be blissful with Him forever in the next world, then it is logical to reason that the only way in which Lucifer could hope to win the souls in dispute would be to inoculate them with the doctrine of atheistic-materialism.

Undoubtedly many people will ask “But how could the Devil inoculate the minds of men with Atheistic and other evil ideas?” That question can be answered as follows. If human beings can establish radio and television stations from which one individual can influence millions of others by broadcasting his opinions on any given subject over the invisible air-waves, then why shouldn’t it be possible for celestial beings to broadcast their messages to us?

No brain specialist has dared to deny that in the brain of each individual there is some kind of mysterious receiving set. Every hour of every day human beings are saying “I was inspired to do this”, or “I was tempted to do that”. Thoughts, be they good or evil, must originate somewhere, from some “cause”, and be transmitted to the human brain. The body is only the instrument which puts the dominating thought for good or for evil into effect. One fundamental fact which all people who believe in the existence of God must never forget is this: If we are on this Earth for a period of trial, if we have been given our free will, it is to enable us to decide whether we want to go to God or want to go to the Devil. Therefore, if the Devil did not have the opportunity to influence the minds of men there would be no test. If Almighty God sent his prophets and His son Jesus Christ, to show us clearly what is good and what is evil, then why wouldn’t the Devil send his false prophets to try and prove to us that evil is good and that good is evil?

The simplest way to understand what is going on in the world today is to study the events of history as the moves being made in a continuing game of international chess. The leaders of the Illuminati have divided the people of the world into two main camps. They used kings and queens, bishops and knights, and the masses of the world’s population, as pieces in their games. The ruthless policy of the leaders is to consider all other human beings as expendable, providing the sacrifice of a major piece, or a million pawns places them a move nearer their ultimate totalitarian goal. The despotism of Satan.

Ritter is reported to have said the present phase of this game started in the counting house of Amschel Mayer Bauer alias Rothschild, located at Frankfort-on-the-Main in Germany, when thirteen gold and silversmiths decided they must remove all the crowned heads of Europe, destroy all existing governments and eliminate all organized religions, before they could secure absolute control of the wealth, natural resources, and man-power of the entire world, and establish a Satanic despotism. Dialectical and historical materialism was to be used to further these plans. Strange though it may seem, history will prove that leaders of both the Semitic and Anti-Semitic groups have on occasion joined forces to fight against a common enemy such as the British Empire or the Christian religion. And while the masses fought, the Illuminati, who constitute the secret power behind the world revolutionary movements, jockeyed for the best position from which they would derive the greatest future benefit. The leaders of both Communism and Nazism have crossed, and double-crossed each other, but it is doubtful if many of the leaders realized, before it was too late, that even they were only tools controlled by the agentur of the Illuminati who use all that is evil to further their ends.

When the secret powers heading either group even suspect one of their tools knows too much, they ordered him liquidated. The leaders of these two groups of totalitarian-minded men have instigated many individual assassinations, and caused many revolutions and wars, in which tens of millions of human beings have been killed, while millions have been wounded and rendered homeless. It is difficult to discover a military leader who can justify the decision to drop atomic bombs on Hiroshima or Nagasaki where, in the twinkling of an eye, approximately 100,000 people were killed, and twice the number seriously injured. The Japanese military forces had already been defeated. Surrender was only a matter of hours or days away when this diabolical act was perpetrated. The only logical conclusion is that the secret powers, who influence and control the policies of most national governments, decided that this most modern of all lethal weapons had to be demonstrated to show Stalin what would happen if he became to obnoxious. This is the only excuse which provides even the resemblance of justification for such an outrage against humanity.

But the atomic bomb and the hydrogen bomb are no longer the world’s most lethal weapons. Nerve gas, now being stockpiled by both Communist and Non-Communist nations, is capable of wiping out all living creatures in a country, a city, or a town. The extent of destruction of all human life in a nation can be adjusted to the military and economic requirements of those who decide to use nerve gas to reach their goal. Nerve gas is said to be highly concentrated fluorine in its gaseous form. It is the most penetrating and deadly gas ever discovered by man. It is colorless, odorless, tasteless and economical to produce. One single drop, even when heavily diluted with water or oil will, if it comes in contact with a living body, cause paralysis of the breathing apparatus and death. In a few minutes it will penetrate even through rubber clothing such as is worn by firemen when on duty. Nerve gas will not seriously damage inanimate objects. Within a few days after the nerve gas had been applied it would be safe for the invading force to enter the contaminated areas again. They would be areas of the dead, but all buildings and machinery would be intact. The only known antidote to nerve gas is the drug atropine. To be effective it must be injected into the veins of the victims immediately, and repeatedly, after they have been contaminated. This means of defense is not practical for densely populated areas.

Both Communist and Anti-Communist governments have nerve gas. The knowledge that both sides have this gas in quantity may cause both sides to hesitate to use it. But it is a well-known fact that desperate, and ruthless, men will resort to any extremes to gain their objectives. And they have never hesitated to sacrifice millions upon millions of human beings – men, women and children – if by doing so they advance themselves only one step nearer to their ultimate goal.

The study of comparative religions, in relation to the conditions we are experiencing in the world today, brings the unbiased student to the conclusion that those human beings who worship God, and believe in another life after the death of our mortal bodies, enjoy a religion of love and hope. Atheism is a religion of hate and blackest despair. And yet, never before in the history of the world, has such a determined effort been put forth to introduce secularism into our lives as since 1846, when C.J. Holyoake, C. Bradlaugh, and others asserted their opinion “that human interest should be limited to concerns of the present life”. These advocates of secularism were the predecessors of the most recent flock of false prophets – Karl Marx, Karl Ritter, Lenin, Stalin, Hitler and Mussolini. These men did deceive millions upon millions of people by “working great signs and wonders”. They deceived many professing Christians who should have known better.

The key point is that philosophies of hatred are based on atheism. Those who believe in a God also believe in a Devil, and must choose between them. The Illuminati have decided that they will work for and worship the Devil – in secret. Their secretive control of politicians relies on humanity abandoning a belief in God. Those people that deny any spiritual dimension to life can be manipulated to kill others very easily, and can be set up to weaken and destroy each other. Here are the origins of warfare. The Illuminati can and do use atheists to further their ends, while those who believe in a spiritual dimension to the world stand in their way. Those who want to stop wars have to open up about their belief in a God, whose purposes are good. Only when good is silenced, can evil prosper.

In 2018, the American Neocons have a materialistic atheistic philosophy. The Israelis believe themselves entitled to commit a Palestinian genocide. The British Conservatives believe themselves the natural party of government – akin to the master race notions of the Nazis – dealing out austerity while they embezzle. The jury is still out on whether the Russians truly believe in God, or are still a carefully disguised version of Communism. Russian prisons are brutal as is the treatment of conscripts by the army with hundreds being killed each year by their own officers, as described by Anna Politkovskaya. Their behavior indicates little belief in God. The Russian church is very strong with the ordinary people, but the belief in God probably doesn’t penetrate too far into Kremlin. A Russian kickback against the arrogance of the Neocons can hardly be expected to be a Christian campaign, but an atheistic materialistic one, full of brutality. Jeremy Corbyn appears to speak a different language to the Tories and the Blairites, but if he’s a Communist, he too must be atheistic.


July 29, 2018

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