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Spiritual Prophecies
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> 500-year-old ‘Italian Nostradamus’ prediction says the world is about to end
According to a prophecy from the “Italian Nostradamus”, Armageddon is just around the corner. It all comes down to the snow that has been hitting Italian resort town Salento in January 2017. Philosopher Matteo Tafuri, who lived between 1492 and 1582, warned...

> Baba Vanga’s Prediction about Syria Foretells World War III This Year
Bulgarian prophet Baba Vanga foretold of

> The Sundar Singh prophecies about THE SPIRITUAL FUTURE OF ROMANIA
Note: Sundar Singh was born on September 3, 1889, in Rampur, a village in Punjab, in a rich landowning Hindu family. In order for him to have a good education his mother sent him to the Presbyterian missionary school nearby. It was there that he burned his Bible on...