10 Documentaries That Will Change Your Perspective Of The World


Documentaries often act as amazing catalysts to not only spread awareness about important issues, but inspire action and change. They bring light to various social issues that might not otherwise be getting the attention they deserve, and provide information and education on what we can do in our own lives to help create change. Raising awareness is the first step toward creating change on this planet, and knowledge is power.

1. DMT: The Spirit Molecule

This documentary focuses on groundbreaking research conducted on the hallucinogenic substance found in almost all living things, DMT. This film follows several participants in a study to observe what happens while under the influence of the most potent hallucinogenic substance known to man. Prepare to be astounded with the descriptions of what these participants see and where they go. This is a beautiful film.

2. Small Is Beautiful: A Tiny House Documentary

The tiny house movement is growing rapidly as millennials and many others are deciding to challenge the American dream and opt for something more affordable and sustainable. Owning a tiny home offers more freedom; it also challenges mass consumerism, as owning a tiny home means having less room to store unnecessary items.

This documentary dives deep into the potential benefits opting for this alternative housing solution can offer. It is important to be aware of the many options that are available to us, instead of what we have been led to believe is the only option, so that we can make the best decision for ourselves.

3. A Plastic Ocean

There is no doubt about it: Our oceans are extremely polluted with plastic waste and other toxic substances. It is a sad truth, but it will never be solved if we continue on as we have been and keep ignoring this problem.

From PlasticOceans.org: “Plastic Oceans has assembled a team of the world’s top scientists and leading film makers to produce a powerful, high-end documentary in high definition ‘A Plastic Ocean.’ This will play a key role in sending out the message to the world.” And indeed it does. This is a must-see documentary that will spark awareness and inspire change.

4. Sirius

Are we alone in the Universe? Are there other beings out there that our governments know of and are potentially working with? If so, why are they keeping these secrets from us? These questions and more are answered in this thought-provoking documentary that focuses on the life and work of established UFO researcher Dr. Steven Greer and his claims of existing energy technologies that have the capacity to change the world.

5. Citizenfour

This documentary had won an Oscar for Best Documentary in 2015. It covers the Edward Snowden leaks as they are happening. You get to have an inside look at who he is, what he knows, and what he is risking to make this important information available to you. Edward Snowden is a true American hero and this documentary does a wonderful job of delivering his story to the world. The Academy Award is much deserved.

6. Prescription Thugs

This documentary provides an in-depth look into the industry that is “big-pharma” and the corruption behind many pharmaceuticals, pharmaceutical representatives, doctors and their commissions, and the prescription pain medication addiction crisis in America. This film is sure to make you question whether prescription medications primarily serve us or those who sell them.

7. Global Food Waste

There is no doubt about it: Food waste across the globe is completely out of control and at an all-time high. This short documentary exposes some of the dirtiest secrets in the food industry and provides eye-opening statistics on how much food is wasted on our planet annually and the shocking reasons why. In a time where not everyone gets to eat every day, how can we even come close to justifying this waste?

8. The Cove

This is one of the highest-rated documentaries of all time. It also won an Oscar for the 2009 Best Documentary. It focuses on the massive capture and slaughter of dolphins in Taiji, Japan, and the importance of raising awareness about this extremely important issue.

9. What’s With Wheat?

What’s with wheat? This documentary raises an important question. Why are more people becoming sensitive or intolerant to wheat and developing severe gastrointestinal diseases and illness? We’ve been eating wheat for thousands of years, so why now are we developing these sensitivities? Has wheat itself changed? Is there a level of corruption behind the modern-day wheat industry?

Much like sugar, wheat is in almost all processed foods, but the wheat being used is stripped of its nutritional value. This documentary addresses these concerns and more, and provides us with the proper tools to maintain our health, along with suggestions on what products to avoid.

10. Pink Ribbons Inc.

This is an excellent documentary exposing the corruption behind the breast cancer charity industry specifically, but inevitably all cancer charities as well. Where does the money really go? Are these industries too focused on the cure and not enough on prevention? What do we need to know before donating to a charity?
From imdb.com:
“Breast cancer has become the poster child of corporate cause-related marketing campaigns. Countless women and men walk, bike, climb and shop for the cure. Each year, millions of dollars are raised in the name of breast cancer, but where does this money go and what does it actually achieve?ˮ

Pink Ribbons, Inc. is a feature documentary that shows how the devastating reality of breast cancer, which marketing experts have labeled a “dream cause,” becomes obfuscated by a shiny, pink story of success.


February 20, 2018

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