103 Year Old Retired Heart Surgeon Explains Why He’s Been a Vegan For 50 Years


“People are very sensitive about what they eat. You can talk to people about exercising relaxation, good mental attitude and they will accept that. But you talk to them about what they are eating and people are very sensitive about that.” – Dr. Ellsworth Wareham.

Over the last few decades, dozens of scientific studies have proven beyond doubt the immense health benefits of eating a plant-based or vegan diet. Yet most people seem unaware of that, and are reluctant to adopt such a diet, mainly because they think it won’t provide them with the nutrients they need to be healthy.

In the following short interview from 2013, when he was 98 years old, Dr. Ellsworth Wareham a now 103 year old (born in Oct. 1914) heart surgeon who retired at 95, shared his story about why he’s been a vegan for half of his life (50 years), shedding light on the importance of ditching animal products from human beings diet and going plant-based.


February 22, 2018

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