Aphorisms and thoughts about the states of divine virtues that are awoken through yoga practice

by yoga professor Gregorian Bivolaru

30. Finally, the experience shows us that, in reality, the truth is not reachable but especially for those who are already ready to discover it and that is why they deserve it in abundance.
31. Even when we are not capable to realize, it is obvious for the illuminists that each quality or admirable endowment that has awakened and has been activated within us, is both the fruit of certain subtle energies that have been captured and accumulated through the triggering of some occult resonance processes, as much as of some quantities from those certain energies that have been thereafter well assimilated within us.
32. Moderation is a wonderful quality, which we should never develop in extremis, especially when it’s about love, compassion and humbleness.
33. It is thousands times better to consider divine aspirations as being our reality, instead of considering gossip, slander and superficial malevolent, accusing criticism as important aims.
34. The human being who lives each day without a crumb of divine madness and without a gram of humour is not quite yet as wise as it thinks.
35. The selfish ones often tell themselves in big secrecy: “Long live freedom, but mostly I want my freedom to live, which allows me to always do just what I want.”
36. When we contemplate them for a sufficient period of time, with a lot of attention and lucidity, we find that people who do not laugh almost ever, beyond their appearances are not serious and balanced human beings.
37. In the very deep, complex and comprehensive view of the wise, every age of human being contains embedded within certain divine fruits. To succeed however to harvest as many of them we have to manifest aspiration, enthusiasm, love, kindness, sympathy, understanding, perseverance and wisdom.

38. In life is always essential to love God the most and on the second place should be the intense love, profound and without measure, that we manifest for all human beings, including those of opposite sex, that we feel close to us.
39. For the human beings who have transformed (for better) enough, through a sustained pace on the spiritual path and who managed to keep focus in a certain extent on the wisdom of the heart, they will discover with increasing joy that the main focus of their memory is actually in their spiritual heart.
40. For the vast majority of human beings talking is a need, but listening to what is being said is an art which is reserved for those few who have achieved a certain degree of inner maturity.
41. The heroic, enthusiastic, brave and persevering assumption of certain challenges which are profoundly beneficial, constantly keeps us young, helps us regenerate on several levels and in the same time energise in us the sheer, exuberant and contaminating joy of living.
42. The profound beneficial entertainment, which is pure, euphoric, pleasant, overwhelming and delightful refreshes our soul and regenerates our entire being. When they are dosed with measure, they appear to us as the best natural conditions that we can achieve, week by week, against the hardships and sorrow of life.
43. It is very well that, at least once a week, for minimum 3 minutes, we emerge in a state of blissful void and we relax in an enigmatic way that also implies that we have no thoughts at all and that we do nothing at all.
44. In front of God the Father, all human beings are equal. The only true distinction consists in the differences that appear and that can exist between them.
45. The ignorant and superficial ones who find out that God the Father created man in His own image and after His own likeness think, in a stupid and narrow-minded way, that, if it is so, this means that God must like football very much.
46. For fierce, superficial and ignorant materialists, God doesn’t exist yet. Instead, they should make adequate efforts to discover Him in the billion places of their inner universe. All great sages, saints and advanced yogis affirmed that when a human being engages full of aspiration and enthusiasm on the right path, at the same time making adequate efforts to discover God, it will eventually come to discover Him and to even feel that He exists.
47. Among other things, the human being distinguishes from animals by the fact that it manifests powerful and persistent resentfulness.
48. For each human being, a first step, considered an important lesson of life, implies to realize that, in fact, there isn’t other key in order to harmoniously live together on this earth, but to learn to understand one another better and better, to become capable to profoundly empathize and to become capable to talk as sincerely and openly as we can.

49. Tens of years will not be enough in order to describe in totality the profound and overwhelming experience that is triggered within us when we approach the eternity and the infinite as far as we come to live an extraordinary, ample ecstatic state (Samadhi).
50. We should realize that more often than not luxury cannot offer us the most extraordinary and refined pleasures existing in the world. Only the human beings sufficiently intelligent, refined and initiated know and even experiment, each time, various profound and overwhelming pleasures which offers them even states of divine ecstasy (Samadhi). Such states are easily experimented by means of the amorous fusions based on mutual love, transfiguration, consecration of their fruits to God the Father and perfect sexual continence.
51. To really live does not imply only to know and refind yourself, because, at the same time, this also implies to create and make you be born again, as you let yourself be inspired by God the Father.
52. All human beings who have not yet discovered God the Father in their inner universe and who have not revealed yet their Supreme Eternal Self (Atman) have something in common: they are all very different. The fact that each of them is different at the same time makes them unique.

June 2011 


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