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Mis-Information Contained in Our Consciousness Creates Patterns

Throughout our entire history as a conscious object in this quantum field, we have assimilated and recorded information as memories of our states of being, generated from influential events that have occurred during our past lives or pre-natal, post-natal and childhood stages. While the information about the positive and productive ones constitute a favourable influence on us, building upon themselves within our reference system, obviously the negative ones have the opposite effect.


We may have made oaths or vows to others or to perform certain deeds, undertaken some act of reparation or atonement, without regard to the full or real picture surrounding our circumstances. We may have experienced terrible hardships and trauma. During childhood, we may have internalized confusing circumstances in a negative way, by misinterpreting their intent or meaning through the filters of already existing patterns.

Other potentially destructive patterns stem from deeper spiritual origins and are related to aspects of the soul’s identity and make-up. Some patterns are also created as a natural by-product of the evolution of humanity from our social conditioning or societal constructs and instincts. Even attitudes about life in general, views about illness, or strong beliefs about society or religion, can be passed down through our genes for many generations and will often create patterns.

Regardless of their origins, these generate a wealth of information pertaining to these experiences. If the negative information remains unchallenged or unresolved or is based on an inaccurate and incomplete view of ourselves, others or total reality, misinformation is received, stored and transmitted to and from us, through our consciousness. Mis-information is what creates the psychological and social problems we experience and is one of the major contributing factors to illness and disease.

The presence of mis-information is often evidenced by the prevailing emotions of fear, guilt, remorse, unforgiveness, imperfection, and suffering which we exhibit. These form the basis of the ideas, conclusions and judgements that make up our belief system, the cornerstone of our patterns. Thus, the energy of experience is what drives what we see, think, feel and do in every waking moment. Perpetuated beliefs become the patterns of the future.

Quantum Characteristics of Consciousness

Fortunately, because of the unique characteristics of consciousness, the very thing that fuels the development and perpetuation of our patterns is also the solution to them. Because consciousness exists as a field which has quantum properties as we have learned, it is completely ubiquitous and unrestricted in its reach. It operates irrespective of the location of the object or its form, exerting its influence on it, regardless of distance.

Neither is consciousness limited by time or space because it consists of a very fine form of energy, and can penetrate all physical objects including the human body. It can integrate with any other form of energy, including the energy in the fields surrounding our body, organs and cells, as well as through the energy channels that flow throughout the body. Our consciousness is also intertwined with the activities of the brain and the nervous systems in special quantum ways.

Of equal importance is the fact that consciousness is not limited by what information or how much information it can hold in its field because it reflects the total information about our reality, recorded at a quantum level. Therefore, total information, or “totality” as it is often called, is comprised of the event history of humanity as a whole, in addition to the event history or reference system for the individual.

We can access the infinite resources stored in the field, including all of the information contained in the records that is positive and represents an accurate and complete view of reality. A more complete database of information offers us a more balanced and unbiased way to understand and view ourselves and our circumstances. Totality exists objectively outside our own subjective consciousness, which as we now know, is cluttered with mis-information and patterns.

Consciousness not only has the ability to receive, read, translate and transmit information, it can replace existing mis-information by creating new information, independent of our subjective experience. It is a self-governing entity and can operate independently of the activities of the brain and stimuli from the external environment.

Consciousness Has the Power to Create Change


What happens when we replace or transform the mis-information that feeds the patterns of the consciousness? We create change. From a quantum perspective, our consciousness field is represented by more positive, productive, beneficial frequency information which more accurately reflects the truth about ourselves and our reality.

It starts to contain more information that is created in accordance with the natural laws of human life, reflecting the true balance between our inner and external worlds. The energy that carries the information from the consciousness increases in vibration as the dysfunctional frequencies are altered. At higher levels of vibration, our field becomes more coherent.

Coherence means harmony, and when this condition is present, better communication is established so that the information is exchanged more efficiently and in an enduring way. We begin to see changes in our health and our lives in every way.

It is information that guides the change. As we have seen, it determines how energy and we, as a form of physical matter, interact and change form. We want to focus on creating information with our consciousness that is focused on responses to our internal and external environment which cultivate and reinforce constructive and enduring human qualities such as:

– Respecting and loving ourselves and others
– Showing openness and trust
– Being grateful
– Embodying a strong sense of well-being
– Viewing ourselves as being healthy and vital
– Knowing we are the co-creator and master of our lives

It can be helpful to remember that our problems are only a temporary manifestation of reality. Since energy is dynamic and the quantum records that contain our information always evolves, the reality we have co-created will shift and be re-created when the information itself changes. Everyone has a deep place inside that recognises truthful information about themselves, others and about life. We literally resonate with it.

We are guided to that place of deep knowing and wisdom by our inner-sight, senses and intuition. Our consciousness expands into the truth that resides there, and profound change can be activated, if we allow it.

The quantum characteristics of consciousness truly are nature’s way of enabling us to co-create the reality we want to experience, by tapping into the incredible potential it holds. In the truest sense, our consciousness is the bridge between us and all forms of information, energy and matter, which we can readily access to manifest change at all levels of life.


November 25, 2019

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