Cumin essential oil: uses & benefits


We all know that cumin is a hugely versatile spice in cooking, giving unique flavor. Super delicious stuff. But cumin essential oil also supports our health in many ways. Yummy and healthy – it’s a win-win!

Health Benefits of Cumin

The essential oil of cumin is where all of the good stuff lies. The oil is derived from the seeds but is much more powerful than the actual seeds alone. Whatever the spice does, the oil does better! The doTerra company’s cumin is of the Cuminum cyminum variety. The main chemical constituents are dipentene, cymene, limonene, phellandrene, cuminaldehyde, and pinene. But what are these things good for?

Here are just a few benefits of cumin essential oil:
• Supports regular menstruation;
• Supports digestion (but just use a wee amount);
• Can boost the appetite;
• Cumin is good for the skin;
• Respiratory support;
• Supports the muscular system;
• Promotes a healthy inflammatory response.

Cumin is a great to assist with detoxification. It supports the circulatory system and encourages sweating and urination. Sweat and pee really get those toxins moving out.

Not just a great support for your physical health, cumin also can provide emotional balance and support cognitive performance. Cumin essential oil can help one think more clearly and boost self-confidence. For some people, cumin essential oil can have a tranquilizing effect on the body, making cumin a great source to calm nervousness or promote good sleep.

Cumin Essential Oil Uses

What’s not to like about cumin? Here are some suggestions to get you started on this super-powerful essential oil.

• Dilute and massage onto areas of concern to support the circulatory system.
• Dilute and massage onto abdomen or add a drop to your favorite tea for digestive support.
• Add a drop to your DIY Inhaler or diffuse for respiratory support.
• Add a drop to your moisturizer or hair care products.
• Open the bottle and inhale to boost the appetite.
• Diffuse 3-4 drops for emotional balancing and a confidence boost. Add in a positive affirmation.
• Dilute and apply topically to help post-workout soreness.
• Spice up your stews, soups, or curries with 1-3 drops of cumin. Be careful. A little goes a long way!


October 28, 2018

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