Did Trump Really Stop Chemtrails?


A rumor that seemed to originate from
YouTuber SerialBrain2 claims that Trump has stopped chemtrails. Is there really any evidence of this? Are people caught up in a Trump saviour narrative vs. seeing what’s truly taking place via neutral observation?

There has been a rumor going around for a while that Trump signed an executive order to stop the spraying of chemtrails, and that now anything you see in the sky is actually cleaning agents being sprayed to remove the damage chemtrails have created. Sounds interesting, but we’re not sure it has even a lick of truth to it.

This is a BIG part of why we are at a critical time in our collective journey where we must learn to take a step back and truly explore information from a neutral perspective. There are tons of issues, even in alternative media, when it comes to this culture of narratives.

If one researches this ‘Trump chemtrail’ claim a fair amount, and like the rumors that 5G was being pushed by Trump because ‘they now have a good version of 5G,’ one can trace this latest one back to the same source: SerialBrain2. And like before, many are again regurgitating it.

Like the 5G claim, this new claim too has no evidence except that it attempts to decode public statements made by Trump and link them through various forms of symbolism and numerology to revelations of truth. While in some cases there are times when things are encoded, in most of the cases SB2 is trying to link things, there is not a match. In fact, the decoding more so attempts to find meaning in everything to stay very attached to a narrative that Trump is here to save the world and he can do no wrong… ever. That alone should raise a red flag.

Did Trump Stop Chemtrails?

You can say that hints of this rumor began back in 2017 when people mistook a test plane for a chemtrail plane as stated in this article by the Express. An image of Trump allegedly taking a tour of a chemtrail plane went viral and people all assumed this meant Trump was going to shut down chemtrails.

Those images don’t actually resemble chemtrail planes, they are simply water ballasts found inside planes who take test flights to test various weights and distributions and how that affects flying. Nonetheless, it went viral, further adding fuel to the fire that seeks to debunk and discredit the reality of clandestine geoengineering.

Moreoever, it doesn’t seem like Trump stopped chemtrails, nor is there any evidence to this.

In this case what we’re seeing is people clinging to saviour narratives and further providing fuel to discredit legitimate questions and concerns the public should have about clandestine operations.

Here you can listen to a podcast on this matter, that unfolds in this order:
• Did Trump really stop chemtrails?
• Discussing SerialBrain2
• Joe Rogan and Mick West discussion
• The evidence for clandestine geoengineering
• The Harvard Geoengineering program
• Shifts in alternative media
• How we can think more critically.

The Takeaway

We are at a very critical time where we must learn to connect within as well as be critical in our thinking regarding what we hear. Now is not about having faith or blindly believing something, it’s about learning to empower ourselves as people and discover who we truly are. Much of that involves moving through the beliefs and narratives we often get trapped in or take sides with.


September 27, 2019


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