ELECTION THEFT 2020: It’s much worse than anyone knew!


Fake Polls,
Rigged Debates,
Big Tech Censorship,
Mail-in Ballot Fraud,
Fixed Voting Precinct Outcomes,
Discarded Trump Votes,
Banned Republican Advertising,
Blocked Tweets and Twitter Accounts,
Hacked Voting Machines,
Dead Voters,
Illegal Voters,
Voter Suppression,
Ballot Box Intimidation,
Talk of 25th Amendment,
Democrat Lawfare in Blue States,
Hillary Clinton’s ‘Don’t Concede’ Demand,
Joe Biden’s Claim He Cannot Lose Except by Theft,
Nonstop Bashing of Tump and Praising of Biden,
False Accusations about GOP Election Theft,
Planned Riots in D.C. and Urban Uprisings by Left,
Constant Gaslighting of the Electorate by MSM…

This isn’t an election; it’s not a POTUS vote; it’s a non-stop, full-blown coup d’état executed by the Democrat Party, Deep State, and the New World Order Globalist Cabal in order to stealthily install Joe Biden into the Oval Office so that “Female Obama” and Manchurian Candidate Kamala Harris can be made dictator of the planned totalitarian communist state—the USSA (A=Amerika).


There’s now a plethora of hard evidence available in the public domain that proves conclusively that Kamala Harris is the secret weapon of the NWO globalists. She has been trained and mentored to become yet another extremely dangerous Manchurian Candidate like Obama was. In point of fact, Harris has been schooled rigorously and mind-controlled painstakingly to become a “Female Obama”.

If there is a future Harris administration, Team Kamala would surely put the final nail in the coffin of the American Republic. Her extraordinary willingness to perform any act of treachery or treason against the American people is beyond the pale. The fact that Harris was foisted on the Biden ticket, despite calling Joe Biden a rapist, ought to explain what’s really going on here.

Bottom Line: There’s a seditious communist plot rapidly unfolding across America in 2020. A Biden presidency immediately followed by a Harris presidency is the centerpiece of this nation-destroying conspiracy; for Kamala Harris is slated to become queen bee of their communist realm. See: “IT’S A FULL-BLOWN COMMUNIST PLOT” — Whistleblower Reveals the Plan”.

Action Plan

At this late date, there’s only one response to this ongoing soft coup which can morph into a violent coup d’état at any time. The Patriot Movement will soon be compelled to light their torches and pick up their pitchforks in the defense of these United States of America. That may look different in each locale throughout the USA; nevertheless, the Left will leave the Right with no choice but to right the ship of state via the appropriate countervailing force(s).


November 23, 2020


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