16th April – The Day of Comedy


For the natives of 16 April laughing is perfectly natural. They succeed to contaminate others too with their good mood. It is said that for a good actor that wants to improve in the art of comedy it is very important the knowledge of tragedy, or at least of the melancholy state; the natives of this day surely are with full knowledge of the case. They know how to use laugh and humor as a way to escape from clumsy or even painful situations. They know that laughing and tears are close relatives and thus are capable to understand better and to adapt to human condition.
In certain situations, the ones born on 16 April can prove of great wisdom. Yet, in other cases, they are blinded by appearances. They accept, understand and are generous when someone makes a mistake, but sometimes they permit others to profit of them. There are situations when because of their excessive goal to make things so it “is good for everyone”; they forget about the effects of their indulgent actions- not only in the cases when they help others, but also in the entire community. Often they are so absorbed by minor details related to everything it is happening around them, that they forget the general image and make great errors, concerning judgement, whose consequences they will have to tolerate. In their case, these errors appear most of the times in the financial domain.
Persons born on 16 April are conscious of others dreams and aspirations. Sometimes, though, they seem to live on another planet, their own dreams being harder to accomplish. The ones born on this day are active people, which make things come alive and have the talent to transpose dreams into reality. If this aspect of their personality did not exist, the people surrounding them would probably not take them that seriously. In the given conditions, the energy that they deposit for materialize the respective projects is remarkable.
The natives of 16 April are generally loyal to friends and family. Still, if the problem is to choose between their own fantasies and the wishes of their lover, the natives of this day will not hesitate to accomplish first their own desires, disappointing thus their lover. Alike, when the natives are about to finalize a major objective, they do not share always success with others thus letting them down.
It is said that they follow their inner voice, which in their case can be watched as the « Comedy King », and this helps them not to forget the true significance of life and to perceive things in an almost philosophical light. There are cases of natives that exaggerate with listening of “their voices” and are off the reality.
Although natives of this day take in consideration especially their own ideas, wishes and aspirations (in the detriment of others wishes), they always take seriously their fellowship dissatisfaction, because they perceive the depth of discomfort created to this. This thing represents an important feature of the natives of 16 April, because sometimes being preoccupied excessively with their idealism, they forget of others needs and can become quite insensitive.
Still, in a final analysis, we will discover that not many are those who judge them or have a grudge on them. They are easy to be forgiven by others because they forgive (and forgive themselves too) easily. The most important lesson that these natives have to teach others is not to be critical and to accept difficulties of life with dignity.
ADVICES: Bear in minds who are your friends. Do not neglect your family and do not neglect the wishes and aspirations of your lover. Aim to balance and to harmonize emotionally. Leave behind the past and look toward the future. Learn to look at things more generally. Be careful at those who profit of your kindness.
STRONG POINTS : amusing, generous, gratious
WEAK POINTS: torn from reality, irresponsible, (especially in fiscal point of view), insensitive

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