14th April- the Day of Tradition

Persons born on 14th April have a sense of traditon very well developed and exactly for that are often passionate by history: either they study history in general, or they specialize on a certain domain or field from it. The ones born today are very preoccupied to find their own place in the society, in their vision this place being, most of the times in front of a group, as a leader. Yet, rarely prove themselves to be excellent leaders. They can inspire fear or veneration through their simple presence or image. The natives of 14th April feel the need to be respected, and the less confident ones wish to be appreciated and listened to. They have to be attentive, when they wish to attain their goals not to give freedom concerning their ideas as they risk to be included in the group of those who keep secrets or being considered as having strange behaviour.
The ones born today are very well attached to contemporary period, knowing how to appreciate the accomplished progress made by themselves and others on professional level. Though they are interested of what future brings, they are not adepts of changes without a solid motivation; tend to be extremelyconservative. Even at outstanding persons born on this day, the revolutionary character springs also from the traditional values. Many times men born on 14th April revolt against their fathers only to institute their own inflexible system of  ideas.  This thing happens in the moment when they assume at their turn the role of father.
Women born on 14th April have a developped sense of family, even if they are not really made for home. Many of them desire to follow a career, but in the same time, they love to rule at home as some queens. Men born today can be intriguing perosnalities, often exercising an excessive control upon those who surround them. Because natives of this day can slip into despotism in their sphere of influence- with families, friends or associates- it is adviced for them to temper and to control their tendency to overcontrol others, developping same time the sincere respect for the free-will of every human being.
Persons born on 14th April make huge efforts to find a stable place of work. Generally, they follow to create a family and to create good working conditions as soon as possible. They are not though the supporters of experiments related to their lifestyle, or changes at their working place. The most suitable career for the natives of 14th April implies a series of projects which they can conclude step by step in their own manner, orderly and methodically. It is better for this persons not to have pauses between projects as these can create uncertainties  and anxieties.
ADVICES: Dare to experiment new things to succeed in life and don’t be afraid to assume the risks. Consider that everything is passing, and transformation is part of the evolution of things. Tradition can be sometimes a collection of bad habits. Appreciate honesty not falsehood. To avoid personal conflicts and unhappiness try to learn to be patient with associates and to be conscious of closed persons needs.
STRONG POINTS: skilful in human –relations, convincing, strong
WEAK POINTS: restrained, unsatisfied, despotic
April 2007

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