15th April – Day of Realism

Extremely realists, the persons born on 15th April define life in accordance with their own perception and are very interested of human condition. Concerning everyday activities the natives of this day are used to structure, to catalogue the needs of family and of friends. They are generally preoccupied of all others do, becoming often too much involved in this process and from here are starting some problems. The closest persons to the natives can become disturbed of this permanent control, starting to yearn for their intimacy and independence. If the natives of 15th April insist in this sense and try to enforce their opinions eventually they will meet resistance. Still, for the less independent personalities, who need he guiding of some strong persons, the ones born on 15th April will represent real support for them.
The qualities of the ones born today are truly remarkable. It is possible that some of the people around them to be impressed of their glow and to become to “worship” them, becoming passive in their presence and excessively receptive to their wishes. Unfortunately, the less advanced ones are not always interested in the benefit of others, being possible to become dictators. For the ones born on 15th April it is very important to define clearly their relations with the others and to have the capacity to withdraw when is necessary, offering others the possibility to chose alone.
The ones born today are remarkable adepts of planning and of setting up new structures, organizations and institutions. Still, it is better for them to give up the leading of these, becoming this way free to undertake new projects. If they become dependent (attached) of the respective creation and maintain that position, their talents will be vanished uselessly and will take part of boring and restricted experiences.
The natives of 15th April have to exteriorize their perceptions and to be aware of projections. Their way to be is too much practical, efficient and realist. They can sense in an invented way the surrounding reality and can go wrong when they approach abruptly, directly some emotional, spiritual or relational aspects.  Sometimes, these persons do no really appreciate young wit; – they should develop more this charming feature. Also, it is important for them to remember the value of humor and not to take everything too seriously.

ADVICES: Learn to be more open-hearted and more receptive. Spend more time with children and learn from them. You ought not to fear from things that are not rational- for example, emotions or feelings. Express daringly your feelings surpass the fear of being rejected and of seeming ridiculous. Keep to amuse yourself as often as possible, developing your humor.
STRONG POINTS: influential, planned, consequent
WEAK POINTS: Critical, involved, narrow-minded

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April 2007

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