31st March – The day of tenacity


Natives of 31st March are fighters who will go onwards regardless of any obstacle. They have the tenacity to maintain a position for a long time. Once established in a post, it will be very hard to get them to step aside. Sometimes their original ideas will remain unexpressed simply because it pleases them to maintain a favourable position. Anyway, when someone appeals to them in moments of crisis, they come with extremely creative and practical solutions, winning the appreciation of their superior.
It can be difficult to work with the natives of 31st March, because they have the tendency to give lectures and to be very severe with co-workers. Those born on this day are, above anything, very realistic concerning the position they hold and agile enough to have the guarantee that will survive in the work jungle.
It is possible, at a certain moment, the natives to have the occasion to make a major change of career. If they take advantage of that, probably they will have success, though it could take some time. If they decide to ignore this chance, their hidden talents will not be revealed. Those born on this date react well to challenges. However, because of the desire for security and realism in view of the aspect of their finances, they prefer calculated risks and are not adepts of gambling.
People born on 31st March feel at home in the position of boss, but they manage even better as associates or partners, where their talents and their innovative and creative ideas can contribute to the team-effort. Natives of this day can live alone for many years, but they also manage family life very well too.
Rarely those born on this day give the impression of an affectionate person, but they are rather sentimental in their own way, expressing the approach to someone through gentle teasing or humour. Open love is something that unconsciously scares them, despite their ironic and even cynical appearance. They feel the need for the loved person to be warm and understanding and to know when to stay away and when to approach. Those who are capable to interpret the behaviour of these natives will be able to establish a relationship with them. Those born today are very intuitive and expect that the loved ones to be the same, even to understand them without the need for words. On the other hand, they are very suspicious regarding people too talkative or who make easy promises. 
People born on 31st March do not have the traits of great leaders, but are patient enough and know how to wait until they obtain what they want. In generally, they follow reason, not the heart. The natives appreciate very much the direct approach.
ADVICE: Use your common sense to obtain advantages, but also have trust in your instincts. Control your tendency for preaching. Open yourself to love and affection. Try to control the fear of being rejected.
STRONG POINTS: Tenacious, lucid, pragmatic
WEAK POINTS: Repressed, frustrated, moralist
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March 2007

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