13th April – The day of the pioneer


People born on 13th April are exceptional beings and will seek new motivation in their efforts to find a place in society. However, their chances to integrate seem not to depend on their will. They have the tendency to resolve through hard work their conflicts with others. They don’t respect traditions and manifest obviously the desire to rewrite rules to their liking, even if they are activate in public service or in any domain governed by precise rules.
The natives of this day express themselves very convincingly. Even when they are not appreciated for their work they are capable to continue to work alone, for long periods of time. The natives, who finally have success, will try to make those around them to appreciate the value of their radical way of approaching things, even to impose on others their way of thinking. Those who don’t succeed to have success will suffer from rejection and inferiority complexes, however, most of the time, they will continue their chosen path unaffected by others opinions. The less confident natives will try to repress their natural inclination toward individual and innovating activities. Others will strive to arrive at an influential social position from where they can impose themselves.
Those born on 13th April are very decisive people. They have unconventional methods of acting and they will use them fully, regardless of if those around them agree or not. Family members or friends have the tendency to vehemently disapprove of them when they notice their bizarre and eccentric behaviour; the natives of this day have two ways of reacting. Some of them will interiorise due to the disapproval of others, but others will fight for the acceptance and recognition which they think they deserve. Those in the second group will not give up until they succeed to impose their own will.
As professions, the natives of this day are often physicians, medical assistants, psychological counsellors or social workers. It is possible for them to suffer from chronic diseases related to their job. These people can have eccentric personalities and strange habits. Most of the time, they will keep their private life far from the world’s curiosity (in rare cases, this need of intimacy can reach pathological proportion). Though, they will have the desire to have close to them one of more friends to share their domestic lifestyle with – but even then will respect strictly the rules of intimacy. Because of the style of their unusual way of life rumours will circulate on their views in social environment, rumours that are often true. Being very sensitive to the opinions of others, the natives of this day will suffer a lot because of these rumours. They are very isolated persons and because of this their interior experiences tend to amplify excessively.
People born on 13th April have artistic inclinations, are attracted by activities and forms of less conventional amusements. In the case when they are artists they can become collectors of art or antiques. They have a certain flair to discover apparently normal objects which in time will prove very valuable. Though, generally, they are idealists, the natives of this day can become very realistic when they desire to obtain success from the financial point of view.
ADVICE: Try to be more sociable; do not isolate yourself so much. Look at the world through other’s point of view too, accept other’s opinions. Be more generous and learn to accept others generosity. Give up to pride and self-importance, which can become obstacles in the way of your social and spiritual success. Do not reject rules, traditions and conventional methods.
STRONG POINTS: Determined, pioneer, sincere
WEAK POINTS: Have inferiority complexes, isolated, not integrated
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April 2007

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