A godly miracle

The astounding way God the Father responded when He was offered by a spiritual aspirant seven blessings each day

The following presentation is the sincere testimony that was sent to her spiritual guide by an aspirant that is practicing yoga at our school.

Two years ago I did some blessings to God the Father (seven in number, every day). After about two weeks, during my blessings session, I felt in front of me a very strong masculine being. I felt it had a colossal force, but at the same time I perceived as he was emanating a state of gentleness and refinement. I asked within myself: “Who are you?” Soon right after this I started living states of bliss, love, beauty and harmony. While I was shown and manifested these states, I felt like I was part of them, that I was all those manifestations. I even exclaimed in my being to that masculine force that I asked you who You are and You revealed who I am.

During the 2013 Costineşti camp, I received the gift of being accepted in the Theophanic Charismatic Movement. Thank you very much for this. While I was listening to one of the conferences of the Charismatic Movement, at some point, I felt as I had a gigantic and powerful body. I recognize that it was the same masculine force I felt two years ago during the blessings, only that now it was being manifested in my body. Then I was engulfed by a state of great happiness which I felt as very lively and which I could see as a bright white sphere the size of a tennis ball. I was looking at this sphere within my giant body and I had the feeling that the sphere is laughing and by its state itself it was emanating that happiness in my whole being.  After this experience, I experience daily very intense moments of spontaneous love for God the Father. These states of love are very overwhelming and nourishing. And what surprises me even more is that I started to feel these spontaneous states of very intense love towards the beings I get in contact with or the beings that surround me. Grieg, thank you again for having me accepted in the Theophanic Charismatic Movement, I really wanted it. And thank you wholeheartedly for the effort you made for me too in this spiritual camp, Costineşti 2013. I really hope you’ll take a vacation that you fully deserve.
With gratitude and love; thank you for everything. I love you very, very much.

Below is the answer of the spiritual guide:
Dear S,
The experience you lived by the grace of God the Father is exemplary and formidable. If you agree, anonymously, your testimony will be included on the website yogaesoteric.net. Then it will be included also in the Encyclopedia of spiritual fruits in the section The Art and Science of Blessing.
I congratulate you for this initiative that has borne surprising and astounding fruits.
You’ll also be able to understand all these mysteries in the Charismatic Movement.
Be sure that your acceptance into the Theophanic Charismatic Movement is not coming from us, but is a gift that you deserve and it comes from God the Father. Aim to be at the height of these divine gifts and carefully study the two volumes of the book NO APOCALYPSE, especially the Glossary.
For all these divine gifts only to God alone you must give thanks, for all that is good and godly is coming from Him.
Thank you for this impressive testimony. Keep it up, because you are on the very good track.
In the closing of this message, I embrace you with infinite divine love and I wish you lot of success!
November 3, 2013



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