Advice that are full of wisdom, for you


By yoga teacher Gregorian Bivolaru

1. Do much more than existing: live in a beneficial, profound, harmonious, pure, intense, affectionate and elevated way, aiming ceaselessly for your life to have a Godly sense and a real Godly integration.

2. Do much more than touching: strongly aspire to also feel the human being, or the living being, that you touch  profoundly, empathically, intuitively, in a subtle-energetic way and even telepathically.

3. Do much more than looking: observe with a lot of lucidity and attention everything that you see, and constantly aspire to reach beyond appearances as quickly as possible, thus discovering a mysterious fundamental reality overlooked by the neglecting, dizzy, inconsistent, hasty and superficial ones.

4. Do much more than reading: memorize the essential, making intelligent connections at the same time; analyze instantly, in an intuitive way, everything that appears; synthesize, as much as possible, the essence of the written message and assimilate everything wisely.

5. Do much more then listening: listen everything carefully, become aware, simultaneously, of all the ineffable, complex phenomena of occult resonance triggered in your being by sound; intuit and see the real significance of the words’ tone in every dialog; discover which is, in reality, the force center (CHAKRA) where the human being (with whom you interact at some point) is predominantly fixed. Analyze his/her vocal tone every time, in a polyvalent and, in the same time, intuitive way.

6. Do much more than to settle to know everything in an easy, shallow and hasty way: aspire firmly, constantly and strongly to know the Ultimate Godly Truth; aim to mirror reality in wise, complex, profound and intuitive way, through a prompt, gradual and real wakening of the wisdom of the heart.

7. Do much more than to believe in God in a lukewarm, superficial and apathetic way: aim to feel Him all the time, as being present in an overwhelming way in your being; always do only His will; love Him to the uttermost of your power and always, without exception, truly offer Him the first place in your life.

April 18, 2019

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