Angels Connect the Human Being to God

Both saints and historical descriptions of humankind mention them. They are close to our hearts whenever we fervently ask for their help. These beings of light lovingly protect us in silence.

The word “angel” comes from the Greek „angelos”, meaning „messenger” or „herald”. Therefore angels are God’s messengers lighting our way Home and offering us His love and holy guidance, as Jesus’s apostles tell us.

The Bible contains many stories about angels. However they belong to the entire humankind and not to a single religion. All we have to do is receive them in our lives and open our hearts towards them. We all need their help, although we don’t always admit it. They are meant to guide and protect us, support our efforts towards perfection, in our daily life. They also help us become aware of things that stand in the way of our evolution as well as of things that give us the strength to surpass the difficulties and obstacles we face in our lives.

Two of the greatest thinkers of modern ages, Emanuel Swedenborg and Rudolf Steiner regarded angels not only from the religious but also form the human point of view. Rudolf Steiner perceived them as divine teachers helping people to evolve spiritually. He believed that Archangel Michael for instance, was the guiding angel of our times. A large part of his works describes the manner of communication with the angelic beings. One of them is using the representation of their faces. We have to amplify our faith and intuition in this respect. Thus we will be helped to reach a high spiritual level and perceive God’s divine game at the very core of reality.

Angels’ subtle messages are received through our right brain, which synthesizes the information received and turns it into images. It is that part of the brain that is best emulated through music, colors and contemplation. Together with the yogi methods of meditation and relaxation, the aesthetic emotion is of very much help for the so necessary harmony between the two sides of our brain. Hence they help us use our potential as human beings.


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