The Guardian Angel

God’s love and compassion for His Creation is so big that he gave to each one of us a guardian angel. These angels help us to successfully overcome the lessons of life. For each one of us they are guides, protectors, inspirers and friends. Of course, according to each human being’s aspiration, the relationship with the guardian angel can be the most profound and intimate relationship, until finding the spiritual guide.

Our guardian angels are always beside us and we can ask for their help whenever we are in trouble. They are willing to help us, we just have to ask them to. The mission of our guardian angels is to accompany us, to inspire us and to give us spiritual impulses along our entire life.

To outline even more the role and extremely important help of the guardian angle, Christian tradition shows that in certain conditions (for example, when it is called fervently) the guardian angel can intervene rapidly and profoundly in our spiritual evolution; he can even obtain God’s Grace for our mistakes to be forgiven.

An extremely simple and efficient way, accessible to anyone, to open our heart to the divine guidance and protection of our guardian angel is the prayer “My little angel”:

“Angel of God, you are my guardian
Spread your light over me tonight.
Lead me, guard me and advise me.
I have been given to you through
The mercy and care of God.
Angel, my little angel,
Pray to God for my little soul
And wherever I am, be around me.
From today till night until I die.
I am small, you make me big
I am weak, you make me strong.
And be with me everywhere
And keep me away from all bad things
And take good care of me. Amen.”

The Guardian Angel helps each one of us to overcome the different inferior tendencies or deviations from our spiritual path that we still face. He helps us transform our entire life into good. Therefore, becoming aware of the connection with the guardian angel can be the first step towards God that the human being makes.



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