Angels of Forgiveness

Key-idea: “I forgive all those who harmed me in the past, because we are


the children of the same Divine Father.”

These Angels are seen holding the lily of purity with which they bless those  asking  for forgiveness. Brotherhood is a natural consequence when we forgive others. Forgiveness means we release the tears of past hurts and the anger of past resentment, to live with the love of the angels in the here and now.


Angelic Function: To help us forgive and release  the past

Gifts for human beings: They can help us to honor and empower ourselves when we forgive others; live in the present when we forgive the past; create the space for intimacy to thrive when we forgive others

Angels of Forgiveness encourage and prompt us to look at past hurts and resentments in a new light. We gain in self- respect and wisdom when we are able to let go of the past and forgive those who have hurts us. Otherwise we remain stuck in believing we are victims, with no possibility of altering our lives.

Forgiveness does not mean we condone bad behavior, nor does it mean we necessarily have to like the people who treated us badly. It does mean, however, that as we forgive others we release our anger and resentment. When we forgive we are left with lightness of spirit and a good feeling about ourselves.

Without that we do not have any possibility for true empowerment. We would still believe that others did us wrong and we would always carry that resentment. It corrodes our insides; it is the stuff disease is made of. We perpetrate abuse and injustice on ourselves by carrying negative feelings around with us.

Forgiveness sets us free and helps to open up a deeper channel for relating to others . We may need help to forgive, and The Angels of Forgiveness offer us the grace to find tenderness in our hearts and the courage to ask for assistance when forgiveness seems too daunting a task.

Forgiveness helps us to be receptive to healing and to love. When we forgive we are increasing our levels of self- esteem, because, in fact the point of real power rests only within us. We are, in effect, saying we no longer wish to be victims of abuse, treachery, or any other form of negativity which impedes our happiness. Forgiveness, like acknowledgment, is what helps us grow into happy and healthy people.

We can ask Angels of Forgiveness to show us the path to releasing blame and hurt. It is really only willingness to free ourselves from the burden of negativity that will kick- start the process of healing. This release gives us the opportunity to clean up other aspects of our lives where there may be hidden resentments and sorrows blocking our joy. By asking Angels of Forgiveness to help us release our negativity we are enabling the process of healing to start.


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