Angels of Freedom

Key-idea: I always chose love, freedom and creativity


These angels are represented wearing beautiful scarves waving in the wind, symbol of the free flow of life energy. These angels protect the fundamental right of all beings to express their independency and creativity. They watch over the world, protecting inner freedom and honesty.

Angelic Function: They smooth the path to supreme liberation and help us understand all its significant aspects. They show us our own value and the importance of communicating with other people.

Gifts for human beings: They remove the obstacles in the path of freedom. They help us find freedom, appreciate it at its true value and give it the proper importance, including in our relationships with others.Through the angels of freedom we learn to feel Divine Freedom. All we need is to wish to experience it and, in this way, to know all its forms of manifestation (divine, emotional, social, political, artistic, sexual, religious, spiritual).

We often face freedom spontaneously, unpredictably. Although its understanding and awareness requires long time, it is always a new and extremely dynamic experience. Because of it, man realizes what the spiritual schools call “the law of qualitative leap through quantitative accumulation”. In the same time, freedom also implies an alternative: to keep the old habits or to look openly towards the many possibilities of renewal, of transformation, of mental opening and expansion of the consciousness.

We ask these angels to offer both to us as well as to the others the spiritual gift to live the plenitude of freedom. They are the ones helping us to find freedom, in the depths of our being, as superior state of consciousness.


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