Angels of Health

Key- idea

: “ My attitudes about myself are rich in love and acceptance”

: These angels, holding a basket abundantly filled with the fruits of good health, bless us with outlook on life. They oversee us with a healthy outlook on life. They oversee the ways we look after our precious health and show us how we can regain our stamina and positive attitudes after illness.

Angelic function
: To guard and protect your health

Gifts for human beings
: They can help you to find the energy you need to do the things you like; look after your health better; manage your energy appropriately so as not to exhaust yourself

These are the angels who watch over our well- being. Through the guardianship of these angels we are able to make positive decisions about the way we manage our lives. We can ask for help in leading a healthy and wholesome life- style which supports our well- being and happiness. We can ask for vitality to do all the things we love and to have abundant energy to handle all the tasks demanded of us. These angels not only support our physical health but encourages us towards spiritual and emotional well- being. True health comes from being balanced in mind, body and spirit, and these angels can guide us towards finding this level of wholeness. They watch over us and protect us from unhealthy influences.

If we wish to improve our health by doing some exercises, eating whole and nourishing food, or having healthy breaks and holidays, then these angels are cheering us on to enjoy ourselves. We are encouraged towards a relaxing life- style, one that supports us maintaining ease and pleasure as well as creativity and joy.

When we are ill these are the angels who watch over us and bless our medicines and remedies with love, so as to help us heal and regain our strength and vitality. These angels are always watching out to see that we do not become ill from overdoing things.

We can offer prayers to the Guardian Angels of Health to bless us with good health and offer us healing for any physical, emotional or spiritual pains we may suffer. We ask this angel to bestow vitality and well- being upon us so that we can make the best of the tasks and projects that occupy us.


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