Angels of Maturity


Key- idea: “As I take responsibility I also develop my strength”

Symbolism: they carry the Lantern of Wisdom, and a trumpet, symbolizing an appreciation of music, one of the great beauties of life.

Angelic function: to guide our emotional growth

Gifts for human beings: it can help to understand your growth process towards maturity; allow yourself to do the things in life you have always desired; cope with the responsabilities of adulthood

These angels help us mature into a wise beings capable of handling responsabilities and making fruitful choices to enhance our joy and well- being. They 
show us how to age with grace.

These angels help us to make careful and wise decisions for our welfare and for the welfare of those in our care, whether we are supervisors, carers or parents.

Angels of Maturity help us and guide us to manage high degrees of responsibility for who we are or how we want our lives to be. They help us when we feel that the weight of our choices may be too much for us to bear and support us in finding the right answers to the perplexing isues which confront us in our work and in our relationships.

We can pray these angels to bless and guide us and to help us steer a course through the shoals and draughts of life’s river with wisdom and insight. We can pray to be led to love and joy. We can ask that our decisions come from love and are not based on love of power.We can also ask for guidance in being mindful of the needs of younger or less responsible people entrusted to our care.

These angels help us to find peace and wisdom which come with maturity. We may need guidance to know the difference between what simply feels good and what is truly right for us. We may ask for the courage to cultivate wisdom, and the ability to handle power so that we are not abusive. We can ask that those entrusted to our care feel safe with us. These angels can bless us with self- respect and strength of character so that the trials and difficulties of life do not become a burden, but rather enhance our essential qualities and allow us to be radiant, spiritual beings.


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