Angels of Intuition



idea: I create the reality around me with thoughts full of pure, divine love

The torch these angels carry is the symbol of intuitive enlightenment. The fire of intuition can open the gate between the visible and invisible world. These angels allow us access to a profound knowledge, which is hidden, among others, in the cellular memory.

Angelic function: They give all people the chance to have access to paradisiacal realms.

Gifts for human beings: These angels can help us understand the true nature of people and situations; they help us to develop our intuition and trust in what we feel. They also help us experience life through other dimensions.

Intuition is our capacity to have access to our own inner perceptions. Its function is not rational, because intuition comes from the depths of our being. It is the forerunner of rational thinking and most of the time it is associated with what we feel. Intuition is our ability to perceive something as being true, with a certitude that comes from the depth of our being. It is the most real and, from certain perspectives, it is the immediate means of perceiving our own reality and that of others.

The angels of intuition help us gather information that we can use beneficially later on, in order to grow and develop. Unconsciously, we use our intuition almost all the time as a way of knowing whether someone or something is good for us or if we are safe. We can awaken this quality by awakening our consciousness and by listening more and more to our inner voice.

The angels often reveal themselves to us with the help of images that we can later on interpret with our rational minds. But in order to be able to perceive the messages we receive from the angelic realms, we need a clear focus of the intuition. We need to be able to read the signs by filtering them with the help of reason and by decoding them.

We ask these angels of intuition to awaken in us the ability to be intuitive and to help us know how to use this gift. This means that it is necessary that we want to recognize the projections of our own emotions on people and on the surrounding world. Such projections can often prevent us from seeing a situation with clarity. We can ask these angels to help us to have this ability of perceiving situations with clarity and purity.

Clear vision and intuition are gifts that the mystics have, and they can be awakened by anyone who appreciates this way of knowing, even though their full value was not appreciated in the west until recently. These angels can offer us the realization of one of our innate gifts only if we choose to assimilate this gift for ourselves.


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