Another type of Vipassana

Be aware of your actions, your body, mind and heart. When you walk you should walk consciously; when you move your arm you should move it consciously, knowing exactly the fact that your arm is in motion. You move unconsciously when doing something mechanical, for example when you have an early morning walk and the leg movements are automatic, unrelated to your attention.

Be aware of the motions of your body. Watch your movements when eating. When having a shower, observe the water touching your body and the huge joy perceived, just remain attentive. Do not permit actions to continue in a state of unconsciousness. The same thing applies in respect to the mind. Watch any thought passing on the screen of your mind, any emotion passing on the screen of your heart. Just remain a witness, do not interfere nor identify yourself, do not evaluate what is good and what is bad; this is not part of your meditation.

This type of meditation of increased attention can confer a consciousness of Reality; that is, the chance for liberation. Therefore, become aware of yourself, of all your gestures, actions, thoughts and behavior and you will greatly reduce the distance in reaching immortality.

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