Clarification on the Controversy Created by the Former Yoga Teacher Roxana Anghel


We inform you that Roxana Anghel, a former yoga teacher at the MISA School, DOES NOT have any accreditation or support from the MISA leadership to open or organize courses, seminars, groups, camps or any other spiritual activities.

Roxana Anghel has recently founded her own “spiritual school” in Greece and claims that the action would have been “inspired” by the MISA leadership that encourages her. We underline that her statement is false, and this fact can easily be noticed, if we take into account that she is no longer a teacher in our school. She was suspended from the position of teacher in 2014, as a result of the disharmonious behaviour she had while following our yoga classes.

Moreover, in September 2018, she was also excluded from the yoga course in the School in Athens, affiliated to the ATMAN Federation, because she was creating tensions, since she almost always was in conflict with the teachers and many students in the respective school. As a reaction after the exclusion, Roxana Anghel began to launch calumnious messages and accusations against the teachers who she believed that they were involved in a conspiracy against her, maintained for personal reasons. We confirm on this occasion that the exclusion decision came from the decision-makers in the Leadership of our School, which have been informed of the situation.

In September 2018, Roxana Anghel was spreading on WhatsApp alarmist messages about a so-called “sabotage” of the MISA leadership, by some teachers. Then, in December 2018, she posted an audio message, also on WhatsApp, in which she claimed that the teachers of the Athens Centre would have tried to steal the so-called Taoist spiritual school she opened, and they would have acted so because of “envy”.

When contacted, the teachers of the respective yoga school in Athens underline that nobody wants to steal her “school” (which was based on a massage salon). They simply do not want to have anything to do with her because she maintains a state of conflict through which she wants to dominate.

We consider that Roxana Anghel’s deviation, on a path that shows an increase in vanity, is regrettable. Instead of correcting some of the errors that appeared, and about which she has been told, she preferred to think that others did not recognize her value.

The contradiction of common sense which she does not notice for now is that, on one hand, she claims to teach values in the spirit of MISA courses in her “school”, and she claims that she has the support of the MISA leadership but, on the other hand, she ignores that she does not have the integration of our School neither to be teacher nor for the “spiritual” activities she started.

Nevertheless, every person is free to open whatever courses they want, but on this occasion we very clearly deny that Roxana Anghel would be authorised by the MISA yoga school. She does not have our support to open courses, groups or any such action.

MISA Leadership
February 13, 2019


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