Control of the masses – The Engineering of the human consciousness

Excerpts from the book Control of the masses –
The Engineering of the human consciousness
by Jim Keith

Here he is now the New Man, deprived of his mind and body, his soul being reduced to animal instincts with which he identifies. His conception of reality is a sequence of electronic images sent to his brain. It is a diffuse image built by his owners whose goal is not to leave him in any way to perceive reality as it is. His happiness is induced through a tube or an electronic connection. His God lives behind an electronic curtain and when we pull the curtain we find the CIA sorcerer, the media manipulator, the cyberneticist, he who has woven this dream world.

Jim Keith (1949-1999)

The Tavistock Institute

The Tavistock Institute is one of the major outbreaks of the mass control. Its influence is felt through the media, scientific institutions, corporations, governments and army. It is said that Tavistock, which is a collaboration between the British Secret Intelligence and the psychiatric institutions, was created in 1921 at the order of the members of the Royal Institute of International Affairs, RIIA (also known as Chatham House). RIIA is one component of the Rhodes Roundtable British group, founded by the English mason and imperialist, Cecil Rhodes. The Round Table Group, which has many branches, was the most ardent supporter in this century, of a single world government. Tavistock operates on grants given by the families of Rockefeller, Carnegie, the British Home Office and many other anonymous substantial subsidies.

Originally led by the British Secret Intelligence officer, Major John Rawlings, the Tavistock Institute was designed even from the beginning as a coordinating center for the planetary social control using “psychological shock troops” – a term invented by Reese. These shock troops in white laboratory coats branch just like a planetary fan, penetrating various organizations to implement policies considered productive by the strategists of the organization. The Tavistock core is formed by British Secret Intelligence agents, freemasons working with the heads of the psychiatry hydra worldwide to achieve two goals:
(1) A unique world order in which the national states are abolished and there is only one totalitarian control center.
 (2) Simultaneously, the psychological control of the world, or to use the term invented by them, “societry” (t.n. free translation: a method of accurate structuring of the social relations). Even the official documents of the Tavistock Institute admit its global orientation towards the global control of people’s minds.
In 1932, the German psychologist Kurt Lewin, one of the creators of the American Intelligence network, OSS, forerunner of the CIA, took over the leadership of the Tavistock Institute from Reese. Lewin was one of the first advocates of using trauma for the reprogramming both of the individual and the society, using a modus operandi more than similar to the Masonic dictum “Ordo Ab Chao” meaning “through chaos to order”.

The perspective raised, having the signature of the Tavistock Institute is a recurrent methodology for the global mind control and cultural programming in the twentieth century. This de-programming of the individual for a subsequent reprogramming is done by inducing him a powerful state of shock produced through trauma and torture. Dr. William Sargent of the Tavistock Institute, about which they say that at time also worked in the CIA mind control program MKULTRA, in his book from 1957, Battle for the Mind – A Physiology of Conversion and Brain-Washing  based on Lewin’s theories, said:
“Some people whose brain functioning was disturbed sufficiently enough through the intentional or accidental induction of fear, anger or excitement can be inoculated with many ideas. The most frequent result caused by such disruption is the temporary damage of the discernment and the increased suggestibility. The events that take place within groups are sometimes characterized by the term “herd instinct”, and occur most often during wars, severe epidemics, and generally in times of great danger, which increase anxiety and therefore the individual and mass suggestibility.”
During the Second World War, the Tavistock Institute coordinated the British Directorate of Psychological Warfare, maintaining the military orientation. Agents from Tavistock infiltrated in the U.S. intelligence agencies, psychiatric institutes, industry, media and political organizations, converting them firmly towards the achieving of the global control goals pursued by the mother organization.
One of the key plans of the Tavistock Institute is an intervention at individual level with the intention of making possible the establishment of the New World Order seen as a whole, where the individual’s freedom of expression will disappear and the ability to think freely will be canceled. This plan was implemented by the National Training Laboratories, which sponsor the programs of “meeting” and group “awareness” involved in the destruction of the individual personality and rebuilding it according to the group standards. It is estimated that millions of people were subjected to this kind of “processing”, including most of the corporate leaders and officials from the State Department, Navy, Ministry of Education and the National Institute of Education.
Although they are advertised as ways to personal and organizational liberation, the awareness programs are an effective tool for the aligning required by the leader to the group standards, as has been demonstrated without doubt, by the usage of similar group methods in the case of Charles Manson’s and Jim Jones’s sects.
In its publications, the Tavistock Institute is invariably portrayed as a non-political organization, but the lie is obvious. As an example, one of the recent projects of the organization is SMARTCARDS, a pilot program conducted in collaboration with the Manchester Metropolitan University, on behalf of the European Commission. This project aims to record the whole personal history of a person, including his education, courses attended and his jobs on a single identity card, is currently carried out in Europe and the U.S. in order to facilitate the creation of a world economic system strictly controlled and regulated.

Inoculation of the ideology 


We are only told what they want us to know. Probably the most effective control method ever discovered is simply the information management. This technique consists in concealing the information, spreading false information (disinformation) or misdirection so that the reality we deal with and the forces that shape our life are not fully understood. These misleading opportunities are projected on the population through various media, but primarily through television, radio, films, newspapers, magazines and internet.
Edward Bernays, a close friend of H.G.Wells, one of the designers of the New World Order, gives us a sample of an elitist thinking model on the subject of control through media. Bernays wrote several works: Crystallizing Public Opinion (1928), Propaganda (1928) and The Engineering of Consent (1955). In his book, Propaganda, Bernays wrote: “As civilization becomes more and more complex, there were invented and developed the technical means by which the public opinion can be enlisted. Through the written press and newspapers, phone, telegraph, radio and aviation, ideas can spread rapidly, even simultaneously, throughout America. The need for an invisible government is becoming more and more proved. ”
“Our minds are molded, our tastes formed, ideas suggested and we are governed mainly by people we have never heard of. Regardless of the stand a person chooses to take toward this situation, it is a well established fact that in every act of the daily life (be it in politics or business of social conduct or ethical thinking), we are dominated by a relatively small number of people who represent a tiny fraction of the 120 million inhabitants that the population of the country consists of. They are a handful of people who understand the mental processes and the social patterns that characterize the masses. They are the ones who pull the strings that control the public mind, those who master the social forces and create new ways to subject and guide the world. ”
Bernays was far from disapproving this manipulation, arguing that the masses must be controlled through propaganda:
 ”The intelligent and conscious manipulation of the behavior and the organized opinions of the masses is an important element in a democratic society. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of the society constitute a single invisible government, which is the true ruling power of our country.”
Bernays also participated in the designing of the U.S. psychological warfare programs. It is not at all surprising that he was put in charge of the CBS communications network in its early period.

The crucial factor which allows the control of the media and its use as a propaganda tool is the monopolistic ownership. A 98% of the 1,700 daily newspapers in the U.S. are held by fewer than 15 corporations, and Time Inc. gets approximately 40% of the revenue. The three major television networks:  ABC, CBS and NBC still have most of the audience.
The action of the monopoly is strengthened by means of additional control and safety systems. These include the membership of the heads and the media publishers to groups like the Council of Foreign Relations, Skull & Bones, the Trilateral Commission and the Bilderberg Group. Many members of these organizations are part of other related elite groups; they are social, political or business, thus ensuring the development of some coherent action of the leaders in the shadow. The membership in one or more of these organizations is practically required to access the highest levels of success in the West.
It comes to mind the statement of former CIA director William Colby, although at that time he was talking about the community of the U.S. Intelligence Agencies:
“In terms of both social and professional aspect they are grouped, forming a sealed brotherhood. Their members eat together at their favorite restaurants, give parties at which they are almost the only guests, their families are related, so that they don’t need to always stay with their guard up. In this way they separate more and more from the common world and form in this way a rather distorted vision on this world. The double life they live becomes the reference norm for them and they get to look down to the life of the rest of citizens.”
The writer G. William Domhoff says the following in his book, “The Higher Circles” (“Cercurile inalte”):
“The power elite has created and developed the extraordinary field of public relations at an impressive scale. Some of the early practitioners of this art have helped improve the image of unscrupulous industrialists and bankers; others have specialized in shaping the company image and the mentality in relation to them. From the functional point of view, the public relations departments of large companies, in cooperation with giant companies specializing in public relations (serving corporations) became an immediate warning system for the upper classes, alerting and counteracting every remark or publication they find suspicious. Thanks to them, the public opinion is very well monitored, of course with the help of experts and social scientists from the universities funded by the large corporations and foundations. The views that break this pattern, once detected, are toughly thwarted by a barrage of written materials and public statements …”

The infiltration of the intelligence agencies in the media began simultaneously with the formation of the U.S. press trusts in the second half of the century. One of the first successful control operation of the media was launched in 1919 once with the creation of RCA???? (American Society of Radio) by Westinghouse, Morgan Guaranty and Trust, General Electric and United Fruit Company. In 1929, David Sarnoff, a close associate of the Tavistock Institute, was appointed the head of RCA. Shortly afterwards, the British secret intelligence began “The Black Chamber” operation in the RCA building in New York, under the command of Sir William Stephenson (code name: “The Dauntless”) and of General Marlborough Churchill, Winston Churchill’s relative. General Churchill was to be recruited afterwards, at the founding of the Macy Organization, which was used as a sponsor for the CIA mind control operations MKULTRA. All three major U.S. television stations are branches of the RCA.
Information war entered a new stage in the 1930s, when the Rockefeller Foundation launched the “psychological war projects” to shape the public opinion. According to Christopher Simpson, author of “Science of Coercion” (“Stiinta constrangerii”):
 ”They were remarkably united in a circle, composed of men and women who shared some important concepts related to the research of the communication through the media. They considered the media as a tool for social management, a weapon that can be used within the  social conflict; their approach considered that the quantitative data, in particular the results of experiments and surveys, polls and quantitative analysis of content are means that reveal what communication is, serving then to its application within the  social management.”

Perverting sexuality 

Another loyal soldier devoted to the cause of mass subjugation was Alfred C. Kinsey, funded by Rockefeller, co-author of the reference work “Sexual Behavior in the Human Male” (“Comportamentul sexual la barbat”) and other books. One of the less known methods of control and application of eugenics is the destruction of the traditional morality and the normalization of deviance.
Kinsey studied at the Bussey Institute at Harvard in the 1920s – a time when the eugenics research flourished – and then moved to teach at the Indiana University, where his work regarding the cultural deconstruction was ultimately going to decimate the American sexual morality, helping to break families.
According to the biographer James Jones, Kinsey, always portrayed in the press as a conservative family man, was “one of the theorists of eugenics before the Second World War.” He recommended that a part of the “lower classes” to be sterilized to obtain a better genetic background. Among Kinsey’s friends was also Dr. Ewen Cameron, the infamous Canadian doctor.

In many respects what was happening in Kinsey’s laboratory reminded very much of what was going on at that time in the psychiatric laboratories of the secret agencies.
Also, it seems that the famous black magician Aleister Crowley exercised an influence on Kinsey, who visited the Thelema Abbey shortly before his death in 1955. Although it was not stated that Kinsey used Crowley‘s work as a source for his books, they had common friends and acquaintances like the movie director Kenneth Anger, the American Nazi George Sylvester Viereck and the Frenchman Rene Guyon.
Kenneth Anger said that:  “Kinsey was obsessed with the purchase of the sex diary of the Great Beasts (Crowley) … To get money for the research and to continue to receive the support of the university Kinsey needed the excuse of research to validate his constant obsession for sex. However Prok’s slogan (Kinsey’s nickname) “Do everything you can better and let others respond as they wish” seems a variation of Crowley’s maxim “Do what you want.” And if so, I wonder how the American public would react to learn that the respected Kinsey was a disciple of the Great Beasts? “ Kinsey’s most effective weapon for the psychological warfare  was the study of the American  sexuality funded by Rockefeller, the most famous volume being the excessively praised  study, “Sexual Behavior in the Male,” published in 1948. Right after its release, they sold over 200,000 copies in two months, mainly due to the advertising done by the media and the Rockefellers.
Rene Wormser, inspector within the Reese Committee which was investigating the non-profit foundations said in 1954:

“The Rockefeller Foundation provided the following explanation on its connections with Kinsey’s studies:  in 1931 ” the organization became interested in the systematic support of physiology and sexual behavior studies”… Its work in these areas of interest was primarily in connection with” the Committee for research on sexuality of the National Research Council (NRC)”, to whom, until 1954, the Foundation had granted 1.755 million $, through annual scholarships, sums ranging from $ 75,000 to $ 240,000. Since 1941, most of these funds were granted to Dr. Kinsey’s studies, a separate subsidy being paid directly to Kinsey …”

Judith A. Reisman, Ph.D. author of “Kinsey: Crimes Consequences” (“Kinsey: Incalcarea legii si consecinte”), writes:
“The quantitative research and the figures obtained by Kinsey, proved perfect for Rockefeller to use the media to “shape the attitudes and social behavior.” People’s conceptions have been changed by mass communication, which caused a rejection of chastity, of self control and of the public morals and an amplification of the deviant sexual behaviors. “The social management” of this kind was for Rockefeller the way to change the American life style, through the modification of what Kinsey called “mating patterns” within an evolutionary or animal perspective on human sexual behavior. “ The main issue regarding the “quantitative research and the figures obtained” by Kinsey is that they were radically distorted to suit his purposes. Those who studied the methods and the data obtained by  Kinsey – who claim to be a definition of the normal sexuality in America – found that among his subjects there were many people open to sexual perversion, prostitution or child sexual molestation. These deviants were according to some researchers, a third of all subjects. Kinsey quantified them in his data basis as a normal sample population.
Kinsey’s research included the observation of child sexuality, the manual and oral stimulation of the genitals of children, and the timing to achieve the orgasm by children. According to Reisman’s words, “The Kinsey Report said that at least ‘317 pre-adolescents’ were subjected to sexual experimentation by adults, and the confirmation of at least 2035 cases of experimentation on children was later admitted by Gebhard and Pomeroy, both quoted  in his “Ethical Issues in Sex Therapie” (“Probleme etice in terapia sexuala”).”
In Kinsey’s collection of films and records there were children filmed during sexual intercourse, and sexual acts between adults and children.
The director of the Kinsey Institute, Paul Gebhard wrote in 1981:
 ”Since the sexual intercourse with a minor is illegal, we had to rely on other data sources. Some sources were the parents, most of them highly educated, who observed their children and took notes for us. Other sources were the kindergarten teachers or the teachers. Others were gay men interested in older children, but still pre-pubertal. One source of information was a man who had many sexual contacts with children and who, because of having scientific inclinations, he kept detailed records of each sexual act. Some of these sources attached photographs to their written or oral reports and in some cases also movies … The techniques involved adult-child contacts, mainly oral or manual. “  Many years after his collaboration with Kinsey, Gebhard admitted with a candor rarely met among the social engineers:
 ”We were … at least immoral, even criminal. As examples of immorality we can mention our refusal to inform the wife that her husband had … an active venereal disease, and the refusal to tell the parents that their child had important deviant sexual manifestations. An example of crime is our refusal to cooperate with the authorities to catch a pedophile that I interviewed and who was wanted for rape and murder of a child. ”


According to that time, the Kinsey report “shocked “and “stunned” the nation in 1948. The reason was simple: the Americans knew that the information provided by the Kinsey report did not fit with their perception of morality and sexual behavior. Kinsey’s statistics were wrong and they remained wrong.

Among other things, Reisman says:  ”Over the past 50 years, the data provided by Kinsey caused enormous changes in law, medicine, science, education, changes that constituted the “great model” Kinsey pursued right from the beginning. The reason of the massive and extensive effort from the  legal, educational and political points of view to continue  the deception and to suppress the attempts to bring the truth to light is owed to the numerous multidisciplinary institutions regarding sexuality  both in the U.S. and to those expanded globally due to the U.S. Nations. These institutions are based entirely on the foundation of the false authority of Kinsey‘s science, while a lot of programs that swallow billion of government funds are running and dealing with the study of sexuality and of the human reproduction, based on Kinsey’s false conclusions”. One of the arrows launched by the Kinsey Institute was a “meeting” group called The Technique of the Sexual Attitude (SAR), which trained at least 60,000 people since the 80s. George Leonard wrote about his experience in SAR:
 ”The sensory saturation culminated on Saturday night with a multi-media event called F-korama … in darkness … images of some human beings – and sometimes even  animals – engaging in all imaginable sexual acts, accompanied by shouting, moans, groans, all accompanied by the overture of Tchaikovsky’s violin concerto. Seventeen films were running simultaneously … After several hours, four images were projected on the wall, a normal couple, one gay, one lesbian and one animal. The subjects were naked … I felt I became disoriented … was she kissing a man or a woman? I was trying to sort the acts I was watching in the appropriate categories … and then I could not remember which belonged where. Wasn’t it natural for me to do this discrimination? I looked for clues. There was none. I started to feel bad. I soon realized that in order to avoid the dizziness and the vertigo I had to give up trying to discriminate and simply to abandon myself to this experience … The differences for which many lives had been  ruined, were not only unimportant, but  even become invisible. Finally … nothing was shocking any more … but there was not sacred either. But as I was driving home, I started to feel a little unease. It was as if I had been fooled … by my own response conditioned to take the most open position … regardless of my deepest feelings …… love had not been mentioned at least once throughout the weekend.”
Kinsey created a discontinuity in the American morality, up to the point where almost any sexual act has now become acceptable. Changing the wife, the immediate divorce, changing the partners (swinging), illustrating the sexual acts in the media, homosexuality and the sado-masochism are promoted as being normal.
Like most social engineers actions, there are several reasons for this.
 - One of them is the creating of a so-called society of “senses”, oversaturated of sex, drugs, TV (the modern form of “bread and circus”, so that the manipulators do not face any opposition from a degraded electorate).
 - Another reason is the separation of sex from procreation, thus making it easier to establish the implementation of sterilization and contraception, including abortion, in the “masses”.
– Another goal is to destroy the family as the core of society, thus opening the door for greater opportunities for social intervention and manipulation.
Although it is dangerous to show this today, when in the name of “sexual liberation”, any lesbian can have her own television show, the forces that gave birth to the fascist orientation towards the New World Order and towards eugenics are in the first wave of the assault to destroy the traditional of sexuality. This approach was exemplified by the Nazis, for which, according to Pearl Buck, “Love was old-fashioned, and sex was modern. In their propaganda, the Nazis restored in this way the “right to love” in their propaganda.”
The war against normal sexuality – and for mass control  – continues also today.


september 2011

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