You choose the present – You choose eternity

Taken from
by yoga teacher Gregorian Bivolaru
(course notes)


“Picture that you have not been born yet, picture that you are in your mother’s womb, picture that you are young, picture that you have already passed into the world beyond. Now include all these hypostases in your mind at the same time, watching yourself during all times and in all things.” – Hermetica


1. Ask yourself: “Where am I?” Answer: “Here”.
Then ask yourself: “In what moment am I?” Answer: “Now”.

Repeat these interrogations until you feel deeply touched by the truth of these two eternal coordinates in which you exist, have existed and will always exist: here and now.

2. Set an alarm clock to ring several times during the daytime when you are in the middle of various actions. Then ask yourselves the following:
a) “Where am I?” and answer: “Here”;
b) “In what moment am I?” and answer: “Now”.

Every time you do this aim to perceive the direct characteristic of here and now. By doing so, you will start to realize that wherever you go and in whatever moment you are, you are always here and now. The hands of the clock will keep on moving with the monotonous flow of time, the Earth will continue to rotate around the Sun. With detachment, let all aspects of your life to continuously pass, caught in the midst of the torrent of sequential time. Yet always remain aware that you exist here and now.

3. Aim to focus your thoughts as often as possible on the present moment for increasingly long periods of time, each time you remember about this spiritual exercise.

4. Reflect on the idea that:
a) if you really live here and now it is enough to have everything, and
b) in this way you will achieve the power and the discriminatory ability to do the most harmonious thing exactly in this moment. Therefore, when “then” (the future) becomes now – if you have really assimilated this exercise – you will find yourself in an ideal position, being at the same time then (in the future) even more capable to do exactly the best and most harmonious thing, so it will no longer be necessary for you to waste time worrying about then (in the future).


5. Reflect on the fact that when being in the state of awareness of the here and now,  you will be able to schedule your future in a wise manner, because in such a state then becomes now. By doing so you will be fully here and now.

If you still find these statements to be paradoxical, and it is normal to be like this in the beginning, you still need to continue to meditate upon them, because the gram of practice will reveal to you that they hide truths that cannot be fully grasped with the  rational mind.

November 2011

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