EXPLOSIVE! New set-ups and ransacking aimed at yoga practitioners are to follow! Gregorian Bivolaru is in danger!

We are witnessing these days another attempt of subversive destruction of MISA and of making it illegal, through abject means. A new wave of raids is being prepared, aimed at both the businesses and the private properties of yoga practitioners.

We have been informed that a detailed plan is being set up, with the intention of falsely proving that yoga practitioners commit crimes and illicit activities. In the following we will describe the arrangements that have already been started and their motives.

One reason for this operation is that the Romanian authorities are desperately seeking to justify the huge funds that were spent during the ransacking of MISA in March 2004. According to the information we have, a government investigation is underway, questioning the legality of how the funds were allocated and used for the searches in 2004. The situation is all the more acute as in the following days, Romania will have to enforce the obligation of the European Court of Human Rights, by which the Romanian states was ordered to pay EUR 291.000 to yoga practitioners who were savagely abused by the Romanian authorities in 2004. Besides the substantial amounts spent from public funds for the so-called “Operation CHRIST” during the 2004 ransacking, now the Romanian government also has to pay compensations to the victims of this operations.

We communicate in this way that a backstage decision was taken to trigger a new wave of raids, set-ups and abuses against any individuals or companies connected to MISA, in order to block their activity, generate fear and cause them to give up their beliefs.

Sources who wish to remain anonymous revealed to us something even more serious, namely that a decision was taken to organize a frame-up with the intention of killing Gregorian Bivolaru. Being for more than 20 years terribly bothered by MISA and Gregorian Bivolaru, backstage intriguers struggle by all means to destroy this spiritual school and its mentor.

The existence of these plans is already clearly proven by the way the public opinion is being prepared through the mass-media, which started to spread some completely bizarre information.

We remark that the “news” which recently appeared in the press about Gregorian Bivolaru circulate false information such as the fact that he would be suffering from several diseases. It’s being claimed that his health is precarious. We must emphasize that this is a blatant lie that can even be proven with medical documents. During his detention in France, according to the procedures there, Mr. Bivolaru was subjected to no more than 16 rigorous medical checks which concluded that he was the only perfectly healthy inmate in the whole Fressnes prison, which houses about 3000 convicts! Obviously, this demonstrates once again the value and effectiveness of yoga practice. The dissemination of this vicious lie – that he would be suffering from several diseases – clearly proves the intention to set-up an attempt on Mr. Bivolaru’s life, in the prison, claiming then that it was due to his “illness”. However, taking into account that Gregorian Bivolaru came back to Romania in a perfect state of health and that this condition was consistent throughout his detention in France, we can infer that any sudden worsening of his state of health can only be the result of a criminal operation within Romania.

On the other side, setting up a new wave of abuses and raids on MISA properties was also prepared by other several false news in the media. Such news stated that “the Ministry of Internal Affairs have started an investigation of big proportions in Romania”, in search for Gregorian Bivolaru’s “adepts”. Another false news intended to shock the public opinion was that Gregorian Bivolaru allegedly stated, during his hearings in France, that he has some adepts “in high, important public functions” in Romania. Another scaremongering was that investigations will be triggered in order to “determine whether Gregorian Bivolaru was helped to flee the country, and if so, who are the people involved”.

The manipulative and incendiary character of these allegations is very easy to notice. The story about his highly-placed adepts is pure invention – we know very well the records and statements that Mr. Bivolaru gave throughout the trail in Paris and we can say with certainty that he never said such thing. Similarly, the idea of an “investigation” meant to clarify whether and who would has helped Bivolaru to flee the country is a huge nonsense if we recall the fact that the accusation of “illegal fleeing the country” has already been judged by three courts. At the end of the trail, in 2013, the High Court of Cassation and Justice reached the final decision to cancel the prosecution in relation to that accusation, establishing that Gregorian Bivolaru is innocent. If the “author” of an alleged crime is declared innocent by the court, then how could one imagine that the alleged aids of an innocent person could be found “guilty”?

In these circumstances it becomes clear that the obvious rumors that were launched these days about MISA and Gregorian Bivolaru throughout the media are designed to prepare and justify a new eruption of discriminative actions, shunning and marginalization of people practicing yoga within MISA.

We can see that public opinion it is now indoctrinated with the idea that there are people who allegedly “favored” Gregorian Bivolaru and that therefore, they should be chased and hunted in order to bear inquisitorial consequences. This is the absurd situation mass-media presents us! We find that amid the constant manipulation of the public opinion – manipulation that has been exercised for many years – a new series of extremely superficial pretexts are now fabricated, because these are the kind of news that sell.

Another very suspect situation is the way in which Gregorian Bivolaru is currently being treated by the Romanian authorities. While currently serving the unjust condemnation for which he was illegally sentenced, he was assigned to a center for preventive arrest! Taking into consideration both the laws and the fact that Romanian authorities requested Gregorian Bivolaru’s return from France for executing the European arrest warrant, it is extremely strange that he is detained in a center for preventive arrest and not in a prison, where one serves for a conviction, with all rights and obligations deriving from it! The only explanation is that in reality new false accusations are being prepared against Gregorian Bivolaru while maintaining the same perverse strategy that has been instrumented for the last 45 years – that of maintaining Mr. Bivolaru in the position of an accused, despite the fact that in his case there was and there is no actual victim and no guilt!

In this way we warn the yoga practitioners within MISA, the public opinion as well as the honest journalists (whom we hope still exist) about these heinous plans that are being set up right now. We believe that a minimum attention and lucidity from as many Romanians as possible can easily lead to the exposure of this huge case of manipulation which is operated in the case of MISA and perhaps even to stopping this blatant series of injustices, which seem without end.


July 27, 2016

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