Nature creates the most beautiful geometric shapes…


Nature makes use of math all the time, and the fractal plants are only one of the evidences. Fractals, a relatively recent discovery in mathematics, are present in the living world from the beginning, creating forms of outstanding beauty.
They say the language of God is mathematics.
If some forms of symmetry are obvious, other mathematical rules upon which plants and living beings are structured were discovered after a careful research. Fractals, the golden ratio, Fibonacci numbers are found everywhere in our surroundings. The arrangement of leaves, the pattern of a flower’s petals, the phalanges on the human hand – to give just a few examples – comply with Fibonacci numbers, which are considered to be the counting system of nature, a measurement of Divinity.

Here are some pictures showing a real… mathematical beauty.



Hoya Aldrichii

Aloe Polyphylla

Romanesco broccoli

Crassula ”Buddha’s Temple”


Water lily leaf from Amazon

Red cabbage


Drosophyllum Lusitanicum

Aloe Spiralis


Pelecyphora Aselliformis

Camellia japonica

Viola Sacculus

Tail of a Chameleon

Hoya Pubicalyx

Begonia ”Escargot”

Hoya kerrii

Passiflora Caerulea


Exquisite Symmetries




July 2016

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