Bhuvaneshwari represents the power of endless opening and expansion

In the four Hindu Vedas, Bhuvaneshwari is known as Aditi, namely the divine Cosmic Mother, infinite and undivided, the origin of all there is, primordial matrix, space. Light itself is born inside of her and this is why she is mother to the Sun and to the solar deities bearing her name (aditya-s). Bhuvaneshwari creates space in order to be subsequently able to give birth to all things in Manifestation. In a similar manner, the space of our consciousness is also created by Bhuvaneshwari in order to allow us to manifest as individualities into the world we exist in and get to know the Divine nature inside of us.

It is therefore easy to understand that at the level of the entire Creation, space contains several levels of manifestation, in full accordance with the vibratory resonances of the subtle energies it consists of. For instance, besides the physical space surrounding us that actually represents a certain type of subtle forming energy, there is also the mental space that is also endless, similar to the physical space. The mental space also contains many other subtlety levels that find their peak in the supreme space of God’s pure consciousness lying beyond any manifestation. All these various types of spaces are nothing but Bhuvaneshwari’s various aspects and functions. For instance, she is known to be an aspect of Goddess Parvati, daughter of the Himalayan Mountains and Shiva’s counterpart. She is the Mistress of the Spheres (of the Worlds) and the Night of Perfect Accomplishment (Siddha-Ratri). She also is an aspect of ParaShakti, the Supreme Power of the Universal Energy, of Creation, Illusion, Dissolution and Destruction. Great Cosmic Power Bhuvaneshwari is similar to Great Cosmic Power of Time, Kali, fearless goddess of Death. The boons she offers makes her similar to Goddess Durga and Lakshmi. She is the peace of Death and the awakening to Life. She is known as the Mistress of Yoga and the understanding Divine Mother. The Great Cosmic Power Bhuvaneshwari blesses those who adore her, by removing their fears and anxieties and helping them on the path to spiritual accomplishment.

Only nowadays, during the past few decades, contemporary science eventually reached the very important conclusion that space (akasha) actually represents the primordial “matter” later on generating all the other elements (air, fire, water and earth). For instance, the substance that the earth consists of essentially is nothing else than the concentration or in other words the distinctive “focus” of space (or ether (akasha)) in a certain area. From this point of view, of the primordial “substance” generating all manifestation, Great Cosmic Power Bhuvaneshwari is also known as Prakriti or Mother Nature. However we should not forget that this original space, fundamental to any subsequent manifestation is – essentially speaking – pure consciousness and therefore it stands as an ineffable _expression of endless freedom and happiness.

From another perspective, Bhuvaneshwari is also called Maya, namely the Great Universal Illusion. Bhuvaneshwari thus unfolds the countless illusory “threads” of the Universe where the ignorant beings are ever more trapped complicating the samsara-ic wheel characteristic to the individual (namely the cycle of successive births into Manifestation, along its various levels of vibration). When measuring, appreciating, comparing or analyzing things or objects hierarchically, all we do is get caught in the trap of illusory names and shapes defining these objects. Then we almost completely forget the reality of the unitary fundamental space that actually is the primordial matrix they originated from. Any shape manifested in the objective area actually is a compact mass of energetic waves subsisting by virtue of the resonances characteristic to that shape in the infinite space. This is why, one of the important methods for easily transcending the illusion that we are subjected to almost every instant is that of “learning” how to see the sacred space of the Divine Mother Bhuvaneshwari all around us. This space actually is her gigantic and ineffable Consciousness encompassing us all in a kind and compassionate embrace. Actually consciousness represents the very “fundamental field” where all events, being and objects emerge and evolve. Without it, they would have no purpose or significance. Therefore the synthetic and effective inner awareness upon this fundamental reality, namely the endless space – impressive manifestation of the divine consciousness of Great Cosmic Power Bhuvaneshwari – will immediately grant us the ability to have access to any of her means of _expression (objects, phenomena, etc.) through the mere act of will focus.

Bhuvaneshwari represents the void in its creating form that Creation emerges from and that supports its subsequent development. Here it is important to underline that this void is not the void previous to Creation which is transcendent and represented by Great Cosmic Power Dhumavati. From the point of view of her location, Bhuvaneshwari is everywhere in space. Practically, we may state that we are always encompassed by Bhuvaneshwari’s gigantic sphere of force, yet beyond this reality (implying a macrocosmic dimension), the goddess especially represents the extremely subtle space inside our hearts. Our hearts mysteriously contain the entire Manifestation, at the same time representing the sacred place, where through spontaneous and blissful revelation, we are able to identify with the consciousness of our Supreme Immortal Self (Atman). Bhuvaneshwari is the power of love. Bhuwaneshwari’s love destroys all attachments and sufferance we are faced with, by rendering us aware of the true, cosmic love having no shape and yet containing all manifested shapes inside of it.

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