God – the most overwhelming mystery (2)

by yoga teacher emeritus Gregorian Bivolaru

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Certain mysterious manifestations illustrate the deeply mysterious existence and manifestation of God the Father, who thus acts both in our inner universe and outside of us. It is very important to remember that in each of these mysterious manifestations, God manifests Himself for us in certain degrees of intensity, in some of them revealing more of Himself, and in others, less.

However, it would be an immense stupidity to disparage any of these easily accessible states simply because they reveal God too little. More or less, God should always remain for us the essential goal of our existence. If we give Him first place in our lives, we will fervently seek to discover Him in any of His manifestations that are already accessible to us. As we spiritually progress, we will become capable of discovering God in other mysterious manifestations, which are still inaccessible to us. Remember that mastery in revealing and discovering God the Father is achieved by practice and direct experience of His mysterious manifestations:

  1. The ineffable and mysterious state of wisdom, which is the expression of the manifestation of God the Father’s perfect intelligence in our inner universe.
  2. The mysterious and complex states that appear in us when we bless others and ourselves.
  3. The intense states that appear in our being when we meditate deeply on God the Father’s mysterious reality or on certain qualities or hypostasis of Him, such as the love of God, the goodness of God, the compassion of God, and so forth.
  4. The intense, deep, inspiring, and complex states that appear in our inner universe when we personally perform good deeds, first consecrating the fruits of those actions to God the Father, such as through Karma Yoga.
  5. The mysterious, ineffable, intense, profound, and overwhelming states that we experience when we listen to certain types of brilliant, sublime, godly inspired music, being in a state of introspection. This is also valid for certain melodies that generate a mysterious, mystical impact in our being, spontaneously triggering states of communion with God the Father.
  6. The sublime, intense, indescribable states that we experience when we spontaneously enter beneficial trance.
  7. The mystical, mysterious, overwhelming states that spontaneously appear when manifestations of the Holy Ghost exist in our being.
  8. The ecstatic, overwhelming states of cosmic orgasm, which appear when two lovers love each other measurelessly and make love with transfiguration, amorous sexual continence, and sublimation of the resulting energies to the superior levels of our being. Such extraordinary states can appear in unison, when both lovers experience them in a perfect state of empathic, euphoric, ecstatic communion, or, they can appear only in the woman at the beginning. Subsequently, as the woman gets used to such states and manages to experience them more and more intensely and constantly, she can thereafter more easily induce them in her lover too, who will gradually feel them. By proceeding in this way, the two lovers will eventually experience these emotional states in unison, thus experiencing God in their being more and more intensely and completely.
  9. The overwhelming states of mystical beatitude, which appear spontaneously during love games (with transfiguration and amorous erotic continence), when one of the two lovers or, more rarely, both experience states of orgasm with implosion, which is characterized by a very intense and ample orgasm extended for a very long time (even one hour or more). The orgasm with implosion often appears spontaneously when the awakening of Kundalini occurs due to a massive transmutation of the sexual potential, which is performed in unison by the two lovers. Such a state can yet appear separately, only in one of them, being possible for it to be induced in the other. Often, the state of orgasm with implosion is first triggered in the man, who can induce it in his lover too. In this way, they experience perfect states of paranormal empathy, such that what one of them experience is totally felt by the other and vice versa.
  10. The mystical, profound, overwhelming ecstatic states without discharge that appear spontaneously in the woman when she practices amorous erotic continence and harmoniously sublimes the energies that result in this way. Thus, the states of orgasm that the woman can experience are much longer than usual and often manifested in series, one after the other. These exceptional phenomena, which can be experienced by women with great ease, are due to the utterly special endowment that they have in achieving the transmutation of the substantial procreative potential, when they make love with a continent man, who loves them and transfigures them. In this respect, it is worth remembering that the great majority of women have a ready availability, compared with men, of being able to intensely and deeply experience mystical states when ample and overwhelming states of orgasm are triggered in their being. During such states, women often have the tendency to direct their eyesight spontaneously (their eyes being spontaneously directed in convergent strabismus at that time) toward the top of the head area, thus performing a certain mudra. This habit has even made one say about women that during the amorous fusion (even when they know nothing about amorous erotic continence) they “roll their eyes backward.” In such mystical, ecstatic states, women live overwhelming experiences with a great ease, and some of them feel the mysterious and loving presence of God the Father, who embraces them in such privileged moments and makes them expand with happiness, from finite to infinite. This utterly exceptional endowment of the woman, of experiencing mystical states when she reaches an intense, ample, and deep state of orgasm, has been known for thousands of years. In this respect, it is also worth noting that most women are natively endowed to enter and maintain themselves in states of orgasm for very long periods, without facing the danger of discharge at all. In such states, a woman may experience the state of orgasm for five to seven minutes in a row without facing the possibility of discharge at all. This endowment, which is utterly exceptional compared with a man’s possibilities, has been looked upon with admiration by the tantric initiates, who have sought to empathically identify themselves with the woman in order to thus manage to gradually awaken in their being this exceptional capacity of experiencing the orgasm, when there is a perfect transmutation of the substantial procreative potential into energy.
  11. The mystical ineffable, intense, overwhelming, and profound states of amorous ecstasy that can occur spontaneously outside the state of orgasm in the two lovers. Such states can be triggered during erotic games with amorous erotic continence and transfiguration that are based on love. In such mystical, overwhelming experiences, the two lovers discover above all, with amazement and enchantment, that God is love. They also notice that in the entire Manifestation, states of happiness and ecstasy are predominant, filling the entire macrocosm. Such states are easily accessible, especially when two lovers perfectly practice amorous erotic continence, and their mutual self-giving and love are limitless.
  12. The indescribable states that occur in the human being who experiences overwhelming mysticism.
  13. The overwhelming states of godly ecstasy that occur following simple and pure experiences that not only generate such states but intensify them. For example, such a state may spontaneously occur when we are in the middle of nature, contemplating its beauty, feeling full of an immense enchantment.
  14. The godly, profound states that appear when those who properly practice the superior stages of the yoga system enter various states of superior consciousness, of samadhi.
  15. The profound, intense states of perfect yogic samyama, an effortless flowing of focus, making the human being one with the harmonious, mysterious, and ineffable whole when firmly focused on the various manifestations and hypostasis of God the Father.
  16. The mystical, mysterious, and overwhelming state that is triggered in our being by the direct and ineffable perception of eternity. The appearance of this state in our own inner universe often precedes the beginning of the revelation of Atman.
  17. The highly spiritual, sublime, mystical states that occur as a preamble to the revelation of Atman.
  18. The godly, intense, profound, overwhelming, ineffable states that appear in our being after the revelation of Atman has truly occurred.
  19. The mystical, sublime states that are triggered in our being by certain secret plants, which are known by the great initiates and wise ones. These plants are meant to reveal in our inner universe both the existence and the certain manifestations of God the Father.
  20. The godly, inexpressible states that are generated in our being by the intense and complete manifestation of fundamental virtues such as compassion, wisdom, love, goodness, and unshakable faith in God.

Excerpt from Guru-ology, 550 aphorisms of yoga teacher Gregorian Bivolaru


April 21, 2022

Also available in: Română

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