Gregorian Bivolaru, ranked 20th on all times greatest Romanians top

by Anca Munteanu
Gregorian Bivolaru was meritoriously ranked 20th on the Great Romanians top, courtesy of TVR –Romanian National Television. The campaign, adapted according to a BBC format, aims at naming the greatest Romanian of all times through a telecast viewers’ voting.
Following the votes received, the spiritual mentor of MISA – the Romanian yoga school, was ranked 20th, ahead of Decebal – who was ranked 26th or president Traian Basescu – who was ranked 27th. Gregorian Bivolaru was even more appreciated than Mircea cel Bătrân or Ciprian Porumbescu, coming up close right after Mircea Eliade, Mihai Eminescu, Ion Luca Caragiale and George Enescu.
Despite the harsh press campaigns and the countless slander against Gregorian Bivolaru, he was a highly voted nominee for the all times greatest Romanian title. Although he astonished many as he was meritoriously ranked 20th, this proves once again the truth regarding Gregorian Bivolaru.
He was so largely voted because of the countless people who love and appreciate him. He stands as a role model in so many people’s lives. Most of those who know him only have good words to say about him. He has helped thousands to transform their lives for the better since the opening of the yoga courses. You may ask any of the yoga practitioners what Gregorian Bivolaru represents to them and before anything you will receive a wide open smile carried on by amazingly radiant eyes. Each of them could tell you for hours about a wonderful memory or their first encounter, about the way that an embrace can stay alive for years in a row or about the way they learnt what true love really is.
The ranking is called – all times great Romanians – a name that is not accidental. Because one of things taught at the yoga school founded by Gregorian Bivolaru is how to be a true Romanian. Through the meditations of communion with the soul of the Romanian people, thousands got closer to what the Romanian people truly is and learnt how to love their own nation. 
The result of the two months and a half long viewer’s voting was made public during a broadcast on Saturday, July 8th by the Romanian television. According to the spontaneous rumor on the set, Gregorian Bivolaru would be practically ranked first. During the presentation of ranks 11 to 20, when Gregorian Bivolaru image was posted on the screen, neither the guests nor the supernumerary refrained their cries of joy, to the despair of the TVR staff who was in charge with giving the applause signal and the order on the set.
To the surprise of many, Gregorian Bivolaru’s being ranked 20th on the Greatest Romanians top is a success actually proving his value. Because of exceedingly expensive campaigns against his public image he was criticize by many yet is still loved and appreciated by those who know him.
Gregorian Bivolaru’s success on the Great Romanians top is not a singular event. Half a year ago, the subscribers of the Active Information Media website voted the man of the 2005. There were more than 20 nominees in the most various areas: social, political, scientific life, etc. Following the subscribers’ voting, Gregorian Bivolaru was again ranked 1st, being elected as the “Man of the year 2005.”
On November 22nd 2005, Gregorian Bivolaru was voted as “man of the hour” by the audience of Radio Star. The reason for which he was suggested and voted as the “man of the hour” is that at the Gaudeamus book fair he launched two highly successful books despite the fact that – at the time – the was on the police most wanted list.
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July 20th 2006

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