Scheduled Expeditions to the Mysterious Underground World SHAMBALA

Many Esoterists Aware that the Earth Actually is a Globe with a Huge Inner Cavity

Two Unique Expeditions Already Scheduled for 2006 and 2007

Some explorers did prove that the Earth has a huge inner cavity, energised by a central sun, and peopled by a mysterious civilisation highly evolved. (To give reference, Olaf Jansen is one of them who proved in the XIXth century that he had visited this mysterious world from inside, and the famous U.S. Navy admiral Richard Evelyn Byrd who sailed over those unknown areas in 1947).  As a significant consequence, a devoted researcher of the mysteries of this planet, Steve Currey, launched the planning of an original expedition to the North Pole, meant to check the validity of this fascinating theory.
Concerning these tremendous aspects, that confirm the existence of such mysterious realms, we consider the Eskimo reference, (people of Greenland), as much as the various testimonies stated by different traditions in the world.  Another meaningful aspect is the astonishing pictures that surface the Internet, issued from NASA that depict the strange cleft in the North Pole area. Quite interesting is that similar clefts are depicted in the case of the other planets in the Solar system, too.
Further data to support this theory is the current seismographs that point out that the Earth has a strange reaction to the earthquakes, for it vibrates as a bell for several hours. This would actually be impossible if it were filled up and if it had a nucleus. The hypothesis of the hollow (carved) planets actually reflects quite clearly the basic model of the atom at a macroscopic level. This is made of a nucleus, which would go for the central Sun, surrounded by a nebula made of the probabilities of its electrons’ orbits, which stand for a crust covering the empty space. 
Such a gravitation centre under this crust and the likeness of a mysterious central Sun would also properly respond to all measurements meant both to discover the space gravitation and to explain the strong electro-magnetic fields that have been identified both around the planets and the stars.
In last March, as a reply to the discoveries considered both at the Earth’s poles and to the Jupiter’s poles, a researching team of the Cologne University have detected some electronic floods on the Saturn. This mysterious emission of electrons, specific to the planets in the Solar system could be explained by the existence of the Suns from inside the Planets.

Considering countless researches on the alleged cleft that exists in the North Pole area, it is assumed to measure 700 up to 800-km diameter and it is placed at 84,4º-north latitude and 141º-east longitude.
The society founded by Steve Currey, which is a leader in extreme expedition and journeys organisation, leased the Russian icebreaker YAMAL, provided with nuclear technology. Its nuclear propulsion herein guarantees complete autonomy for months and the power to easily break through the ice. 100 people at the utmost shall get aboard: journalists, scientists, private persons and also some cinema figures, amongst which, Scott Lintgren, the famous explorer, who will have upon himself proper equipment to record the alleged historic discovery in Imax data. Some famous scientists take part to this project in order to supply proper technology for the ship highly necessary both for positioning and geographic measurements and for the sailing necessities that the icebreaker Yamal requires.
The existence of such huge mysterious cavity inside the Earth certainly is one of the best-concealed secrets of the New World Order backed up by the World Freemasonry. After its amazing discovery, the freemasons silenced down Admiral Byrd when he returned from his historical flight in 1947.
To answer the questions about the inherent risks that go with such revelation, Steve Currey considers that there are some efficient subtle protections from the World King of Shambala, who belongs to the mysterious realms of this secret civilisation of the Earth. He is positive that this occult protection will therefore power a convenient journey. According to the rare statements of those who already have had access to this mysterious highly evolved civilisation, reference has even been made to some UFO pilots who have been seen all over the world since the first nuclear experiences. They have allegedly started to work ever since for protecting the Earth of all evil.
A ticket to this extraordinary expedition is assessed to $18,950 – 15,560 Euro. The costs of the tickets will actually stand for a financial support for the expedition. The ship (namely the Yamal icebreaker) will be provided with all modern communication technologies and some air reconnaissance helicopter will also be taken aboard. The ship already secures all comfort that a cruise ship may suppose.

The stake in this case is huge, by far, as this historical discovery will certainly question many of the current theories that somehow explain gravitation. Besides, this discovery will open the road both for some revolutionary systems of endless energy sources (free energy) and for new means of spatial exploring, not to mention the large implications it shall certainly trigger not only upon mankind history but also on some geo-political aspects.
As stated in press, interested persons have already set off procedures to book their tickets for this historic expedition, which is going to last 24 days, since June 26 to July 19, 2007. Steve Currey’s Society issued some release to announce the leasing of a BBJ2 Boeing (that can transport 70 passengers) in order to discover as soon as possible the mysterious opening at the North Pole, which surely enables the access to the mysterious realm inside the Earth. This is an anticipating attempt to precede the next year expedition of the Yamal icebreaker.
During this extraordinary expedition by plane, Steve Currey is going to have the first one-week visit there, in order to set thereby the first contact to the people in this realm, just as the Argentinean medium Marcello Martorelly did. The latter had subsequently written a book “The Planetary Call of the Earth Masters from the Underground Realm”. On the opportunity of the first expedition he is going to make by plane, Steve Currey also hopes to bring the first video recording from there. The taking off will be on the Fairbanks airport (Alaska) on August 3, 2006. The ticket costs for this extraordinary journey raise to $17,000!
Yogaesoteric is going to issue a series of several exceptional articles, referring to many revelations about the existence of the mysterious realm from inside the Earth: the Shambala.
June 2006

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