«Normal» versus natural

by A. NORMA Lazărescu

“We are normal because we respect the norms, we conform to them, we act accordingly. After all, we answer the common expectations, our behaviour being generally predictable. In other words, we, who are considered normal, are, in fact, common (at least from our behaviour’s point of view but from the point of view of our existence that unfolds on prepared, regulated and pathetically predictable paths, also)”.

I began with the words of a famous late Romanian psychologist and psychiatrist, Mr. George Ionescu. The work I quoted from, “Personality disorders”, is a compulsory subject for the psychologist generations who have studied at the University from Bucharest since 1990. From a psychiatrist point of view but from an etymological one, here is how normal means what conforms to the norm, which is the closest to the statistical average. We shall see who establishes the norm and for what purpose. If we look at the matters from this point of view, we, MISA, could be easily taken as paranoids by the today psychiatrists and accused of being obsessed with the idea of a world Masonic conspiracy, against all smashing evidence that proves this satanic conspiracy and its intrigues. Professor George Ionescu is a recognized personality in psychiatry; he has distinguished professional experience and culture as he was entrusted with the training of the psychologists and psychiatrists to be, in such an important Romanian university centre.

Through the quicksand of psychiatry

Not to be taken for a paranoid maybe, like us, even if he reaches the conclusion that normal is a convention (we should better call it construction, in the light of the article “Masons: builders and guardians of the planetary illusion”) by which people can be kept on prepared paths, Professor Ionescu does not ask himself a common-sense question: who prepares these paths, who creates these norms, who says it is normal to be like that and in what purpose?

Psychiatry and psychopathology, as well as a large area of the conventional medicine, are based on something they cannot define. They have not been able to answer the question: what is normal and where is the limit between normal and abnormal? And yet, all these specialists and experts establish diagnosis, prescribe treatments, they interfere in people’s life. Putting aside all the clear cases of demoniac possession, the “quicksand” (G. Ionescu uses this term) of today’s psychiatry allows any pathfinder to be listed as crazy and be isolated in a mental institution. And here nobody can accuse us of paranoia as this practice is frequently used around us.

It is enough for the parents to imagine their son or daughter, who is emotionally and mentally more mature than them, has ideas they do not like. We are not talking here about MISA students only, who were 18 years old and forcedly put into mental institutions by their parents. And the press wrote about them that they were victims of the “sect” that drove them crazy. It is about already famous several cases of persons, who, wanting to enter an orthodox monastery, were put into madhouses by their relatives or were at least the shame subject of a visit to a psychiatrist. Not to mention the situations where parents who started to come to yoga courses were treated like crazy persons by their own children that they raised.

Such practices were not possible during communism, as anyone who disturbed the system was taken by the security “boys” and put in hospital at Poiana Mare. At present, numerous cases of science people who made brilliant discoveries regarding some cureless considered diseases, such as AIDS and cancer, were annihilated by being hospitalized in mental institutions. After being intoxicated with medicines, they came out sick indeed, physically and emotionally, but mostly socially, unfairly wearing the so feared etiquette of a mental patient.

Things are much more obvious in the case of spiritual schools leaders, schools that help wake up and elevate the consciences and break these already carefully built paths of the hidden power. Not only Mr. Gregorian Bivolaru and MISA are in this situation. We have recently written about Lalit Mohan, the leader of a spiritual school in Poland, who was abusively kept under psychiatric observation for a long time, even though he could not be diagnosed of that. And there are others like him that we will write about.

Life on norm and the Masonic recognition

Those who let themselves “normed” sit still at their places, do not ask themselves questions, and take things as is, having a cosy and quiet life and they limit themselves just to that. They can have a good job, a house and a car, pay their taxes and their utilities, walk their dog every night and visit the doctor regularly. They have a reputation of an “average person”, to use the cliché Iliescu used during Revolution. They are those that go along with the flock, and the shepherds leave them alone for as long as they keep the road.

Meanwhile, history demonstrates that all who went beyond the conceptual and practical frame of the period lived isolated, rejected, contested, discredited, cursed, expulsed by all organizations and official structures, some of them even killed for their ideas that turned the recognized values of that time up side down. To be recognized is one of the hidden power’s signs, which establish “the norm” in the false reality it created with the help of the masonry. As time passes, the truth and the value of some brilliant, innovating ideas comes out and thus, those who used to be considered the black sheep, the women and children’s scare-crow, are considered geniuses and are studied (after carefully censoring their ideas) in schools in the whole world. Pitagora was killed in his time and blamed as a social danger for “perverting” the teenagers; now, his theorem (still, only his theorem and nothing of his daring philosophical ideas) is studied in school. Galileo Galilei was forced by the Inquisition to “recall” his scientific theories and later, they discovered he was right. As Charles Rycroft shows in Wielhelm Reich’s biography, Jesus Christ is diagnosed as a schizophrenic, Beethoven is a paranoiac and Leonardo da Vinci is an obsession schizoid according to today psychiatrists’ point of view.

Why “the crazy” continue to fight for their ideas?

Those mentioned above entitle us to believe, keeping our discernment, that many times, exactly what is most vehemently contested by the authorities is the most valuable, being the source of the greatest transformations and evolution. To remain on the familiar paths is certainly a cosy way, but it only keeps us in a false, delusive state of fact that those interested in take advantage of. A wise saying goes the fool does the same mistake all over again; he persists in his error. Yet, many people act like that. Furthermore, they let themselves fooled and contribute thus to the condemnation and elimination of those who proclaim something else than the majority. Most of them, though, do not do it on purpose, malevolently, but out of ignorance. The problem appears in the case of those who, aware of the truth, deliberately act like that.

For someone who has been taught to believe that life is about cumulating as much more material things in order to keep a good image in the world’s eyes it is incomprehensible how someone can sustain an idea (with the price of freedom, reputation, assets or social life) when everybody around sustain the contrary. Although he realizes he was wrong from a certain point of view, a common man would want to react differently but the fear of being excluded and losing his image (not to be socially recognized anymore) stops him.

In the case of MISA, for instance, there are surely many persons who have realized the truth by now: this built on nothing case is invented. Some of them, few in number, took the responsibility and supported us, speaking or writing about us; others preferred to remain silent, to pretend they did not notice, for fear their reputation could be damaged. They washed their hands just like Pontus Pilatus did. There were voices that asked out loud for respecting the Human Rights in MISA and Gregorian Bivolaru case; they mentioned between the brackets they had nothing to do with that, they did not know the spiritual ideas spread at MISA courses or they disagreed with certain yoga “practices” (?!). 

There is a big difference between those who only heard it, based on roomers and newspapers, and those who knew as they analyzed certain sources of correct information; but there is a huge difference between those who know and those who live-experience something. Experiencing, living (“on your own skin” as the proverb says) gives you a huge force to go farther and reach the end of the path you walk on. And those who have never experienced it could never understand and will search explanations they can accept: they will say X is crazy because he keeps on going to the yoga courses though all the newspapers write about the terrible things they practise there or will say his brain has been washed and that he is being manipulated. They do not think for just one moment that X cannot wipe out all the positive things he has lived doing yoga for trusting the words of some reporters who never attended the courses. If a first grade student comes to you and tells you that Romania is in Africa, though you, as a grown-up, travelled a lot and have studied geography for several years, what would you do? Would you say you have been wrong so far as Romania is in Africa, not in Europe?!

What would happen if one of the reporters who eagerly wrote against Gregorian Bivolaru healed her ovarian cysts or her menstrual pains by making love with continence and transfiguration with her husband? Or if one of the prosecutors who committed the robbery in March 2004 became sick and cured himself by practising asanas and why not, urinotherapy? Would they understand then?! We whole-heartedly wish they understand without the need to all this suffering. Maybe one day they will have the chance to experience YOGA as it is and the way it is practiced at MISA courses, that is, a come-back to natural. Like a recursion to the life’s divinely integrated path, path that can only make you happy, harmonious, vital, healthy, fulfilled as it is natural to live for any human being! Because if we are to calculate according to the norm, taking into consideration the social average, it looks like society considers normal to be sick, stressed, disharmonious, frustrated…


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