Practical ways to get in contact to angels

Sitting on a chair, face northward, back straight, soles on the floor, in a parallel position, without touching each other, hands on knees. In case you can comfortably sit in a yoga pose, proper to meditation, you can do it. Close your eyes, relax your body on the whole, remove any thoughts and get as calm as you can. Consecrate with all heart to God the fruits of this spiritual exercise.

Join your hands to your chest, as for praying and say loudly the Lord’s Prayer, three times, in deep love and sincerity. Then ask God help you get in telepathic contact to the realm of angels, by means of the image in front of you (we recommend to you the symbolical images representing various angels, but not on the computer screen! Print these images before, in colours if possible).

Open your eyes and watch carefully the symbolical image. Don’t miss any detail, admire its beauty and try to feel the positive floods of energy that cover your whole being. Utter the key-idea of the angels, which stands for a motto in the introduction, which will attract the grace of that angel upon you.

As you are getting the feeling of the divine presence of the angel you can pass on to the next stage. Close your eyes now and submerge as much as you can in the specific state you have been conveyed; ask that angel to help you for the particular situation in your life you want to solve. Think that it’s already the moment you have got what you had ask. Be happy that everything is just the way you have asked. In the end, be grateful and thank God and the angel you have been in touch with. Open your eyes slowly and you may gradually start other actions. You are not supposed to have a problem by all means! You can contact the angels even for the mere joy of knowing them and feeling their presence.

Pay attention to the inspirations that can emerge as a consequence to your prayers, to the life situations that can often be answers to the questions you have raised. If during the prayer you notice any answer you may get, it is worth to put them right down in a notebook that should stay at your hand. This simple exercise must be practiced daily, till you reach the results you had put in your mind.

Besides reaching this target, you may be sure that you will hereafter enjoy a new and  wonderful divine friend, who will always stand by your side when you call him. Please write and send us the results you have achieved, your difficulties,  your joys so that we may help you on this wonderful way you set off.

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