Recommended Posture for Blessing

The recommended position is standing (both the blessed and the blessing one), with the spine straight, and the right arm lifted and as relaxed as possible. The right palm is about 20 cm away from the shoulder; fingers are open and slightly curved as for catching a ball. You should adopt this position from the very beginning. This position is recommended for blessing a human being nearby (without touching him/her) or when blessing a small group of people in front of you, a short distance away.

Very important points:

  • If the blessed person is not in front of you direct the right palm upward, bringing it closer to the shoulder or even over the right shoulder.
  • For larger groups of people (more than 50) or people who are far away from you, stretch the arm in front.
  • If Self-Blessing, the arms remains down near the body.
  • If your state of vitality and inner force are great enough, you can touch the person you are blessing on his/her forehead with your right hand, having opened your fingers to point towards Sahasrara without covering the top of his/her head.
  • It is very important that the right arm and fingers are relaxed!

In principle, it is good that the blessed one and also the one who is blessing are in a standing position.  This position, which reverberates a certain state of respect for God, is mandatory for the one who performs the blessing (or self blessing). Of course you can bless someone who doesn’t know that you are performing a blessing for them at that time, or someone who is very ill.  You can also bless someone if you don’t know where they are or what they are doing.  In these situations it is obvious you cannot impose on that person to stand up.

If you want to bless a loved one who is far away, you should imagine him/her and visualize his/her face. If it is a group, visualize the faces of each member of the group. The distance between you and the other person or group does not matter!

In our daily life we must not hesitate to perform the Art of Blessing in various situations, when we wish to help another human being, or when we feel compassion for a person in hardship, or if we want to release the tension of a conflict situation, etc.  In these special situations, when we need to perform the Art of Blessing but there is no privacy, it is enough to discreetly arrange the hand position, directing the palm towards the being we bless. We follow all the steps, including the mental recital of the blessing formulas, but to avoid disturbing people nearby we do this with open eyes. We close our eyes only during the initial phase when we have to direct our inner sight towards the top of the head.

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