The beneficial states of trance increase the efficiency of the spiritual practice

by Monica Dascălu

The initiation into the secret method of the progressive induction of beneficial states of trance opens us the gates of a gigantic and fascinating Universe, which is the astral Universe. Allowing us to live at the same time both in the astral as well as (subsidiary) in the physical realm, the beneficial states of trance grant us the chance to explore and experience an endless variety of new, paradisiacal and wonderful states, to travel in the astral world, to communicate with subtle entities, to explore our inner universe. We could spend our entire life exploring this new, fascinating realm in which we now have access. But the aim of the induction of beneficial states of trance is not just to dive into the astral world and have delicious, euphoric and charming states. What we should tenaciously aim to, even with this secret method is the spiritual progress, our gradual ascension towards God and our gradual advance on the spiritual path.

Awakening the potential and profound things in your inner universe

In other words, we should never forget that this method of induction of beneficial states of trance is nothing but a tool and we need to become aware of its valences and extraordinary efficiency as a spiritual practice method. We will speak in this article about the way in which the beneficial states of trance increase the efficiency of all the YOGA techniques and this way we aim to convince you that the secret method of inducing the beneficial states of trance is essential for our spiritual practice. Therefore everyone that had received this initiation has access to an extremely efficient method for amplifying the effect of the spiritual practice and, by understanding this aspect, we should aim to convince ourselves through direct experience. The states of beneficial trance are not a purpose themselves, but a tool that, together with all the other initiations offered by this YOGA course, it helps us to quickly achieve a genuine self-knowledge and the state of spiritual liberation.

“The most precious gift offered to you by this secret initiation is the possibility to induce beneficial states of trance at will, that will allow you to discover the inner wealth and to awaken the things that are potential and profoundly beneficial in your inner universe. Even if it’s done just once a week, the induction of beneficial state of trance will allow you to benefit from the multiple advantages of this superior state of consciousness and will help you to discover a fabulous inner potential.

The obvious higher and ample state of consciousness that appears through the induction of beneficial states of trance can be equated with a sui-generis existential, positive induction of the human being in the mysterious reality of the astral universe. This induction reveals to the persevering practitioner many surprises that are related with de realm of the extraordinary and the supernatural.” – Yoga teacher Gregorian Bivolaru

One very important aspect that we have to permanently consider, is the fact that the yogic techniques are, without exception, much more efficient when they are practiced during the beneficial states of trance. All the yogic techniques that we know will have effects triple as intense if they are practiced while we are in beneficial states of trance. The explanation is simple and it is related with the extraordinary activation of the astral body obtained through the secret method of induction of beneficial states of trance. This energization of the astral body will remain for the entire period of maximum 24 hours during which we will maintain ourselves in a beneficial state of trance. It is true that there can be some fluctuations and the intensity of the states can vary, but it is very easy to regain this point of maximum energization just by concentrating our attention, especially after we become familiar with the subtle mechanisms that are activated during these states.

The  beneficial state of trance will reveal new and fascinating valences of the Hatha Yoga practice

Therefore, the activation of the astral body facilitates the processes of resonance with the mysterious spheres of energy from the Universe, so that the energizing phenomena and the flow of energies during the Hatha Yoga techniques will be perceived more intensely. By correlation, these intense energetic phenomena are polarizing our consciousness in a magnetic way, or, in a simpler manner, they gain our attention, which is a lot easier concentrating on the processes of resonance. You will for sure notice, if you practice HATHA YOGA during the beneficial states of trance, the fact that you can focus your attention a lot easier and the attention stays still without any difficulty for longer periods of time. This is explained by the fact that the intensity of these processes of resonance, which are perceived in the astral body, together with a much weaker perception than we usually have of the physical realm reduces the impact of the occasional disturbing factors. These phenomena can be amplified a lot because the firm, focused attention amplifies the processes of resonance by itself. By correlation, you will easily maintain the yogic postures for longer time and you will be able to maintain a state of immobility, that will contribute as well to the effects describe above.

If you practice HATHA YOGA techniques during the beneficial states of trance, having a proper self-opening you notice that they would appear in a completely new and fascinating light to you, unveiling their unknown valences. Even the simplest bodily posture can produce amazing states and revelations. While being in a beneficial state of trance, it is worth to experiment one by one all of the yogic techniques that you are initiated in. Of course, you can gradually do this in time, not all of them during the 24 hours. You have enough time at your disposal if you decide to regularly, practice this extraordinary method once a week.

Also, the meditations are much more profound if we do them during the beneficial states of trance, which is something that can be confirmed by those who tried this. And we’re not talking about the meditations that awaken some exemplary states of consciousness at the level of the astral body. We can have access, while in beneficial state of trance, to much higher levels of consciousness, like the supramental ones, on the single condition that we are using the activation of the astral body as a sort of a spring board that can lift us to very elevated, even transcendental states, that can peak with states of blissful void.

We gain access to the supramental states

The beneficial states of trance facilitate the entering into supramental states, which, if are, of course, explored and deeply experienced with consistency and lucidity. By perseveringly practicing the special method of induction of beneficial states of trance, we will have a safe and extremely efficient way (that will be appreciated at its real value especially by the advanced yogis that are practicing JNANA YOGA techniques) of entering at will, very easily, in supramental states, that can be then maintained for longer periods of time.

“It is fundamental to know that when an ASANA, a certain PRANAYAMA technique, a certain mental focussing (DHARANA) exercise, even a yogic meditation (DHYANA) or LAYA YOGA techniques that imply the use of MANTRAS or BIJA MANTRAS are practiced during beneficial states of trance, their efficiency is at least three times increased. For this reason, the induction of states of trance can be considered a very valuable help that intermediates the achievement of some amazing results. The practice of other forms of YOGA such as KARMA YOGA, BHAKTI YOGA, TANTRA YOGA, KUNDALINI YOGA, YOGA NIDRA etc., when done in a beneficial state of trance, also, facilitates the attainment of triple results.” – YOGA teacher Gregorian Bivolaru
So, next to other wonderful effects of the beneficial states of trance, it is worth to keep in mind this amazing increase of efficiency of the yogic techniques and it is worth that, by practicing adequate yogic techniques, we every time fructify each state of trance that we are auto-inducing.

december 2009

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