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Along the countless reincarnations, human beings are fulfilling a plethora of roles. On the stage of life and spiritual evolution, they are the actors who forgot they’re playing a cosmic theater and have identified themselves with every role they had to interpret. Gradually moving through all the evolutionary stages, in the end, the pilgrims fulfill their mission – each of them becomes one with the Universal Man, the Cosmic Man.

For the sage who already understood this aspect, all the roles are permanently accessible and he is playing his part with detachment, giving its momentary importance to each part.


While learning the lesson he has to learn from each aspect, he does not lose sight of the communion with the ultimate source – God. From this perspective, each zodiac sign represents such a role, a manifestation of a certain archetype that the human being resonates with. We will present to you a brief introduction of each of the zodiac archetypes.

ARIES – The Archetype of the Hero

This archetype is characterized by heartily living the present moment, enjoying life, assuming any risk and considering it a challenge he has to overcome. Those human beings who manifest this archetype have an astounding, irresistible, enthusiastic and forceful energy.
Attributes: courage, initiative, self-confidence, determination, authority, enthusiasm, audacity, generosity, involvement.

TAURUS – The Archetype of the Courtesan

This archetype is represented by sensuous, erotic, loving and stable beings. For these persons, the sublime and transfiguring eroticism along with sexual continence is a very quick method of evolution.
Attributes: a sense of value, beauty, vocal talent, fortitude, working force, patience, stability, calm, affection, sensuality.

GEMINI – The Brother-Sister Archetype

The archetype of the brother or sister is strongly related to communication skills. These beings are always giving us useful ideas and we can change opinions with them in an un-pretentious, free and friendly way; they are the representatives of others.
Attributes: adaptability, mental dynamism, communicativeness, loquacity, desire to instruct, literary ability, intelligence, perceptiveness, curiosity.
CANCER – The Archetype of the Mother

The archetype of the Mother is represented by those beings who have the tendency to protect us, to nurture us and create and intimate, homelike atmosphere where we can relax and regenerate. This archetype gives us a certain maternal protection.
Attributes: sensibility, receptiveness, memory, tenacity, attraction for family life, patriotism.

LEO – The Archetype of the Father

The archetype of the Father is manifested by those beings that are endowed with strong will, authority, who are protective, drastic but also extremely generous. They help us discover and give everything that is good in us, they have a great power to coordinate and a great impact on others.
Attributes: exteriorization, strong will, vitality, authority, resoluteness, warm at heart, dignity, nobility, trust, generosity.

VIRGO – The Archetype of the Virgin-Nun

The human beings who manifest this archetype have great spiritual aspiration and they are extremely pure. Due to being perfectionists, they have a great capacity for mental analysis.
Attributes: practicality, acumen, discernment, common sense, technique, attention, ingenuity, scrupulosity.

LIBRA – The Archetype of the Lover

This archetype is manifested by those beings that have the mission to radiate feelings of love, beauty, harmony, warmth towards others, as well as the joy of establishing a more intimate relationship; the feeling of fulfillment of the loved one and profound communication.
Attributes: artistic feeling, refinement, harmoniousness, balance, diplomacy, providence, sense of justness, intellectuality, the ability to sense analogies.

SCORPIO – The Archetype of the Alchimist

The Alchemist archetype is representative of the power of total transformation, complete sublimation of raw instincts and energies into spiritual force, which gives a great force of regeneration.
Attributes: introspection, intense experience, intense sexuality, regenerating power, interest, mental power, profound cerebration, dignity, energy, determination, exigency.

SAGITTARIUS – The Archetype of the Great Priest or Great Priestess

This archetype is represented by those human beings who are devoted to a high moral or spiritual ideal, who make all the necessary efforts and lose no occasion to profit from the chances given to him.
Attributes: exteriorization, versatility, vitality, enthusiasm, optimism, audacity, philosophical understanding, wisdom, prophetic qualities, detachment when danger arises.

CAPRICORN – The Archetype of the Hermit

This archetype represents the idea of detaching oneself from the physical existence, controlling emotions, renouncing human pleasures, solitude and complete focusing towards spiritual accomplishment through the transcendence of the ego.
Attributes: introspection, motion, substantiality, responsibility, determination, technique, administration, integration, focus, economy, prudence.

AQUARIUS – The Archetype of the Friend

This archetype is the manifestation of the altruist in a human being who has renounced self affirmation and is completely devoted to humanity. This makes him become aware of the fact that each human being is a perfect reflection of the Universe.
Attributes: exteriorization, strong will, fraternity, humanity, faithfulness, friendship, honesty, altruism.

PISCES – The Archetype of the Saint

This archetype illustrates the power of divine love, compassion and a profound intuitive understanding of divine laws. This synthesis leads to understanding the primordial unity of all things, transcending them and merging with the Ultimate Source – God.
Attributes: creative introspection, adaptability, inspiration, capacity to sacrifice oneself, hospitality, romanticism, generosity, compassion, affection.

This article was taken from Yoga magazine no. 38/2002

October 2014

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