The erotic carousel

The famous oriental writing Kamasutra, says that in some situations it is recommended that the woman takes an active role, which generally is performed by the man during lovemaking. It is even indicated that at least once during lovemaking, the woman is the one who should take the initiative. The Kamasutra presents two ways in which women can take an active role: either she is the dynamic one from the start or at some point, she goes on top of the man without interrupting the lovemaking. Also, the oriental erotic treatises speak about the active role of the woman in lovemaking when she is the initiator for her lovers, teaching them the mysteries of perfectly controlled pleasure or, better said, the secrets of sexual continence.
The love posture “erotic carousel” is one of the most exciting sexual positions. It can arouse strong and intense feeling of passion and, also, to generate a state of introspection that leads to states of implosive orgasm, fully lived deep inside.

The man lies down on his back and she sits on top facing away from him, leaning on her feet, holding a vertical trunk. She moves up and down with refinement and sensuality.
This position gives the woman a great freedom to manifest. She can search for specific penetration angles that favor the erotic stimulation of specific areas and will insist on them as much as she desired, then changing the position of the pelvis to switch to other desired areas. Inside the YONI there are various such areas that arouse specific erotic feelings and the woman is able, using this position, to be fully aware of them and enjoy their specific experiences in abundance. For example she can first focus on the dynamic frantic stimulation of the G point, and then she can move so that she experiences states of cervico-uterine orgasm. Sometimes for the more intense stimulation of the G-point the woman usually lays back fully, on the man’s chest – a variant of this love position is the one in which the woman lays completely on her back, letting him move. For a deep stimulation of the cervix, she may use sets of rhythmic and sequenced movements back to front.
The man is a visual nature and the sight of his lover in these situations (especially the one in which he can see her back) will certainly arouse a state of elevated passion. He will enjoy the sensual and lascivious dance-like movements and words can express his admiration through transfiguring words full of erotic flavor. They will intensify his lover’s erotic feelings, who will respond with large, undulating and languorous gestures.
By approaching this position, the two lovers will follow in unison to enhance the state of passion, which they will gradually sublimate seeking to live in unison states of implosive orgasm. The woman will pay attention to be very careful, both to her states and her lover’s. She will help him to more easily control the sexual energy, and if the man is perfectly continent, they will mutually enhance the states.
This posture may contribute to the attainment of a state of deep introspection during lovemaking, and will help the man realize what is happening inside his being and to increasingly refine the sexual pleasure, allowing him an ever better control on the erotic energy and its sublimation. This state of attention and introspection facilitates the understanding of the complex mechanisms of transmutation of the creative potential and sublimation of the erotic energy.
In conclusion, the posture “carousel erotic” is recommended both to the couples who learn about sexual continence, and to the couples who want to deepen their love experiences.

3 July 2012

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