The Taoist Method

Sitting comfortable, rub your palms together till they get warm and then grab your scrotum and penis with your right palm. With the left hand make 81 circular movements clockwise, right under the navel. Then change the hands and  reverse  the circular movements, this time counter clockwise. Eventually, imagine a fire emanating from you genital area.
In the second step, you will perform the contraction of the anal muscles, including the pubococcigian (PC) muscle. Remember to maintain the contraction as long as possible and then to relax completely before starting the next contraction. After a month of daily practice, and according to your efforts, you will obtain perfect control of the anal muscle.
Now, you can practice both parts simultaneously. You will feel a pleasant sensation at the base of the spine, which will spread  to the entire body. This sensation is the result of the pressure placed upon the prostrate by the muscles you are contracting.
A steady practice of this technique will prevent or eliminate the problems of the prostate, hemorrhoids, sterility, and premature ejaculation. Also, it increases the sensitivity in the area of the penis and can even generate an increased size of the head of the penis.
In fact, this way of rising the energy can become an intense erotic experience (without falling into masturbation) in which you will feel you are making love with the entire universe and that, at the same time, you reach the essence of the sublime experience of love making.

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