Aphorisms and thoughts about the androgynal state, about happiness in couples and about sexual continence®

by yoga professor Gregorian Bivolaru

1. An intense, profound, endless love, which is doubled by powerful, lasting erotic aspirations, accepts transformation and variations. In such a situation, each of the two members of the group is at the same time a half of the whole, that the two create, but at the same time, each of them is a distinct micro universe, whose aspirations, dispositions, beneficial availability and sublime manifestations enrich the relation and does not compete it. Thus, lovemaking becomes more and more powerful and reach, being transformed.
2. Within a harmonious happy couple where the two lovers mutually endlessly adore, the lovemaking based on perfect continence, transfiguration and consecration of the fruits, acts in a synergic way and triggers an overwhelming, yet extraordinary state of paranormal empathy between the two lovers. Within common couples, that don’t reach such climax of profoundness, the extremely extraordinary state of spiritual and soul communion and the state of profound empathy is vaguely inferred and there comes the frustrating impression that the two lovers often lack words in order to express what they experience or infer. For example, such couples are often obliged to notice that they look for common words in order to express their joy or happiness.

That is why, such couples have the impression that they fail when trying to describe one another the spiritual experiences that they have. The obvious inadequate use of words and the intuition of the fact that, in reality, the experiences are more ample, may be balanced when (eventually) such human beings discover transfigured lovemaking, consecration of the fruits to God and the perfect continence, which reveals the profound euphoric, enigmatic and unexpected dimensions of paranormal empathy, that establish between them surprisingly easy.

When experienced for the first time, this unutterable delicious experience shows, at the same time, the unexpected value and the divine valence of the lovemaking based on transfiguration, mutual love, continence and consecration of the fruits to God the father.

3. Through the profound, plenary and lasting awakening of the androgynous state, the rare human beings that finally succeed that become in a certain way surprisingly alike. In other words, through the awakening of the androgynous state, the man awakens within himself the inner woman and the woman awakens within her the inner man. One could say that, in this way the two lovers become alike, but they are totally different related to other human beings (who did not succeed in awakening the androgynous state), at the same time.

Even when a man can not infer, he is spontaneously attracted by a certain woman and feels a great sympathy, admiration and intense love for her. In her turn, every woman is spontaneously attracted by a man and feels for him a living sympathy, admiration and intense love. Even when, for the moment, they can not explain the reason for all that, they paradoxically follow a mysterious program that, at a given moment, reveals them, first in an intuitive way, the existence of the androgynous glorious state.

Only in that moment that human being surprisingly discovers that all the profound authentic relations that she had, all the sentimental adventures, all the overwhelming falling in love that he(she) felt, however, had a sense and finally lead to having an aim, which was vaguely guessed at the beginning , but finally revealing itself in all its splendor.

In order to accelerate this awakening and flourish process of the androgynous glorious state, in Tantra Yoga millenary system there are certain extraordinary efficient and quick secret methods that lead to the awakening and increasing of the glorious androgynous state within the two lovers that adore each other and are continent, realize the consecration of the fruits of their lovemaking to God the Father and have a constantly mutual transfiguration.

4. In the case of tantric lovemaking based on mutual love, transfiguration, consecration of the fruits and perfect continence, the two lovers mutually assimilate one another faster and faster. In this way, two different human beings who were opposed at the beginning of their relationship, succeed in being more and more alike along their amorous relation through a mysterious process of mutual assimilation, one within another. In this way each of them “engraft” within and then assimilate the fascinated differences that the other represents and manifests. Through this mutual, franticly, quick and creative assimilation of the differences it is possible that the two lovers transform and become alike, mutually helping one another.

The more alike they become, the more the androgynous state spontaneously awakens within them and that crowns their pleasant efforts and makes them discover with a great joy, through the profound happiness states that they experience in keeping with each other, that their adequate, sustained efforts were not in vain. Being aware of this, it is possible to send out a wise and constructive planetary calling:

“Man and women on this entire planet, all of you who feel a profound mutual love, who have discovered that there exist pregnant elective affinities between you and who feel a powerful open erotic attraction, because of some mysterious, ineffable correspondence existing between you,

Both the extraordinary, profound and overwhelming states of happiness which you experience (more and more often) this way and the awakening of some paranormal capacities (Siddhis) will help you discover that all your attentive, sustained efforts (that you realized for that) will have been crowned with success and you will be proved of the fact that, in reality, they were not in vain, but fructuous at the same time.”

5. The basis of a real love between two human beings of different gender is a profound endless love that has to be mutual as well. As we all can easily realize, there are certain situations within which what we call “ love at first sight” (<<coup de foudre>>) may appear at a human being of a different gender, without triggering in the other person a similar intense and profound love, that is characteristic for the extraordinary love, which is mutual.

In such situations, only one of those human beings feels an intense, overwhelming love and the other does not feel love at all, that is why the mutual state does not appear. In the case of intense, profound, endless love that is mutual, we can recognize through an increasingly state of happiness within the other human being, something mysterious, grandiose, euphoric and complex, that polarize us and is complementary for us.

6. Considering an amorous relationship based on mutual love, transfiguration, consecration of their fruits to God the Father and perfect sexual continence®, we cannot say what we need is just a communication realized from one conscience to another, not only a bodily union and not only an intimate, euphoric communion realized at the level of the heart.

All these, together with other deeply beneficial, ineffable phenomena manifest simultaneously and each of them has its own role, combining sinergically one to another, exactly as we use skillfully the ingredients necessary for preparing a delicious cake. All these are possible because in the Microcosm of the human being the Part is present in the Whole and the Whole mirrors ineffably in each Part.

Considering our analogy with the cake, we can say when all the required ingredients are combined skillfully and harmoniously, the final result is a delicious cake we will enjoy then. Similarly, if we consider an amorous fusion which is divinely integrated, harmonious and happiness-generating, each invisible or visible layer of the human being’s Microcosm contributes as necessarily to the apparition and manifestation of an overwhelming state of divine ecstasy (Samadhi).

When each component Part of the Whole of the human being does not interact harmoniously with the component Parts of the Microcosm of the beloved one, states of disharmony and certain dissonances appear which provoke tensions and frustrations which, in their turn, generate sufferings.

7. The profound and overwhelming state of euphoria and happiness that we fully live when we experience each time the mysterious avalanche effect, is one of the many heavenly benefits that are reserved for yogis couples which are engaged in frantic lovemaking based on mutual love, transfiguration, the consecration of the fruits of their actions to God and perfect sexual continence.

8. All human beings which are willing to have a smooth and rewarding love life should always aim to make love based on perfect sexual continence, mutual love, transfiguration, mutual respect and the unconditional consecration of the fruits of their actions to God the Father. Doing like this, they will become more and more happier each time and in addition to many other exciting benefits they will also discover that lovemaking based on sexual continence is excellent for their health

For those that are initiated, they will soon discover with amazement and great delight that each lovemaking based on perfect sexual continence®, transfiguration, mutual love and the consecration of the fruits of actions to God the Father is in the same a blessed relentless asceticism (Tapas), an unexpected opportunity to gather in their being in a pleasant and very quickly way the vital occult beneficial energy (Ojas), an exhilarating way of finding God through the loved one, a certain form of divinely integrated action which fruits were consecrated fully and unconditionally to God (Karma Yoga), a blissful and delightful expansion made from finite to infinite, a gradual revelation of the ineffable mysteries of the polarity through the erotic interaction with the opposite sex, a gradual way of awakening of the glorious androgynous state, an euphoric revelation, indescribable and intoxicating of the coincidence of the opposites which is revealed during the intense and profound states of orgasm without ejaculation (for men) and the state of multiple orgasms without discharge (for women).

In addition there are dozens of other wonderful benefits, which you can find by your own through the minimum gram of practice.

9. Considering a beautiful, loving, charming, affectionate and strong woman, inside whom the state of Shakti begins to awake, the mysterious overwhelming charm she manifests does not imply for her only to express her feelings, but also implies that those intense, sublime, pure and divine feelings manifest themselves overwhelmingly which will make her become and be an extraordinary woman.

10. Each woman inside whom the state of Shakti awoke sufficiently enough is complex, profound, fascinating, and mysterious. Mahashakti manifests herself in a unique way through her expansioned universe. This is what makes her be like a magic mirror, which is completely special and which is irreplaceable.

11. If we consider a charming and radiant woman, inside whom state of Shakti awoke sufficiently enough, life appears to her just like a garden, inside which she discovers, one by one, a lot of rare, heavenly flowers and the deep, oceanic and measureless love she lives into, reveals herself exactly like the flowers’ nectar, out of which she extracts various kinds of honey.

12. Superficial and capricious women very often attract and draw men’s attention especially through their regard.

13. It is certain that not women were the ones who discovered the powder, but however, they discovered the powder brush that allowed them to use it. Women are also naturally endowed to practice very easily lovemaking with sexual continence. However, it is profoundly significant that extremely few women are aware of this extraordinary gift of which they dispose spontaneously. This aspect points out the fact that, for the time being, women know themselves unfortunately very little.

14. If there wasn’t a sufficiently large and deep aperture in the beautiful boots of a woman which she intends to put on, it would be impossible for a woman to put on the respective boots.

15. When a wonderful woman who has sufficiently awakened within herself the Shakti state overcomes more often without obstacles and danger, she miraculously avoids, at the same time, the difficulties and the obstacles that the uninitiated women confront with.

16. A so-called yogi who was superficial and egoistic, was asking himself: “What could my lover need? She is very beautiful, she is devoted to me, loves me very much, she completely dedicates herself to me and more than that, she has everything I need.”

17. There are some poor yogis that, by all means, want to have children. Such a yogi begins to ardently desire one single thing: to become a father.

18. When you begin something, the hardest thing is the fact that finally you have to end it. The great art and also the mysterious science of the initiated implies to begin and afterwards to maintain yourself in a ceaseless beginning. This fundamental integration makes it possible for you to never end it. A significant and at the same time extraordinary example of this kind is lovemaking with perfect sexual continence. This is and remains the most convincing proof that every one of us is capable of maintaining ourselves in an eternal beginning.

Still, to succeed in doing this, it is essential to never go beyond a certain limit. In case that, due to our ignorance, we make the mistake of foolishly going beyond a certain limit during lovemaking with sexual continence, once we reach the no-return point, this makes us end lamentably our amorous fusion in a banal ejaculation (or, in the case of women, in a banal sexual discharge). The art and at the same time the science of maintaining ourselves in an eternal beginning has an immense importance, especially for the beginners.

19. The first language of love which appears and manifests itself between a man and a woman beginning to love each other is the overwhelming, ample and deep embrace which intoxicates them because of the love energy which overflows them, and the second language of love is the kiss being tender, affectionate, pure and exultant with love.

20. The deeply affectionate, sensible, pure and tender human beings are charming, harmonious and strong indeed.

21. The profound state of friendship appears and amplifies intensely into the heart whenever one realizes together with a friend beneficial and divinely integrated actions, which are as well pure, elevating, nice and even difficult.

22. By means of the deep and measureless love, doubled by amorous fusions based on mutual love, transfiguration, consecration of their fruits to God the Father and perfect sexual continence®, it becomes possible for us to transform our whole lives in a beneficial way, rapidly, durably and for good.

23. If we consider the amorous games based on mutual love, transfiguration, mutual respect, consecration of their fruits to God the Father, common sublime aspirations, elective affinities, divine ideals (which are aimed at in unison) and perfect sexual continence®, do not hesitate at all, when face such divine temptations, and sublimely enjoy them.

Do not forget that, in reality, each chance of the kind you will miss is lost forever. During the amorous games based on a perfect sexual continence®, the two lovers transmute biologically their substantial sexual potential into huge energies. Instead of burying the “coin” of their substantial creative potential, the two lovers multiply it and make appear lots of divine, sublime, heavenly fruits which make even God exult.

That is why it is said that: ”Even God enjoys in whatever is beautiful”. The initiated ones know really well that, in fact, each amorous fusion of the kind is also a very strong, profound, continuous and efficient Tapas which implies at the same time carrying out a certain type of Karma Yoga. Moreover, by means of the intense, deep love, the two lovers discover God with an ever-increasing delight and happiness.

Acting in such a way, they make firm quick steps towards awakening the glorious androgynous state inside their inner universe. Here were only few of the beneficial effects, unimagined more often than not by the uninitiated ones who did not make amorous fusions based on sexual continence®. Such wonderful effects appear each time and are felt frantically, whenever two human beings of opposite sex make love with transfiguration and perfect sexual continence®. Whenever such a chance shows up, fall into this godly temptation without any delay and do not expect for it to go away and be lost for good.

24. The two lovers had to evoke for 360 days on end the state of cosmic orgasm which made them, at a certain moment, to enter into a state of divine ecstasy (Samadhi). Then, each of them has to evoke, again and again, the state of euphoric dilation into the boundlessness they lived in unison and which revealed them, in a flash, the mysterious reality of the eternity, which will remain in them forever as a promise for their beatific tangency to the infinite.

25. In art, like in a love-making relationship, instinct, love, transfiguration, commonsense, creativity, benevolence and genius are sufficient, if all of them are dosed properly, as required.

26. When, during the amorous games based on mutual love, transfiguration, consecration of their fruits to God the Father, profound empathy and perfect sexual continence®, what firstly matters is not only the pleasure we offer to the other one, but is the state of intense, deep love which is manifested measureless. All these generate inside our beloved one overwhelming, sublime states of heavenly happiness, making her/him to enter and maintain into the state of divine ecstasy (Samadhi) for hours on end.

27. To love intensely, profoundly and measurelessly does not imply only to look one to another in a transfiguring way, because, at the same time, this implies we look together to the same divine ideal, doing as often as possible our best in order to attain it.

28. A spontaneous, passional and full of love is a very reliable way to express one’s love by means of a tender gesture, which, sometimes, tells a lot.

29. The day when we did not feel, even for a single moment, that through our being pours forth the mysterious energy of love, can be considered as a lost day.
Article taken from The Spiritual program of the International Yoga Symposium, Costinesti 2010


January 2011

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