The splitting of a bamboo posture

The splitting of a bamboo posture is one of the many amorous postures revealed in Kama Sutra; it resembles the posture of the great opening. In the splitting of a bamboo posture, the woman lies on her back and raises only one leg (the left leg in the picture), placing it on her lover’s shoulder, who comes down on his knees, embracing her left leg, while her right leg remains lying on the bed. Then, she will place the other foot on her beloved’s shoulder, while she will bring the left leg down.

Her lover touches, through wavy movements of his hips, new depths in the area of “pure pleasures” inside her YONI, arousing refined experiences of pleasure in her, which will embrace her with an endless sweetness. He looks at her full of fondness; in dizzyingly pleasant forms of her body he can see the secret embodiment of her fulfilled sensuality..

The woman can carry out a series of alternative movements with subtle beneficial echoes in this posture, consisting in the alternate lifting of one leg or the other on her lover’s shoulders, so that in the balance of these movements it is created a cycle of stimulation of the subtle energy circulation for the two lovers, both capturing thus, during the practice of this posture, an increased occult benefic power; the woman will reach thrilling states of pleasure which will impregnate the depths of her being and the man will also feel deeply and empathically his lover’s erotic feelings.
If they want to perform this posture without the alternative movements, she keeps only one of her legs raised; they will be able to approach a variant of this posture. Thus, the woman, with a considerable flexibility, can stretch out on one side, having one of the legs still raised (which she will set on his shoulder analog to her leg – in our case his lover’s left calf supports on his left shoulder), while he comes in at an angle perpendicular to her (she being turned with her back to her lover), above the lower thigh of his lover (in our example, the right thigh). This new posture is called “the leg suspending posture” or “the square rule”.


24 May 2012

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